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This is a long shot,
But are any of you looking to sell your used ergo carrier (and infant insert) at a really great price? I don't like how he bops around in the Bjorn and the Moby us nice but i want something faster to put on.
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I don't have my Ergo anymore, but I was going to mention that you can easily wrap baby in a receiving blanket and roll the sides a bit instead of using the infant insert....just in case you can't get your hands on one. I always just used a blanket and it worked perfecty!
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BuyBuyBaby has some ergo's on clearance. A couple designs are $79.99... not super cheap, but decent for an ergo sale.

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The ergo site has some on sale as well.

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I want an Ergo so badly now that I have started wearing LO!! But I just can't make myself dish out the money for one since I've already gotten a Baby Bjorn and a Moby... As far as wraps go, I'm kicking myself for getting the Moby! I LOVE the Ergo Stardust! 

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Looking at Ergo on one of my cloth diaper boards. The lady is also selling a Beco. Not sure which i'd go with~ but prob. selling a few of my Goodmama diapers to buy the new carrier!

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Originally Posted by MaineCoastMama View Post

Looking at Ergo on one of my cloth diaper boards. The lady is also selling a Beco. Not sure which i'd go with~ but prob. selling a few of my Goodmama diapers to buy the new carrier!

I have pictures comparing the two after I bought my Beco (like how they fit, the height/width, straps, etc), I will see if I can track them down. I always take comparison pics of stuff because it is info I would love to have had but never could find before I purchased the stuff!
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Thanks mama!
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Can I just say to those thinking of ergo that I have a lesser known carrier that is comparable to ergo that I love SO much more, called the Action Baby Carrier. Essentially ergo without the bulk. It's extremely comfy and I've used it from newborn to 2 years. For front carry, the straps criss cross on your back so it's super easy to put on. The hood is a smooth continuation of the carrier body too so it's more streamlined and is just more versatile for how much you want them covered/supported. Sorry! I just love mine so much! Discontinued prints are only 80 on their website too

For the record, Eleanor is just over 5 weeks and 10 pounds and fits well upright, chest to chest legs froggied
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Thank you Oliver's Mama! I think I can convince myself to dish out $80 for another carrier if it's worth it!! :) 

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Isabel falls asleep every time I put her in the sling. This is a newborn jersey sling from BabyEtte

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I've only worn Calliope in our Ktan,and I like it, but I ordered too big of a size. It makes me feel good, because by their definitions of sizing I should use a large, I bought a medium because I heard they ran big, but I should have gotten the small haha. She enjoys the Ktan, but we haven't gotten the hang of nursing in it down yet.

We also have a Boba 3G. I got it specifically for the newborn size(sold my 2g Boba for it..) and yet to use the thing lol. Calliope is just WAY too little I feel orngtongue.gif
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I still haven't perfected using the Moby, but I ordered a (free, just paid shipping) sling, so I'm hoping it'll work for the rest of the newborn phase. I definitely need to figure out something. He loves being worn, but the Moby's still a little tricky. Dinner time has been rough this week. He needs snuggles right around when I need to be cooking and I can't nurse him in the Moby hands-free at all, which totally defeats the purpose. I have an Ergo but I don't have an infant insert. I LOVED using it with DD, so I hope Zack will like it, too. Anyway, earlier he was needing to be on me and DD needed some attention, so we were comfy with it for a while.



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Originally Posted by bambihelton View Post

Thank you Oliver's Mama! I think I can convince myself to dish out $80 for another carrier if it's worth it!! smile.gif 
I think you'd like it- I seem to remember you saying you're on the shorter side...the action baby doesn't feel quite as long as the ergo so it'll fit you better probably.
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With my older two I tended toward mei tais and ring slings and never really loved wrapping.  I bought, used briefly, then sold wraps with DD1. I used the Moby for a hot minute with my 10lb DS but he grew out of it pretty fast and then I just started using the MT.  Josie and I, however, have been rocking the Moby almost exclusively so I think I'm gonna try woven wraps again.  I'm eying a Didy on TBW right now.  It's a Lisca Sambuca and it appears to be a good wrap both for smaller infants and warmer weather....and it's so pretty.  I'm also thinking about holding out for an Ellville Cotton/Bamboo Paisley (there's one for sale on TBW right now in a pretty colorway but not my favorite one). I probably *shouldn't* buy a wrap because I already have:


3 Mei Tais (2 MTC, a WAHM brand that is no longer made.  One is mine, one is my husband's.  The third is a Bamberoo wrap conversion made out of a BBSlen.  But it's toddler sized so of no use to me right now anyway.)

2 RS (a Pfau wrap conversion by SBP I ADORE so much I am almost tempted to get a Pfau wrap but there are too many beautiful wraps in the world to do that I think -- lol! -- and one that is technically my husband's that he never, ever uses but it has a stain so it's not really sellable)

2 Mobys (both gifts)

An Ergo (which I bought mostly for my husband.  I'm not a fan of SSCs)


Still you'll notice there are no woven wraps there.  And I really, really want a wrap!  LOL.  I should sell something to get funds for the Lisca, but I've actually already sold almost all of the carriers I don't love and aren't my husband's (yes! I had more!).  We babywear *a lot*. With multiple kids in NYC it just makes so much sense!  And I would definitely say Josie is my most worn baby so far.  She's basically always in a carrier, either the Moby or RS on me or the MT on Andy.

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Originally Posted by Oliver's Mama View Post

Oh, I probably use my carriers more IN the house than OUT!  I love having them with me when I'm running around the house doing stuff.  The only thing I've never been able to master though is eating... I just spill and drop so many crumbs on the poor thing!

Enjoy your babymoon time though while you can.. that's wonderful! dh headed back to work 3 days postpartum and I hate that I never got to just lay around with the babe.  

Yeah.  I just dropped a mushroom on Josie's head.  (Was eating while bouncing on a ball with her sleeping in the Moby.)

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Nursing in ktan = epic fail.

anyone else LO get really hot and sweaty in it?
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I don't have a ktan, but I've never been able to master nursing in the moby, which is a shame because it would be really useful!

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I pulled out the Moby wrap we were gifted. Going out and about with LO in it today. Seems super comfortable! I saw some videos online about nursing in it. Fingers crossed we will get the hang of it soon.
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I have tried the moby and hate it. i hate how long it takes to get on.. my DP loves it though.. and so do the boys..she can wear 2 at a time in it :)


I mostly wear a baby in my ergo with a rolled up blanket ( because the infant insert is too hot) or in my baby bjorn comfort that is much more comfy than a regular baby bjorn..


I wish there were easy on wraps that fit me ( am a big fluffy gal)


love all the pics of the babies being worn :)

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