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hired birth photographer

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Hi, I've just hired a birth photographer(yay!) and I'm wondering what other peoples experiences have been?

She hasn't been at a natural birth before(she had a c-section with her daughter) but she's taken photos of me and my daughter at home before and I've been really comfortable with her and the photos turned out great. She also isn't charging much and is doing maternity and newborn photos aswell.

What photos where most important to you? Did your photographer stay the whole time? Did you provide meals and snacks? Ideas for great gifts?

Thanks :-)
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I also just hired my birth photographer, and wondered some of the same things. I told her to just take EVERYTHING! I want photos of my kids, support system, and of course the laboring process and everything after baby comes out. She also has never attended a birth. It should be interesting!
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really wanted one as I love birth photography but of course the good ones cost a lot of money 1500+ and I just don;t have that kind of money. If I were rich and famous I would def. have one:)

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Eek! I'm actually going to meet mine today and I didn't even consider snacks, etc... but I'll also have a midwife and doula at the house and can't imagine being in the mindset to host while birthing. ahhh! 


@mommyshanti, i totally know what you mean! I was lucky enough to find a photographer in my area who is working on a home birth documentary book - birth photos are free as long as I agree to let them be in her book, which may be a bit embarrassing, but hey.. totally worth it lol 

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I had a photographer at my second home birth after getting zero pictures during my first home birth and exactly one afterwards of me, DH, and DS1 in the birth pool.

For DS2's birth, we had my midwife, her apprentice, and the photographer there, as well as my MIL and my mom, who were not in the room I was birthing in, but were watching DS1 in a different part of the house. I asked each of our moms to pick up something on the way to our house so people would have stuff to eat. My MIL got donuts and my mom got bagels, cream cheese, and coffee. I also had a specific freezer meal prepared that I got out to thaw while in early labor. Someone started cooking it after the baby was born. Since next baby will be in January, I will probably just freeze a big batch of soup/stew instead so there is more than enough to feed everyone and nobody feels like they're eating my special postpartum meal.

Our photographer arrived at the same time as our midwife (they were the same distance away) and, as far as I remember, stayed pretty much as long as the midwives did after the baby was born. She birthed her own sons at home with my midwife before photographing my birth, so she and my midwives were very comfortable with each other, joking and laughing and having a great time, and she was comfortable with the natural birth part of it. She was very unobtrusive and good at blending into the background. I barely noticed her and she got so many good shots!

The thing I really appreciated is that, in addition to still pictures, she actually took a brief video of baby crowning. I had no idea she was going to do this, but I'm really glad she did. I would never want my whole birth videotaped, but that's a really awesome thing to have live video of, I think. I also appreciated that she made an effort to get pictures of the grandparents holding the baby even though I was way too out of it (and busy getting a few stitches) to think of suggesting it myself.

JaiMaMaV - I also got my photographs for free as long as I let her and my midwives use the pictures for their promotional materials. The apprentice midwife ended up using one of my pictures as her logo and it is really strange to see me and my baby on her business cards and pamphlets, but it was so worth it!
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