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New here :)

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I'm Elisha! I am a single Mommy to three amazing kiddos. Two girls, ages 7 and 4, and a little guy that is 20 months. We are pretty crunchy. I homeschool my kids (we are actually closer to Unschooling), cloth diaper, breastfeed until self wein, Attachment Parent, wear my kiddos, co-sleep, and am an extreme birth junky. I am hoping to become a doula, birth educator, and midwife within the next few years. I am lucky enough to work from home and spend every minute with my kids. I just started dating one of my best friends of over 13 years. We live in Texas and I hope to become a traveling midwife and doula when I get certified and live on the road exploring and learning with my kids. I do not like the thought of government or authoritanism. I love to read and make art. I have very few friends, just because like minded people are hard to come by in my area. I am also a surrogate (my transfer of embryos is scheduled for next month). I am supportive of gay rights and freedom. I love the Earth and all of the beauty of nature. I stumbled across this site and figured I would give it a shot and hopefully make a few friends :)

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hi elisha!!!!!

welcome to mothering. you sound like a really cool person. i am sure you will make some friends here.

i think you should explore and post a thread in the texas tribe. you may find someone close by   http://www.mothering.com/community/f/95/texas-oklahoma-new-mexico


birth professionals



and single parenting


 welcome  again!


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Nice to meet you Elisha, love what you're doing, sounds great!!!!! I'm new on the site too!

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You sounds awesome! Welcome! joy.gif

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