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so happy it's resolved and you're both home and healing. 

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Thank you!! Me, too!!! <3
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Okay, hopefully this is our last piece of drama. Forgive me and my huge lack of medical knowledge - I just know what freaks me out. Anyone with any insight is welcome to weigh in, please!

The docs sent us home with a script for antibiotics to continue for two weeks. A day later, they called and said that the cultures proved that her particular strain of e coli wasn't sensitive to those antibiotics, so they prescribed another: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sulfamethoxazole

The pharmacist called us just to ensure that our doc wasn't crazy, because apparently this stuff is never given to babes under 2 months (she's 7 wks 5 days today) because it can lead to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kernicterus

And she was jaundiced for longer than usual (3 weeks?) so a bilirubin thing sounds extra scary. Also, the drug is a folate inhibitor? Isn't that stuff pretty important for her right now?

Her renal ultrasound proved that the infection had reached her kidneys. This - http://briandeer.com/septrin/bactrim-martindale.htm - says it could lead to renal failure (3rd P).

I've been reading this stuff since we picked up this new poison. Sounds SO scary. I gave her a dose last night and I'm due to give her another in a couple of minutes. I know - I get, really - that abx are important in this case, but gosh. What can I do to make it less dangerous for her little body?

I'm going to be really proactive about giving her lots of infant probiotics, and breastfeed out the wazoo, but - any other ideas? DH keeps telling me to trust the docs. I have a hard time relaxing.

Thanks for letting me freak out!

(Going to copy to another, broader Mothering board, too... just for fun.)
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IF her infection was less advanced, had had less time to settle in, and IF she wasn't still recovering from the additional stress of the hospital ordeal, and IF your house wasn't in stress mode from the whole ordeal (and I mean all three IFs at once!), then I could understand possibly not giving her these antibio, and trying to find ways to help her brand-new, not really very strong immune system try to fight it off naturally.


BUT that's not the case. There are so many other factors weakening her ability to deal with this right now. It sounds like she honestly can't get rid of this infection on her own. IMHO, as scary as antibio are, this is one of those cases where I'd be very, very grateful for them. If the infection has reached her kidneys, this is not something to play with. That's officially the bigger threat, IMO. 


As a way to make sure you've done everything you can, I'd call back the prescribing doc and just verify that there's nothing else you can give, in light of the bilirubin issue BUT I'd keep her on them while I was looking into that. Again, infection in the kidneys just isn't something that leaves you much wiggle room at this age.


I hate to say it, but sometimes we have to choose the lesser of two evils. And speaking from experience in my own childhood, it can be much, much better to live with some aftereffects than the alternative.


I really, really wish you peace right now. You're working so hard to keep this little one safe, and I can hear that you're starting to feel like no option is safe. I've been there, and it's a really scary place. Know that whatever happens, you're a great mama, you've done all you can, and trust that this is going to work out for the best. 

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oh mama!!!!


i'm pretty anti meds, and scared of side effects, but thank goodness for antibiotics!  these are the rare situations where i really see the application and would use them.  and i treat everything w/ cod liver oil.  


i'd actually reach out and ask those around you to pray for your little one and help support her in that way so whatever you do next she's got people's hearts reaching out to her.  you can only do so much.  double check w/ your doc, get the practical physical stuff addressed, and then surround her with all the love and prayers you can.  it's not scientific, many people scoff at it, but sometimes there's a limit to how much we can really completely take control of in the physical.


so sending out prayer for you both from here!  and that your doc will stay on top of things as well.

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Thank you both for your kind, wise words. You're so right. I double-checked with my awesome homeopathic doc, and she said 1) the antibiotic is actually not as dangerous as I'm making it out to be, and 2) she wants us to come in when the course is over and we'll balance her gut and immune system. I'm so glad I found her!

I did check in here before getting resolution, and your responses were so comforting. Certainly made it a little more tolerable to face syringing a super sweet syrup into my confused, gagging infant's mouth. Thank you. <3
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Hope the little one is resting well and getting all better!

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