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4 Year Old Resistant to "Quiet Time"

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My DD1 just turned 4 last month and hasn't been napping for probably 6 months or so. I know that all the experts say that when they stop napping that you should do a "quiet time" so they can still get a little break in the day and relax. I think it would be especially helpful for DD1 because she can get a little break from DD2 (15 months) and I really think it would help my attitude towards the evening to have a little break myself (even if it's not a real break as I'll still be dealing with DD2). 


We've tried to do quiet time in the past (generally just like 20 minutes) and she was fine with it for a while, but then suddenly really started to resist it. When I would say it was quiet time she would break into tears and tell me she didn't want quiet time/she's scared to be alone/etc. We pretty much gave up on the idea when she started preschool last October because we got that little break elsewhere (even though she wasn't alone, she still got a break from little sister and myself). Now that preschool ends next week, I want to start it up again.


We had a talk about it this morning and she still doesn't want to. She says she doesn't mind having sister around, which is great, but they argue more and more as the day goes on, so I think it really would be good for them to have a break. I also tried to explain to her that I would like a break too and she didn't understand. I'd really like to do an hour every day and make this a long-term habit (that her sister can also do when she outgrows her naps) that they do all throughout childhood. 


So how do I get her to not have fits about it? I don't want it to be an argument every day. I do think that if I start it now that it'll be a normal part of life and not an argument later though, right? Is there anyone who does a daily quiet time with older kids too? Any tips or tricks would help. 

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My DD has always had her own down time by reading to herself. When she was younger she looked at books and as she got older she read them. She also liked art and did it frequently for large chunks of time. I never scheduled the time though. It was a natural thing for her to do when she was bored. When I needed a break I could count on I put a DVD on.
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Oh gosh, I don't remember when my 4 year old stopped napping. I think she was just barely 2! On most days I don't make her have quiet time, it is really only when she seems grumpier and more tired. Than I read her a book or two and suggest that she lay down or play quietly. I think forcing it is more exsausting than not having it at all. I don't really think she needs it very often. 

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The problem with my daughter is that I can see a clear difference on days where she's had some time to herself. I don't make her lay down or anything, just hang out in her room and do relatively calm activities.

We've been doing it again for a few days now and she's not resisting it very much. I try to be very matter-of-fact about it and I think that helps. Today she didn't get her quiet time because we had stuff going on and I can tell because she's being really grumpy this evening.
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