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Coffee in Breast milk question...

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Hey everyone, 


I had a baby 1 week ago. joy.gif


He was 4 weeks early, and ended up in the NICU for five days because of lung development. He is home and doing SO great. He nurses many times a day and fills his diapers regularly too. I am so in love with him, and so excited. Just thought I would share. 


The question is...


I haven't had a cup of coffee since he was born because I am nervous it will effect him. He is just so tiny and new, and I don't want him to struggle with anything else beyond what he already has. Does anyone know how much coffee gets to a baby in the milk? Does one mug concentrate the milk much? 


What are your thoughts about coffee and breastfeeding a wee one? I am nervous to do it. 

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I can't tell you specifically how much caffeine gets into breast milk, but if you're nervous about it, why not wait awhile? I know some gets in, and certainly it affects a wee one's system more than our own. You could do decaf and/or try half-caff when he's a little bigger to see if/how it affects him. Doesn't help if you want coffee to help with sleep deprivation, though! smile.gif
That said, I usually drink a large cup of regular in the morning, and I haven't noticed any effects on my little guy. I think I waited til he was a little older, and he was 9 pounds, 12 ounces when he was born, so my situation was certainly a little different!
Congrats on your new little one! It's a wonderful thing to welcome a baby into your family! Glad he's home and doing well. smile.gif
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All I know is that any caffine I have effects my son and you can tell then he gets super alert and has a hard time sleeping and becomes a cranky monster. I literally have only had four cups the past 6 months and he always reacts the same way. I stay away from it all together now.

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Congrads!!! joy.gif


A small amount of caffeine is OK while b/f.

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Hrm.  My situation was a bit different.  DD came at 28w and I was told to not worry at all about caffeine.  Reason?  She was getting IV (and then oral) caffeine, so her levels were being checked, anyhow. The neonatologists and LCs did reassure me that they didn't worry about maternal caffeine intake while breastfeeding.  I took at least one walk to my favorite coffee shop every day during our 3mo NICU stay.  I generally drank a medium latté, sometimes with an extra shot of espresso (pumping interfered with my sleep schedule).


I never gave up caffeine with my eldest.  I did find that he had trouble sleeping if I had caffeine after 5-6pm.  I notice no issues whatsoever with DD, but she's a very different baby and a very solid sleeper.  I couldn't stomach coffee while pregnant with her, whereas it was the only thing that helped my morning sickness during my first pregnancy.  I drink caffeine some evenings, but I usually reserve it for morning/afternoon.


Taking my first to a coffeeshop and nursing him in a cozy chair while I sipped a caffeinated drink was one of the best parts of his early babyhood.  Don't deny yourself.  If you see results you don't like, try half-caf.

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