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Milk stash question

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How does a woman with oversupply go about building a freezer stash of EBF without making the girls go insane?? Anyone have experience with this?

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I wake up at 5-6 am and usually pump off about 4oz in a few minutes.  Then baby boy drinks in an hour or so.  It has been working thus far...I think the girls are fooled into thinking it is part of the morning feeding and baby boy has an easier time nursing.  Good Luck!

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I pump at the same time as LO nurses first thing in the morning - if he stops nursing before i feel empty i empty the other side too - i get 3-8 oz a day for the stash that way and haven't increased my supply other times.. i occasionally pump a few oz in the afternoon if LO hasn't nursed as much as usual and i'm full ..

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I don't have a perfect system for this, but what I've found works best is pumping a little randomly once a week or so in the morning when baby has slept a bit longer the previous night. I don't have the energy or need to do it every morning at this point...

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i find i have to do the morning pumping.  b/c i have the oversupply, i chose to find a mama in need.  so i pump in the afternoon and evening as well.  but i have noticed that over 5 babies, 9am i always have loads of milk.  no matter what the night or morning nursings have looked like.  i can easily pump a small bag then w/out affecting supply.  afternoons and evenings the girls work harder to make it happen, but in the morning, they're not totally awake and it just comes off.  make sure you don't pump more than 4-5 oz at a time.  (since i pump 8oz off one side first thing, i can say that earnestly)

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Wonderful, thank you all! I'm doing this for selfish reasons - since our little trooper takes a bottle now without confusion, DH has offered to start handling night feedings once a week on the weekends so I can get some sleep. I'll have the pump next to me in case I wake up engorged, so I might wind up making up the difference, but I do want a stash so he can do this more frequently while I go out and do stuff by myself...maybe...if I can leave her. Well. We'll see, lol. But a stash seems smart, in any case.

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I do a pump during a long stretch of sleep. We usually get a 6 hour stretch after dinner so i tend to wake up after about three hours and pump 50-100 ml depending on how full i am. It has made it possible to enjoy the break and build up some supply.
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