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Would it be weird for me to use this name?

Poll Results: Is it a little funny for a non-Jewish kid to have the name Ari? What do y'all think?

  • 5% (1)
    Ari is a strange name for a non-Jewish kid, and may create confusion
  • 94% (18)
    Ari is a fine name, regardless of background, and doesn't seem exclusively Jewish
  • 0% (0)
    I'm not sure
19 Total Votes  
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I posted this question in the name thread, but thought a poll would be useful and a quick way to get feedback. For a boy, I really like the name Ari. But we're not Jewish, and although I know the name has multiple language origins, I'm concerned that it may seem exclusively Jewish to most.
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I'm afraid I don't know anything about it, but I think it's a really nice name.

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Thanks, nettlesoup smile.gif
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i live in the pnw and i know a lot of babies with jewish names who are not jewish. i think it is a cultural thing - these old-fashioned jewish names just hit the ear in a certain way that's appealing and they seem to embody a lot of positive characteristics. i don't think it is problematic or culturally-appropriative to use those names. many old hebrew names are our most popular names. 

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I totally agree with what mrsandmrs said.
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I'm Jewish, and if I meet someone named Ari, I generally assume that they're Jewish.  That said, I wouldn't be particularly surprised (or care) if I found out they weren't Jewish.  But I would potentially invite someone to a holiday dinner based on their name.  If you like the name, I'd say use it.

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I wouldn't think the first name would be nearly as telling as the last name.
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I did not know Ari was a Jewish name. I say go with what you like it does not matter the origin. my name has so many different origins...spanish, french, english and I am mainly german and Irish so I'd say go with it if thats what you like =)

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I do think Ari is a historically Jewish name.


That being said, many of our common names are "historically Jewish".  I would assume names like Matthew, Luke, John, Jedidiah, etc are all "Jewish" by definition as well, having come from the Talmud or Old Testament.  If my kids knew someone named Ari, I honestly wouldn't give it a second thought.  (I do have my limits though, i.e., as a purely Western European-descended white person, I wouldn't name my kid Suki or Ekaterina unless I possessed heritage that made those names fit my kids)

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Thanks for all the great responses! I tend to like softer, gentler sounding male names (DS is Julian), and I love the way Ari sounds. I've always been more concerned with name sounds and meanings than origins. My ethnic background is mostly Scottish and Indian, with a little Native American, and DP is Italian and Irish- we're mutts, just your average Americans I guess. i don't want to give my children names that are too "ethnic" sounding, but I didn't realize Ari was a predominantly Jewish name until after I'd included it in our top picks. Just wondering if that's just me, and to others it would seem a strange choice.
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I posted in the name thread that my husband and I agreed on Arie, or Ari for a girl name.  Although it can mean other things in other languages, Ari is a Hebrew name not a "Jewish" name which is one of the reasons I liked it.  Hebrew does not mean "Jewish" but Jew means Hebrew or Israelite.  Being a Jew means you come from the tribe of Judah which is one of the tribes of Israel (there are 12).  My husband and I know that we are Hebrew Israelite's, we are not considered "Jewish".    

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I know a non-Jewish family with a son Ari.  While I would normally think of Ari as a predominantly Jewish name, I think it's absolutely fine to use in a non-Jewish family. 

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I don't think I've ever heard the name Ari before, so I certainly wouldn't associate it with any particular ethnic or cultural group. I guess it depends a bit as to where you're from and what you grew up with, as to what certain names mean to you smile.gif If you like it, then go for it!
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I love the name! I wasn't aware it was of Jewish decent either. 


Also, I'm feeling like a total loser for being the only person here to say I definitely have heard of that name because of The Bachelor (though I think his name was Arie). Oh the shame! 

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Sarah -- There's also the character on Entourage.

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For me, I definitely would assume someone named Ari had a Jewish background. But I don't think I would be weirded out if I then found out they didn't. I think if you like the name, right on. Name your kid Ari.

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Thank you for all the encouragement, ladies! We still have time to change our minds, but for now it's definitely our top pick smile.gif
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Jenny - did you write into Swistle about this?? I saw a post about it this morning. http://www.swistle.com/babynames/2013/04/26/baby-naming-issue-is-it-odd-to-use-the-name-ari-if-not-jewish/


it looks like the majority of their readers agree with the MDC DDC! funny. 

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Yes! Awesome, I'm glad she used my question! Thanks for posting the link smile.gif
I hope the poll gets a lot of responses!
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I'm so jealous she used your question! Lucky!!
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