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Sperm shipping

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Hi all,
My wife and I are going to ask my bro to be a KD after months of trying with sperm bank. I have seem stuff on other threads about sperm shipping, but I am looking for the most up to date info possible. How did you ship sperm? Did you like the company you used? How much did it cost to ship? Thanks for your help.
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The most recent post about this is here:



I don't remember anyone on this forum getting pregnant with shipped sperm more recently than those who have posted in that thread. You might want to check in with the people on the Queer Conceptions thread. They are a virtual treasury of great information about the conception process. 


Good luck! 

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I just started inseming with fresh KD sperm. I bought my shipping kit from babydustdelivery. So far, so good. The cost is great; they sell a kit with 5 vials of test yolk buffer (TYB) for $100 (plus $35 S/H to send it to your donor), so you can reuse the shipper and ice pack from month to month. The one vial kit is $60 and S/H is still $35, so buying the bulk kit makes a lot of sense, financially.

We're shipping from Chicago to VT and it costs $68 for overnight shipping (Fedex and UPS are about the same), $90-ish for a Saturday delivery (haven't had to do this yet). Then, if I know I'm going to need a new shipment the next month, I just send it back to KD by regular mail (about $6).

The "production"/shipping process is pretty straightforward (and the kit comes with instructions about warming the TYB before mixing the semen in and such).

The biggest hassle for me so far has been working around weekends. When you get a positive OPK, you want an overnight shipment to go out that day, to catch your O the following day. So, if you get a positive OPK on Saturday or Sunday, the timing won't work. My first try, in February, I ended up inseming on what was probably O+1, with 2-day old sperm (they're supposed to make it about 24 hrs in the TYB) because of the weekend and some communication issues with my KD. So, obviously you can only control what you can control, but it's definitely worth thinking about when the weekend(s) will fall in your wife's likely O window. For me, I O 95% of the time between CD14 and CD 20, so if I haven't had a positive OPK by CD18 and it's a Friday, I'm going to go ahead and ask KD to ship, because it's really likely that I'll O on Sunday, and I'd rather insem early than late.

Anyway, I'm still fairly new at this whole process, and there are people on this board who've gotten pregnant doing fresh shipped sperm, who may be able to give you more seasoned advice, but just wanted to share my little bit of (l)earned wisdom.

And, definitely, come join us in the Queer Conceptions thread! There's a huge diversity of different experiences being shared, and it's a great place to get support as you go through the ups and downs of TTC. (Fingers crossed, of course, for more ups than downs, and a speedy departure to the Queer Pregnant and Parenting Thread.)
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We tried twice with sperm sent through donor home delivery. The process was pretty straightforward and I didn't have any problems with it, but we didn't have luck either of those times - I think it was because we had some mishaps with the packing (the first time) and shipping (the second time). One package costs $110, plus if you want to order extra "test yolk buffer" it is an extra $55 each. It is best to order all the extra buffer you want at once, because if you need to order more through donor home delivery you have to pay for the whole kit again. We were shipping from NY to WA and it was around $100 for FedEx next day 8 AM delivery (although it never came at 8 AM - if we continued I would definitely arrange for pick up at the FedEx facility instead of waiting for it to be delivered). We looked into same day delivery and it basically would have been the same cost as a plane ticket. 


We were lucky to have success with an in-person visit in March, so we'll probably be selling or giving away our unused test yolk buffer, but we're waiting until I'm out of the first trimester for that. I'll post on Queer Conceptions when that time comes (mid-May) - it would be especially easy to pass it along to someone in the NYC area - where are you or your KD located?


Good luck!

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We live in central PA and our KD lives in northern AL. Thanks everyone.
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I posted on the other thread that mrs and mrs referenced. . don't think I have any more info but if you have extra questions feel free to message me and good luck! 

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