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Cost of pregnancy and birth?

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Of course we chose cheap insurance this year since we weren't expecting to be pregnant.  It looks like this baby will cost us between $8000 and $10000 out of pocket.  Can I cry now?


Midwives - $6250 - out out of network deductible is $5000 so after the first $5000 we pay 40% so they will be $5500


Hospital - ??? - our in network deductible is $2500 so after that we pay 20%.  I remember calling and asking what they bill for a vaginal birth for my last baby and it was about $8000.  Since they just built a brand new hospital I'm going to say now it's $10000.  So that would be $2500 plus 20% of $7500 which is $1500 equaling $4000.


Other - I know the 20 week ultrasound will be expensive and we will have to pay OOP for that but it will go towards the deductible making the hospital a bit less.


Other - Just picked up my progesterone supplement $80 for a month and I will take it for 2 months.


Other - Not sure how much my blood work today will be.


Thank God the hospital will do payment plans.  We have to pay the midwives up front.  Last time we put it on a credit card and just paid it off over a few months.  But last time we had better insurance which reimbursed 80-90% after the much lower deductible.

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*HUGS* I can empathize. I can't get added to my husband's insurance until September, so until then we're paying cash. At least we'll have insurance to cover the actual delivery, but my first appointment will be $150.
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Oh that's so rough. I hope things work out for the best.
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Oh, hun, I hope you can find a less expensive alternative. I'm so sorry you have this to stress you out. :/

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Thanks, but it is what it is.  That was just a rant post.  We can't change insurance mid year.  And I love my midwives and they are worth the $5500 in my opinion for the excellent care.  


My situation is also a bit 'special' because I'm a VBAC and both my VBACs have had to be induced: DD1 premature rupture of membranes + no labor = DD1 born 44 hours past rupture and then I went to 41w5d with my DD2 2nd VBAC and was induced because nothing natural put me into labor.  I was 5cm when I got to the hospital with no labor and as soon as they started pitocin DD2 was born 3 hours later.  I guess I just needed something to help me get going.  I'm not expecting to go into labor on my own this time and a lot of doctors and midwives won't induce a VBAC.  They would try to get me into the OR for a repeat cesarean at either 41 or 42 weeks.  


HBACs are also illegal in my state.  IF I had gone into labor with one of my VBACs and had a nice unmedicated hospital birth I would think about doing it anyway.  There are midwives who will travel in.  But since that is not my history that is out.


We are ok financially.  We will save for the next 6 months and hopefully have enough to pay the midwives and then won't get a hospital bill until early 2014 so there's always the tax refund to pay for that...  just no family vacation this year.  I was hoping we could drive to Florida to visit DH's grandma and take the kids to Disney for a couple days.  Someday.. although Grandma is 92 :/

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Taryn, just wondering what made you feel like you needed to induce labor with your second daughter, either naturally or medically. Was she showing any signs of not doing well before you induced? When she was born, did she show any signs of post-maturity, or were there any problems with the placenta?

Not judging if you feel sure that induction is the best way to go, but I do want to encourage you that three of my five kids were born at or after 42 weeks, with no problems and clearly not post-mature. Some of us just cook our babies longer.
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DD2 was doing fine but the midwives were concerned that if I went to 42 and they did an ultrasound the hospital doctors would play the VBAC card or the big baby card.  There was no way the overseeing doctors would "let me" go past 42 weeks and since I had a great bishop score I was fine being induced.  I felt done by 42 weeks.  With my first (my unnecessarean) I was induced at 41w6d because of the big baby thing.  He was 8lb13oz.  Not huge for 42 weeks.  I think my dates then were off.

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I honestly can't understand how American mothers do it. I couldn't afford to have a baby there.

I really hope you can get it all worked out. That's a lot of stress to put on you!
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hugs. We arent sure how to pay the $3000 we need for out midwife (home birth) either. 

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*HUGS* mama


warning, accountant speak follows, non mathy people have been warned :)


if you won't have to pay most of it until next year, you might consider asking at DH's work about a FSA account card.  The benefit of paying with the card is its already tax free so you don't have to work out the taxes to deduct later.  Also, the money from that would be deducted from next year's paychecks on a monthly basis, so it wouldn't hit you all at once.  Just a thought, our insurance is super low too but with the card it takes a good chunk out from our tax bill, and, we didn't feel it as much over the whole year.  You can sign up and pre-decide how much you want on the card this year, but, our husband would need to ask his HR department about the kind of card they offer (some are not good on previous calendar year purchases, some are, and some can be signed up for as late as April 30th).  We signed up for the card, asked that the bill come by a certain time in the year, paid the bill before the birth with a credit card, and then submitted the credit card statement to the FSA card company for reimbursement.  This process saved us about 38% on the bills original cost.  Still a huge amount of money.  DD2 (with whom we tried the above plan) cost us more for her birth than every other expense in the combined lives of both daughters.  EEEeeeeee.  

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Thanks fayebond.  We have an HSA already.  DH thinks if we put my midwives on that it would save us $900 OOP.  We would just have to increase his contribution by about tenfold for the next 6 months.  I have a question for you though.  If my midwives charge $6250 and we pay for that with our HSA card but then submit to the insurance and get a refund (prob about $800-1000) how does that work?  Would we have to put it back into the HSA somehow since we would then be getting tax free income?  Or just declare on our taxes somehow?

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i need to go consol an empty juice cup kid, but I'll be back tonight and explain that part.  taxes make even my head hurt sometimes :)

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Blood work was $272.  Eek!  The lady at my insurance company said it might go down if they change the diagnostic code.  Fingers crossed!

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mkay, I'm back.  So with our midwife, we had her bill insurance first, before the birth.  Then, what the insurance didn't pay by the early-payment-discount date, we paid for.  IF she does it the other way you are likely to run into insurance problems because what you paid her/hospital with the discount will be less than if you didn't pay up front, and then, they will pay out based on the smaller number, so they will pay a smaller amount, and then you're stuck with paying more than you planned.  Makes sense?


bottom line: have the care provider bill insurance for the total now. You should be able to pay the remainder a bit before the early pay deadline and still be covered.  I would also ask if they give any other way to reduce your bill.  

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It may or may not be an option for you depending on your income level, but it's worth taking a look at your hospital's charity care program if you end up going the hospital route. I had bills for various hospital visits for a while, and just assumed we didn't qualify for assistance because we weren't destitute. It turns out that the income limits are relatively high (depending on your family size); we were able to get 100% of our bills forgiven. It's the trade off that not-for-profit hospitals do for their tax discounts, but they don't advertise it. My bills went to collections without me ever being notified that I might qualify for assistance.


Good luck to you; we will likely opt for midwives and deal with some OOP costs ourselves this time around.

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Our HB will cost about $3000.
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We have to pay my midwives up front at 30 weeks because they don't accept insurance.  They do bill our insurance after the birth and we've gotten a refund in the past.  I suppose we should just use the HSA to pay our out of pocket portion and pay the amount we are expecting to be reimbursed with another method.


Also, our in network and out of network deductibles are not combined so I don't think it would matter when they bill..  Unless I'm just confused.  My husband does most of the bill stuff.

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Since you must pay up front, I would pay it all by one method to amke documentation to the insurance company easier.  In theory, you can either


a) pay it all by HSA, be reimbursed by insurance as normal




b) pay by credit card, reimburse yourself out of the HSA, and then be reimbursed by insurance.


The only reason to use the credit card is to accumulate points / get 1% cash back.  Its a bit of a hassle but if the total bill is $6000, that's $60 with the chase blue credit card.  Its a brand new Ergo from Costco (or that's what my savings went toward :))

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I am cryin too!


Homebirth seems like it will be just straight 3900 cash. My insurance will cover but NOT with a CPM and that is all that there is here.


Hospital Birth will be 150 for the practice (CNM), but then 20% of the hospital after a 500 deductible. So IF the birth stays vaginal (always a gamble with the hospital), that will be about 2000. With a section it will be more like 4000. I am going to really KICK myself if I wind up with a section because I was trying to save money by going to the hospital (and then it ends up costing the same PLUS increasing my medical care costs for the rest of my life!)


But the WORST financial scenario is that I pay the HB midwife and THEN have to have a section, that would cost me like 8000!


In both scenarios it will be extra for Ultrasounds, Labs, Nutritionist, etc. 


I sorta wish I had thought of this before I messed around and got pregnant!

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Originally Posted by dinahx View Post



I sorta wish I had thought of this before I messed around and got pregnant!


LOL.  Me too.  If we had waited one more month we could've changed insurance plans and had a January baby for half the cost.  At least we can claim the tax deduction for this year...

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