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Implantation and Possible Pregnancy

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I need some help trying to figure what could possibly be going on with my body.


My husband and I started trying for our first child last month. We started having unprotected sex when I was ovulating last month (March 14th-21st). I started experiencing Implantation Symptoms March 25th-27th. I had mild cramping in my lower abdoment and very light bloody spotting with lots of creamy discharge, enough that discharge that felt like heavy period flow, but it was discharge, not blood. I had a few drops of blood when wiping after using the bathroom.


I was due to get my period April 1st, but it never came. I finally started by period April 8th (35 days after my March period). My period is very regular (28-29 days), not 35 days.  My flow is lighter than normal with significantly less cramping and less clotting. The color is slightly different, not typically blood red. It's dark pink to reddish brown.


I started taking home pregancy tests March 27th-31st, but they were negative. I took a test last weekend, but negative.


Could I still possibly be pregnant with Implantation symptoms, a period that was a week late than normal?  I have also had sore breasts, mood swings, nausea, back aches.


My mother the nurse indicated that I could possibly be pregnant. I am going to test again once the bleeding stops this week.


Has anyone else had an experience like mine?

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I also forgot to mention that I have been experiencing frequent urination. I probably use the restroom to urinate at least 15 times per day.

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It's been known to happen...periods during pregnancy and many women don't get a positive hpt for weeks and weeks... Not much you can do besides wait and see (or go to the doc or midwife if you can't bear the waiting lol)

Good luck!!

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I'm going through a similar thing. I actually went back on the pill for two months to control my cycle for April and May to try again in June, but I'm getting early symptoms. I've got another week at least before it makes any sense to take a test, so I'm dutifully taking the pill (my research indicated that it was fine until the pregnancy is officially confirm/deny'd. No potential risks to the potential baby) and not drinking until I know for sure. Sounds like you know your body. If it's doing something weird, there's probably something going on. I know of multiple women who bled throughout their pregnancies, and the babies ended up just fine. Good luck! Please rest your mind that your body is a well-oiled machine that knows how to handle this situation, even if you, yourself, aren't quite so sure. 

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I haven't been on birth control in over 4 years, which was only because I used to get cysts on my ovaries. I've decided to wait a little longer to take a hpt. I had the implantation symptoms on March 27th, missed my period, which was scheduled for April 1st, but came a week late. I have had more symptoms of fatigue, frequent urination, back aches, and nausea. I have only eaten once today as I was not hungry from the time I woke up this morning, working all day, and I didn't eat until dinner.


I want to take a hpt right now, but I have that fear of it being negative again, so I'm going to wait a little longer. If I am, I'm about 6 weeks along. One of my friends just found out today that she's 11 weeks along, so maybe waiting is the answer.

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How long can it take for the HCG hormone to show up in a pregnancy test? I have been showing early pregnancy symptoms since last month when I experienced Implantation symptoms. I tested today, but it was negative.

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I've heard of gals not knowing and/or not getting a positive hpt for 2-3 months or more...

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