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Breastfeeding difficulties w my 1 yo teething w nipple shield

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I'm trying to write this without feeling depressed and crying, but long story short, I suffered some painful trespass traumas that made me feel extremely violated last year, by folks who never should have been allowed to come into my husband and my home, especially over the summer, that interfered with my breastfeeding with my lo and now he's teething, his molars are cutting thru and I do pump, but I tried a few times to breastfeed him even with the nipple shield, and it hurt really bad.  I tried to write this smoothly, but I'm feeling very emotional and depressed.  Sadly, my supply has gone down quite a bit, which is painful in itself, but I am still lactating, thank goodness, and I haven't given up on breastfeeding...my lo still likes sucking on my nipples, but he bites more than suck, and *sigh* ugh this is a very painful situation.  I'm in touch with a lactation specialist and she was going to help me, but she had a family crisis so she won't be available for a while, and WIC informed me that they have a policy that after 6 months old, they can no longer help mothers with breastfeeding, so, I'm left in the lurch, and I still feel frustrated, depressed, and alone.  I'm not entirely sure if I put on the nipple shield on correctly and I really want to make this work for many reasons.  He is eating solid food and drinking coconut milk and he's a very healthy happy little boy, but I still want to give him my breast milk and I'd give anything to breastfeed him at least a few more times...I was told by a WIC person and the lactation specialist that it is possible and can be done and he's not ready to wean yet, but I really need support.  I read online that I need to stick my finger between my nipple and his teeth and say gently but firmly, "No biting!" but we can't seem to get past the biting and he doesn't understand and finds it funny, he's not laughing at me, but he thinks I'm being silly.  I so wish I could talk with someone and meet with someone fragrance-free who can help and support me make this work in a gentle caring loving manner.  When I do pump and he drinks the breast milk with the coconut milk, he loves it, I can see him enjoying it, and it contributes to his good health and well being.  Please help, thank you.

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hug2.gif earthwriter. I haven't personally dealt with the challenge you mentioned, but I did want to send some support your way. I've also seen lots of posts here (and in the main breastfeeding forum) about biting. You may want to do a search for those while waiting for responses to your specific question. Lots of support to you!

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Do you have a local le leche league? If so contacting them may help.


Secondly, two hints that may help,,,,,,,pulling baby in to your breast may prompt baby to release and push away. Also blowing on baby may help to release.

The kellymom site is ofen helpful too with breast feeding issues:

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