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help with quilt idea

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Hi there
Im a very beginner...as in I've never made a quilt before. My nana was an amazing quilter (snuggling up in one she made right now) and shes my inspiration. What I would like to do is cut pieces of my little girls special baby clothes, blankies and receiving blankets and make a quilt with them.

Could you give me some advice on the easiet way/ mhod to do this...maybe a link to a tutorial as well. Hopefully this is possible I think it would be a great momento.

Thanks in advance smile.gif
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A block quilt is the easiest to make. I'd never quilted before but wanted to make one for my son when he was born, and used a pattern from Cloud9 - http://cloud9fabrics.blogspot.com/2011/08/5x5-quilt-revisited.html. You could literally make it in a day if you were motivated and had the time. It's a great beginner tutorial. 

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I'm working on this right now. 


What I did was iron and starch the clothes and then sew them onto base blocks of muslin.  Each block is kind of a crazy-quilt style.  I'm almost finished with the top; I haven't started the actual quilting yet.


I also had someone reccommend a sort of interfacing or stabilizer.  Unfortunately I CANNOT find that post.  Knits can be tricky because they stretch.  And a lot of baby clothes are knits.  So if you can back it with something, you can avoid the pulling/stretching/bunching issues.  Someone at a fabric store should be able to help you find the right kind. 


I also have ideas to do a fusible applique quilt from clothes.  Cut shapes, iron them onto cotton, zig-zag around the shape, then sew all the squares together. 


I love to check etsy for ideas.  Sorry I don't have the perfect tutorial; I would definately think about something to minimize the stretchiness of knits though. 

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Thats awesome llwr, thanks for sharing. I like those ideas. Feel free to share pics of completed project! I dont think i'll start workng on mine for a few months but i'll definitely share once I'm done for anyone that might want to do the same project. I think it's going to be a cute way to save those moments when dd was itty bitty!♥
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I just happened upon this thread while looking for a few ideas for something else. I do memory quilts as a part-time home business. I've had the most success with using fusible interfacing (preferably woven) on the backs of fabrics. I've put it on just about everything from baseball jerseys, swimsuit material, a square of beach towel, etc. Iron it to the back (mind the heat level for the fabric that you're using) then cut into any size pieces that you need. Also, to make it even more custom, sew the little buttons, patches, hair ribbons, whatever, onto blocks or to fill empty space. You can also purchase fabric that you can print photos on. HTH.

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