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What do you buy for yourself?

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If you're anything like me, you don't have a problem spending money on your kids or the house, but do have a hard time spending money on YOU. It seems like when we become parents, we don't worry about the things we personally would like.

So, if you look at this past month say, what have you spent on yourself?

I'll start:

ebooks (I love to read)
fancy coffee drinks occasionally

ACK either my mind is blank or that's all I've bought myself!!

I feel like we shouldn't forget ourselves. But it is hard to spend money on myself for whatever reason. What have you gotten?
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Well I got a birthday check from my mom last month, so it isn't really MY money I've spent on myself over the last month, but I've bought:

Bike accessories (basket, helmet, lock)
Scheduled a pedicure
New make-up
A fancy coffee
Pretty shelves to put up by my desk in my home office nook

Definitely splurges!
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Audible books (but I consider that a business expense, as I drive a lot for work, and don't have a car radio)


Yarn for a future pair of socks (but that doesn't really count, because I paid with a refund from something I bought and returned months ago).


Pate that made a couple sandwiches (no one else in the family would eat that!). And a jar of chutney the kids make faces at.

Really, I rarely buy much of anything for myself.

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I actually bought some sale clothes online, two pairs of courduroys and a cardigan in a color that I've needed for a long time (navy blue)! And I think it was this month that I bought myself a donut while the kids were at school (technically a chocolate frosted coffee roll...).  I can't remember anything else recently.  I think Nutella counts as for me, even though I supposedly buy it for the kids, because they don't really like it much anymore.  :)

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Good food. I love cooking and don't mind expensive ingredients.

Strange, experimental art supplies that don't count as the traditional acrylic/oil paints for work. For example I just had 4 chairs cut out of good birch wood on a laser cutter machine, then assembled, glued, water treated and painted them. As a bonus I could give them to DH for his birthday, though we needed outside chairs, so it is really a gift to both of us.

Last year I had some real expensive doozies, like once I made a 1.2 meter "paper airplane" out of epoxy and fiberglass. Cost about 7,000kr - 1,225 us dollars.

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Timely question, since we went out for dinner last night and I realized every item in my closet is ancient. I don't even have a nice, plain white t-shirt to wear under a cardigan anymore. I have bought very few new clothes for the past 5 years, although that's partly because I can't find much I like. I did find a couple of nice dresses last summer - almost a year ago. 


- glossy magazines - one every month or so

- marmalade and fig jam (I'm the only person who eats either here) 

- craft supplies (most recently, some fancy paper)

- workout clothes (although it's been almost a year since I bought anything like this)

- yoga classes 


If it ever warms up and I can wear sandals again (it snowed here yesterday!!), then I will get a pedicure.


If we include items for the house, my biggest splurge in the past year was a Vitamix blender. We didn't have a blender or a food processor. I came across a half-price sale for the Vitamix that was too good to resist. 

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A fun t-shirt from threadless.com!
Grape chapstick from etsy
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a new journal and paid for a doula training which was $800. So that covers a few months right? 

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I buy loads of books but I tend to get them used (and sometimes use my own freelance money..) I work this into my budget

Felt tip pens in all different colors (these get stolen a lot so I have to buy them like, once a month) 

Farm/homesteading magazines (like Taproot, Hobby Farm Home, etc..) 

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food! We love to eat.

Also cooking utensils

face stuff

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I bought myself 2 pairs of shorts and I finally replaced my every day basic cotton t-shirts. I bought them in 5 different colors. That'll be my uniform for the summer.
I bought myself a pack of pens and last month I splurged on some face cream. I go in phases where I hardly buy anything and then phases like right now where I do break down and spend money on myself.
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this month has been good to me. 


its all about art


friends got me a journal and pen and ink

i splurged on getting a set of shading pencils that were on sale

some nice paper. 

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Books, fabric (and various notions) and chocolate/ice cream. Although the fabric and other sewing bits and pieces are usually to make things for the girls. Although I do buy some fabric with me in mind.

And a treat for DH and me these days is to watch TV and eat ice cream after DD1 is in bed. Our current favourite is honey ice cream with candied fig pieces through it eat.gif I'm trying to lose weight though so we do try to limit ourselves. Fortunately it only come in a 500ml tub redface.gif
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DH and i have our own spending allowances each month. most often, my allowance goes out to fast food Sheepish.gif cuz i use my allowance for me and the kids to eat. other than that, it goes to clothes (always used at thrift stores) or coffee. 

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It used to be good coffee, good make up and expensive handbags.    Now I'm down to just good coffee :)

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Nice hair conditioner

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Well, nothing typically.  LIke most mamas, I tend to think about and put everyone else's needs first, and because I tend to stress about finances so I agonize over every purchase, even if it's ten dollars.


Now that my future unemployment is looming (August), I am of the mindset that I should start buying things off my wishlist NOW, because I def will not have the money or willpower to do it when I lose my dependable income.  


SO, things I've bought recently or will be buying here shortly:  


Board games  (Now I'm buying all the ones I've wanted for so long but could never bring myself to purchase.  I def want to have a good collection by the time I'm unemployed.  I see it as an investment towards my future entertainment)


Running shoes-  I have been putting this off for over a year.  No more excuses.  Buying them today.


Clothes-  Not many, but a few carefully chosen pieces.  I've always gone for quality over quantity, and I tend to keep and wear my clothes for a long, long time.  Years.   Being unemployed and homeschooling, I can see myself easily falling into a 'sweats everyday' routine.  For me, this would lead to some bad stuff- depression, laziness, low-self esteem, etc.  I am really trying to put some effort into spending money on myself in ways that leads to better physical and mental health-  Having clothes that you feel good in is definitely worth the money, although it is hard to follow through on that.  


I recently got my hair cut.  That felt wonderful!  And I bought myself a flat iron to style it.  Another thing I had been putting off for over a year.


A new nose ring.  


Some hair highlights.  

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I finally broke down and got some maternity clothes to fill in the gaps of the hand-me-downs I mostly wear.


I recently got my eyebrows done for the first time ever.  A friend talked me into it, otherwise I never would have considered it.


I am thinking about getting a pedicure, it's already getting hard to reach my toes.  I've never had one of those either.


Sometimes crafty stuff, but now it's all for making baby things so...


Some of my gardening supplies could be considered for me since no one else in my house cares a lick for it.  ROTFLMAO.gifThey sure do like eating the snap peas I grow though...


Honestly, most of my "me" money goes towards whatever I spend seeing friends at a coffee shop or restaurant once in a while.  They're almost as good as a yoga class for replenishing the soul. :)

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It is ridiculous how long I've had to sit here, trying to come up with an answer!  


I do buy myself clothes and shoes, but almost exclusively on clearance or 2nd hand - and not a lot - so I look at that as a necessity, not splurging.  My kids would be pretty embarrassed if I volunteered at their schools or took them to church naked, or in old PJs!


I pick up the occasional thing for our house - always clearance or used.  Since I live with all men and boys, they generally think of anything besides meat, video games and Arnold Palmer iced tea as being "for me", but in truth we all benefit from having a home with furniture, enough containers to keep us organized and a bit of decoration so it looks like people actually live here.  I don't go overboard with frou-frou things on the walls or chintzy throw pillows or anything.  So I don't look at things I buy for the house as splurges on myself.


I enjoy having decent coffee and wine, but those things are just as much for my husband as for me - and Trader Joe's makes them affordable.


So, purely self-serving indulgences:


* Burt's Bees lipstick + other natural make-up, but I use it slowly.


* Antique kitchen doo-dads, to put on top of my cabinets and compliment my awesome, bright red and chrome 1940's oven.  I can't pretend anyone else in my home cares about those!  But I only buy them when they're super-cheap at a garage sale or something.


* Gasoline.  Sometimes I just have to get out of the house, drive for a bit and listen to the Indigo Girls or Blues Traveler.  It's wasteful and bad for the environment, so I try not to do it too often, but I swear it has preserved my marriage and my relationships with all 4 of my kids.

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Originally Posted by VocalMinority View Post

* Gasoline.  Sometimes I just have to get out of the house, drive for a bit and listen to the Indigo Girls or Blues Traveler.  It's wasteful and bad for the environment, so I try not to do it too often, but I swear it has preserved my marriage and my relationships with all 4 of my kids.


I do that too! Sometimes if I'm coming home from an appointment or something, and it's not dinner time, and no one is waiting for me to help with anything, I'll take the long way home and drive through the gorgeous sun-dappled canyon, with my music on the stereo, singing my lungs out. It's as nice as a bubble bath for my mental health. 

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