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Hard-hitting antibiotics prescribed for 7 wk old

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Hi, mamas. I'm appealing to your wisdom. Forgive me and my huge lack of medical knowledge - I just know what freaks me out. Anyone with any insight is welcome to weigh in, please! (Also, if I'm in the wrong forum, feel free to shuffle this to somewhere more appropriate.)

Very long story short, this non-conventional, homeopathic-raised, never-go-to-doctor mama had her 7-week-old daughter in the hospital for about 36 hours for a UTI. The docs sent us home with a script for antibiotics to continue for two weeks. A day later, they called and said that the cultures proved that her particular strain of e coli wasn't sensitive to those antibiotics, so they prescribed another: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sulfamethoxazole

The pharmacist called us just to ensure that our doc wasn't crazy, because apparently this stuff is never given to babes under 2 months (she's 7 wks 5 days today) because it can lead to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kernicterus

And she was jaundiced for longer than usual (3 weeks?) so a bilirubin thing sounds extra scary. Also, the drug is a folate inhibitor? Isn't that stuff pretty important for her right now?

Her renal ultrasound proved that the infection had reached her kidneys. This - http://briandeer.com/septrin/bactrim-martindale.htm - says it could lead to renal failure (3rd P).

I've been reading this stuff since we picked up this new poison. Sounds SO scary. I gave her a dose last night and I'm due to give her another in a couple of minutes. I know - I get, really - that abx are important in this case, but gosh. What can I do to make it less dangerous for her little body?

I'm going to be really proactive about giving her lots of infant probiotics, and breastfeed out the wazoo, but - any other ideas? DH keeps telling me to trust the docs. I have a hard time relaxing.

I appreciate you reading. Thanks for any ideas!
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I think if I were in your shoes I would feel the exact same way. It seems that abx are a must in this case. All you can do is try and support her immune system to offset the negatives of the abx. Probiotics are important, BF is super. I'm not sure I know of anything else in particular you can do. Do you have access to a naturopath?Perhaps they may have more ideas. Hope everything turns out ok hug2.gif

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I am feeling a lot better now, thanks to your response and a conversation with my homeopathic ped. She said that this antibiotic isn't actually as bad as I was making it out to be (!) and that when the course is through, she'll help us balance her little system. Phew.

Thanks for your kind words smile.gif
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