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Pregnant with horrible cough! Help me!

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Hi all! I'm 13 weeks and got a bad cold which has turned into the worst cough. I am taking some homeopathics but they don't seem to be working. I was wondering if you guys know of anything else I can do? It's awful and I can barely sleep at night. My sinuses as a whole are inflamed. No fever, thank goodness.

I specifically was wondering about grapefruit seed extract while pregnant. Is it okay? I have colloidal silver but I'm a little freaked out about taking it.

Any advice helps. Thanks!
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Have you tried a spoonful of honey and cinnamon for the cough? Try putting some boiling water in a bowl with a few drops of eucalyptus oil and breathing it in to clear your nose. Hope you get well soon.
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Well, I have tried a little honey and lemon but the rub is that I have early onset gestational diabetes so I try not to do too much honey. But this is driving me bonkers so I may have to just say oh well and do the honey. I will try it with cinnamon! Thanks.
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I second pony's suggestion about putting eucalyptus oil in boiling water and breathing in the vapors. I would also do tea tree oil, breathing a few drops of that in boiling water always greatly helps my lungs when i have a bad cough.
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Thank you so much. It's been ages since I had a cough like this and it is double awful being pregnant and hacking my lungs. I'm grumpy!!
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I am 9 1/2 wks and just getting over a horrible sinus infection that wants to be bronchitis now. I feel you. My neti pot was helpful, as was steam with eucalyptus. When I was so congested that the neti pot wasn't really useful, I was recommended something called the "sinugator" which is a positive pressure sinus wash gadget- it helped. A tbsp. Of honey with half a teaspoon of cinnamon was also recommended, which I did, but can't say if it helped or was a coincidence. When I got desperate, I called my midwife. I was told it was safe to take a Sudafed if I was THAT miserabe, and Mucinex DM was also safe. I broke down and took the Mucinex, which has let me sleep.

Sometimes the pharmaceutical is the lesser evil. 😖 Feel better!

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Have you tried hot water with lemon? 


I had the worst cold of my life when I first got pregnant and I lived on top of a facial steamer (it was part of a cosmetic set thing, but who cares! smile.gif) and I drank enough hot water to take a bath in.  


Hope you're feeling better soon!

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Thanks all. I am FINALLY feeling better today. Ugh! And being a mom I never really got the sympathy I wanted from those around me. I still had to be on the clock. I whined A LOT. Waaaa! Waaaa!!! wink1.gif
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