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Weekly Chat ~ Apr 15 - Apr 21

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There was lots of chatter this weekend, but here is the most exciting news. I need to start a "I'm in labor thread" for the group apparently smile.gif
Originally Posted by BaileyB View Post

The dandy walker has 2 forms. The 'malformation' which is the genetic one and the 'isolated variant' which is just the cyst at the back of the inside of the skull which may still effect how fast she develops her motor and speech skills. I guess something like 84% of dandy walker is genetic so we get the lucky other 16% which they have no idea what causes it. One doctor told me the only thing they know of for sure that can cause this is if you are taking Warfarin when pregnant, but I wasn't taking it so they don't know what caused it for her. I was telling DH, that according to Google dandy walker happens 1 in every 30,000 babies (either form) but 51% of people abort when it shows up on their u/s. And then on top of that 84% of the babies have other major genetic problems that go along with it but our baby is in the other lucky 16%. That's crazy!!! I know when we had our stillborn they couldn't find a definite cause but figured it was some sort of cord compression and the statistic for that happening was some crazy low number like 0.25% or something. Now I want to know what the statistic is for having both happen to the same woman in separate pregnancies!

I will just copy and paste this from the other DDC I posted in:

I spent 7+ hours in labor lastnite and still going today. My contractions are still 5 minutes apart and registering strong on the monitor at the hospital but were taking too long to dilate me any further so they discharged me and I am laboring (if you can call it that) at home. I was half woken up by 3 separate contractions sometime between 10:30 and 12:30 and with the third one I heard my bowels gurgling. Went to the bathroom and had a bout of diarrhea and ended up staying on the toilet for maybe a half hour having contractions and being afraid to get off the toilet. Contractions were every 2.5 minutes! Once I could leave the toilet I walked around the kitchen doing some stretches and lunges and squats and timing contractions until my legs were tired. Still 2-3 minutes apart. After a few hours of that I started getting sleepy, being that it was like 3 am at this point. I went and laid in bed thinking, well now they will stop again. I laid in bed timing them and then only slowed to every 5 minutes. I got up and DH woke up and I informed him I was in labor but had to pee. Then I went and walked on the treadmill for almost a half an hour. Contractions went to 1.5 minutes apart while walking at a medium pace! I just kept thinking that it has been 5 hours and my contractions are close together and decently strong but I feel like theses should hurt more. DH dropped me off at the hospital and then drove home since DD was still at home sleeping and I wasn't sure if they would keep me after being monitored. I started feeling really stupid and couldn't feel the contractions very well while walking into the hospital and up the stairs, etc. I started having major doubts if I should even bothered getting monitored. I texted DH I was going to go up and down the stairs before going into L&D. I walked the stairs a few times, then was about to go into L&D when I chickened out again and decided to pee and try to check myself. Everything felt like jello in there! I couldn't tell what was what and I am an avid cervix checker! BUT I looked at my finger and saw mucus and old blood, WHAT!! Tried to check again and reach in further while bearing down, and a huge nasty globe of bloody mucus plus comes out, and then more bloody mucus on the TP!! I was super excited then. Anyway, I was monitored for an hour and contractions were coming 3-5 minutes apart but the nurse said my cervix hadn't changed enough to justify keeping me in a hospital bed for who knows how long waiting for my cervix to change but to come back tonight if I still am having contractions every 5 minutes or closer or water breaks etc.

So that was my night from 12:30 to about 7:00 when we got home. I took a nap and just woke up and have that burning-menstrual type feeling in my pelvis and weak contractions still every 5 minutes or closer. Just trying to think of what to do to get this party started! I think I might have a date with the birthing ball and some RRLT after I eat some lunch.

Also, I was informed of yet another due date I guess I have while at L&D, May 2nd. How can someone have so many "due dates"? I guess May 2nd is my original due date that they gave me based on my LMP, May 4th is based on when I ovulated, May 6th is based on my first u/s, and April 26th is based on an u/s I think a month ago. haha. SO when I was getting hooked up to the monitor and she asked my due date I told her May 4th but that I think they had May 6th written down, then she told me I was 37 weeks 1 day. Then when discharging me she informed me my 'official' due date is May 2nd according to my records or something and that I was 37 weeks 3 days. I gestated a whole 2 days in a hour at the hospital!
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BaileyB, keep us posted, but sounds like labor! I hope you were able to get some rest. And too funny about your DH nesting, mine definitely is too. Good to hear that everything seems great with the Dandy Walker stuff.

CoBaby, glad everything was looking good at your appointment. For unique mirrors, any antique furniture stores around? That's where I would look for something like that for a cheaper. When we redid our MBR we ended up with a beveled mirror and while not unique, just that little bevel really makes it look so much nicer!

jessnm, glad you got the diaper service ordered and hopefully you got your hospital bag and carseats done. I totally hear you on being ready to meet the babies and see what they are like smile.gif

pastormama, my BP has been high twice at the MFM, but I think it is either because they wait until after I lay down for 30+ minutes on my back for an ultrasound or because they use the stupid automatic machine. It has never once been high at my regular OB where they take it the old fashion way. I have heard those machines don't work well for people with fat arms and my arms are definitely sporting some extra jiggle right now. Have you told them you take it at home at it is fine? And how silly to take it right after you walk up a huge hill, duh!

berrymamma, hopefully your DH catches the nesting bug soon. My DH knows better than to complain about me being cranky or emotional because then I will really get cranky on him!

This weekend was really nice, I feel refreshed today! Got outside quite a bit to play with DD at some parks and walk around, got lots of laundry and cleaning done and got to lay down and relax whenever I wanted, I think having the ability to really go with my body on the weekends is very helpful to feeling great, just need somewhere at the office where I can lie down and I'll be set lol.gif Got the stroller put together, DH was surprised how large it is, I guess since we only ever had an umbrella stroller with DD and then to go to a more "Cadillac" twin stroller makes it look huge. Its nice though and went together fast. We got to the North Market this weekend, it's a sort of old school indoor market in downtown that has all sorts of natural/free-range/etc. stuff, more pricey than the grocery store of course, but 100x tastier and you can actually get good fish there which is hard where we are. So we got a huge rib roast that we still have some left from, salmon & cod which we ate on Sat. & Sun. and some yummy sausages that we'll eat this week probably. Also got to the grocery store Sunday and DH as we are entering is wondering how they heck we are going to go grocery shopping with twins and DD and I'm like yeah buddy, I've been thinking about this for awhile smile.gif I figure two carts or babies in carriers or twin stroller and cart or some combo of the above! I know a lot of twin moms that use their strollers as a shopping cart for smaller trips and I fully intend to do that when alone.

DD and I also got out to the container store on Sunday as she was getting a bit stir crazy so I got some more shelf things that really give us so much more shelf space (they are the kind that sort of add a shelf for you between each shelf so you aren't stacking stuff up and can't get to it) and got some pot lid holders as the pot lids are just everywhere. Haven't put those in yet, but I think they'll work. Also got a new trash can that DH and I are both happy with, so that's awesome. I got accosted by some store employees since I am pregnant and they talked to me FOREVER, though they did at least help me carry my trash can out to the car so that was nice. I'm sort of not looking forward to all the twin attention I'm sure is coming, hmm.
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Happy Monday Mamas! Snowstorm here and I had to drive to work because I am picking up dd from her dad, boo! Gonna leave early, but it is looking like a big one. On April 15th. Go freakin figure. Maybe tomorrow will be a snow day, we haven't had one yet this year.


Bailey, best labor/birth wishes to you! I hope you can get some sleep if things are not progressing so you can have the energy you need. Crazy how you are a statistical anomaly, but at least your babe has the best possible case.


pastor, I hope dd slept like a dream!


My hips had the worst night ever last night, the pain just got intense. So much so that I slept on my back for a while, which isn't really that comfortable, but was moreso than on my sides. UGH!

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I got good sleep last night, no contractions until the last few hours. I'm still kind of crabby today but that could be from the stupid cold weather that won't leave.

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BaileyB - So exciting!  Sounds like sooner rather than later for you....


Quinalla - I just went to the Container Store during my lunch time!  Got a couple of small storage bins for the shelves in Baby Girl's dresser, some spray bottles to use for diaper changes, some bamboo drawer organizers for DSD's bathroom "stuff," and a car trunk organizer for the "new" car. 


We picked up my mom's car on Easter and I have to say I LOVE driving in a more comfortable car.  The 32-year old convertible may look cool, but not so easy for a pregnant woman to get in and out of!  winky.gif


AFM - Last week and weekend were like the "calm before the storm."  DS was on spring break but spent most of the week at my IL's...so sweet of them to offer and he had a blast!  Then DH took Friday off to have some "quality daddy time" (he did the same the week before with DSD).  Saturday, DS went to my parents' so we could go to the hospital L&D class.  It was a good refresher of the labor stages and what to expect with a newborn.  The nurse is a lactation consultant and a proponent of skin-to-skin, co-sleeping (at least in the same room), not putting baby on a schedule, etc. 


The weather was beautiful so we decided to have an easy dinner of grilled steak and pre-made salads from Whole Foods.  Oh, and I made a yummy strawberry tart from the "pick your own strawberries" that DS brought back from the IL's.  DH and I just sat outside and reminisced about our relationship and the new baby...it was really nice to have some "alone time" prior to Baby Girl's arrival. 


Sunday morning, we met with the doula.  After speaking with her, I feel a bit "behind" of planning and getting things organized.  But I think we'll get it together...maternity leave starts on Wednesday!


This morning was the weekly ultrasound.  Baby Girl is still looking healthy and the perinatologist is happy.  Big belly.  Head down.  Practicing her breathing.  They got some 3-D shots and she has these chubby cheeks and full lips...definitely favoring her daddy!

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Bailey, I'm glad you were able to get some rest last night.  Hopefully when labor does start in full force you'll be well-rested.  That is one of my hopes for this birth, that I won't be so darn exhausted before it even starts!


Co, I had another thought on your mirror as well.  You and DH both seem super handy and creative, so another option for you would be to buy a plain builder's type mirror and just build a frame around it using molding from Home Depot (Lowes, or wherever), cut at a 45 by a compound miter saw (or they can cut it for you), painted how you like, and then nailed and glued together at the corners.  That would be a really inexpensive way to get a custom mirror (and it can be any size you like that way as well).  How is the bathroom coming together?  Is it pretty much done now?


PM, I hope your BP isn't an issue.  Based on what you are saying it is really silly for it to be an issue.


Katie, so nice that you had a relaxing and productive weekend!  Perfect combo! And having spring babies, I am sure you will be putting that twin stroller to good use right away (hopefully!).  The North Market sounds lovely.  There is a nice indoor farmers market in my city too that is open year-round and there are a few shops that are well worth the drive down there.  One lady sells duck eggs and I can't find them anywhere else (DS isn't supposed to have chicken eggs).  The food court is also really good, and they have a play area for the kids that DS loves, so it is somewhere we go probably about once per month in the winter on the weekends.  I can only imagine the logistics of grocery shopping with the twins!  I don't even like taking DS with me.  I usually go on the weekend when he is napping so that I can go by myself.  Taking one babe won't be bad, I can just put her/him in a carrier like I did when DS was little.  But a toddler and a baby, not unless I MUST.


Sheryl, I hope you had  a safe trip with the winter like weather!  Sorry to hear your hips are so bad, that is no fun.  I have found myself waking up on my back lately too.  I don't know why that is happening all of a sudden.  It kind of freaks me out!


Kate, it sounds like you had a really lovely weekend.  It's so nice that you and DH had some time just the two of you before babe arrives.  And YAY to mat leave starting!!  How exciting!  How much time do you get to take off?


AFM - The weekend was quite relaxing, and not too busy at all.  The weather here was brutal again this weekend.  More snow and wind.  It was seriously more like early February than like April out there.  Saturday I got up with DS and we made bread togther, then I went to the grocery store when DH got up.  I have been craving pinapple upside down cake for some reason, so HAD to add pinapple to my grocery list! haha.  We really just hung out after that on Saturday, and then took DS to my parents for a sleep over just before supper time Saturday night.  DH and I met another couple for a "double date" and had a really great time.  They are 15 weeks pregnant with #2 and have a DS who is the same age as our DS.  My poor friend is still suffering from fatigue and MS so I hope she starts feeling better soon.  Much as the time has flown by, I also feel like 15 weeks was AGES ago! 

Sunday was the most relaxing day I can remember in a very long time.  My parents kept DS until 1:30 and when they dropped him off he was worn out from lots of fun and very ready for a nap and then slept for 3 hours!  We had the whole day to ourselves as a result.  DH and I slept in, and then sat and drank coffee on the couch, did a few chores around the house, watched TV, I putzed around the kitchen and made that pinapple upside down cake...It was so relaxing!

This is my last week of work!  I can't believe how fast time has flown by.  I really enjoy my job and am still enjoying the work, but I am so uncomfortable and so tired by the end of the day that I really am ready to be done!

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Bailey, Glad you were able to get some rest! 


Katie, That market sounds like fun!  I could be dangerous in a place like that.  I was just talking to a friend who is pregnant with twins about the logistics of going out with he twins and will-be two year old.  Let me know if you figure it out!  It sounds like quite the trick.  Sounds like you had an awesome weekend though!  Oh I love the Container Store!  So much fun!


Sheryl, I hope you are able to get some sleep tonight.  I feel your pain on the hip issues.  I am doing better during the day with lots of stretching but laying on them all night is just killer.


Kate,  Sounds like you had a great weekend!  Wow!  Just one more day for you till maternity leave!


NS, Sounds like you had a great weekend too!  We've been meaning to go on a double date for a while now with some friends.  I think i need to call her this week and plan it for before baby comes!  We framed out our other mirror with the trim and I am considering it again.  I found one I like at Pier 1 but I need to see if DH likes it.  There is only one good antique store in town so I will call them tomorrow to see if they have any mirrors.  The other antique store is WAY overpriced.  I am trying to avoid driving the 30 minutes south or north to get to better ones but we'll see.


So the bathroom progress (or lack there of) is starting to make me really anxious.  Everything that is done looks great but all that is done is the floor and a toilet.  No vanity, sink, counter top, shower walls, shower fixtures, DH and I aren't agreeing what to do on the walls and no door.  DH ripped everything out at the beginning of February.  Baby will be here in 30 days and I am starting to think it won't be done then either.  I'm trying to be: 2whistle.gif  But really I'm : yikes2.gif   Not having a fully functioning master bath is less of an issue to me than just feeling unsettled.  There is tile in my room, bathroom fixtures in the closet and old drawers where our toiletries are on the floor and dresser.  I don't know what else to do with any of it but it's starting to make me crazy.  I'm trying NOT to be the freaky pregnant lady as i know there are more important things in life but I think I am going to ask if he will just call the tile guy tomorrow to finish the job.  I really really appreciate the help we've gotten but I just need it DONE. 

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I don't think I am in labor, but I can definetly tell my body is trying some things out.  I had a 3 min contraction today followed by a bunch of braxton-hicks.  I was on my way from acupuncture to the chiropractor (which is quite a drive) and I had just heard the news about the Boston Marathon.  So glad I was not in town today although I was supposed to be.  And I wondered to myself if the contraction was set off by the news (we know a lot of people here and still have not heard from all of them).  I turned the radio off.  I haven't had any more.  I am 36 weeks.  I was sick last night/this am with stomach virus/issues.  Got me a little worried since DD was 36 w 4 days and I am really hoping this one is in place until 38 weeks.

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adventuregirl, boo to the snow, will try to send some warm weather your way!

BaileyB, glad you got some rest, will try to send warmth to you too!

Kate&Joey, sounds like a nice score at the container store for you too. Glad you have the more comfy car, my minivan is way easier to get in and out of than my DH's sedan though at least both are pretty comfy to sit in. Congrats on maternity leave starting soon!

nstewart, yeah I really enjoy the North Market, if the parking wasn't such a mess downtown, we'd probably go more often. Yeah, the logistics are going to be interesting, I just really hope both babies like carriers as I think I am going to be using those and the stroller a lot! How exciting work is almost done for you.

CoBaby, haha I will let you know what I figure out. I'm thinking for grocery shopping maybe one in a carrier, one in the cart in the bucket and I guess DD walking. At Sam's they have double carts so I could put two kids in the cart and still have the basket. For trips where I don't need a lot, maybe just use the stroller with one baby in a carrier, DD & other twin in the stroller and put stuff in the stroller basket. I got the bigger, sturdier Graco twin stroller so I could haul more stuff if needed! I can definitely understand getting antsy about the bathroom progress, hopefully you and DH can figure something out! I too hate when stuff is just all over the place like that, can some of that stuff be thrown out or are you not sure if you want to reuse some of it?

jacquelinej, so glad you weren't in town either hug.gif I have a friend in Boston who was talking about a favorite restaurant that was near one of the bombing sites, I am just glad he and his wife are both ok too. I am sending stay-inside vibes to your baby!

DH is getting nervous about me going into labor early. He's asking me if I'm ok about 20x a day, though he apologized for probably annoying me with it last night. Oh well, someone has to be the worrier I guess smile.gif I have a NST today after lunch, but I don't anticipate any issues.
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Bailey - glad you slept. The on again off again thing has go to be frustrating though!


Kate- nice that you got some couple time!


n - sounds like a lovely weekend! I want some of your cake! I have been all about pineapple lately myself.


Becky - I would be feeling the same way about the reno stuff, its time to get things done now! Hope it happens quickly for you.


jaq - such an awful thing, I hope your friends are accounted for now. Hoping the contraction wasn't a "real" one and baby stays put for a bit!


Katie - cute about your dh. My mind is swimming thinking about your twins + toddler shopping, AAAHHH!!!


More snow here today, we got about 15 inches total, but its still coming down. School had a late start and I was happy to work from home and not have to drive in it. Hips were slightly better last night, one side is worse that the other...it was hard enough only being able to sleep on my sides, but now my formerly "bad" side (due to a shoulder issue) is now my "good" side since it is the least painful, UGH! This part I am ready to be done with. 35 weeks today...5ish to go I guess. That seems long in some ways and short in others.

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Well my doula says the contraction might have been a braxton-hicks, but I have never had one quite that painful before.  She did tell me that if I get more then 6 in an hour or if they seem to be productive to go to the hospital to get checked.  Also spoke to the chinese medicine herbalist/midwife today and she is of the opinion that I will probably have this baby in the next 2 weeks based on her experience.  That's about perfect timing for me.  I am getting very tired, have a major allergy attack/sinus infection currently, left hip is almost too unstable to put weight on it at times (this is a RA issue) and am short-tempered/depressive and often anxious.  All normal, but not much fun!


I'm with you adventuregirl, I am ready to be done with this part too.


CoBaby, I think you might have the better idea.  It's hard when a job is partly done, and there may not be enough time after the baby gets here to finish it soon.  DH and I are also having discussions about projects that need to be finished.  He's been great, but he really doesn't want to clean the house top to bottom before our mothers arrive in 10 days and I do not have the energy for it.  But I am not OK with the current cleanliness.  It's bad enough we don't have a single meal figured out for after the birth (and being gluten free, that makes it even harder - can't just run out and get something at a restaurant).  So we will have to compromise on this stuff unless he wants to be a fulltime house husband, which he does not.


We have heard from all but a few of my friends, and they should not have been near the end of the marathon.  DH works at University of Mass Boston, just next to the JFK Library where something else happened, but no one is saying exactly what.  They closed the university for today so he was able to stay home.  Scary stuff.  Really scary stuff.  I have not told DD about it, she has anxiety about these things on a major scale and I am worried about her reaction.  I think she knows something happened.  She ended up in our bed last night.  We will have to talk about it before she returns to school on Monday.  I am not sure how to approach this.  Usually she sees a therapist, but I have not located one yet.  


I am reading posts and trying to get inspired to finish my organizing and sorting.  I think I am just too tired.  Still have to buy a dresser for the baby, and a mattress and sheets.  I wonder if I will actually be able to finish this before the baby is born.  I am so tired, it seems unimportant right now.  DD is on Spring Break and I am ready for that to be over too!  She made friends with the downstairs neighbors which is great...except they keep coming up to our place to play/tear apart DD's room and it's caused a LOT of drama between DD and me.  I just want my house to myself, I shared one for 2 months, I need some peace!  Since DH won't be home tomorrow, I told DD she can not have anyone over tomorrow but she can go outside to play for a while.  She is supposed to be helping me with some of the organizing projects in the house...I see me doing most of the work though greensad.gif  I am trying to do it in small stages so I don't wear myself completely out, but those small stages are now only 10-15 minute increments and that was before the sinus infection.

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Katie, I hope your NST went well today.  How funny that you DH is so worried and you aren't! 


Jac, I'm glad you're ok and that you have heard from most of your friends.  Sorry that's it's so hard to get things done!  I have days where I can and days where I am just too tired.  Everything takes me longer though.  I hope you can get things squared away and your sinus infection passes quickly!  I have been trying to stock our freezer as my kids have food allergies too but I am running out of steam on that.


Sheryl, 15 inches!  Wow!  We had a light dusting here this morning but that's all. (The kids wanted to go out and make snow angels which was really funny with our patchy dusting)  I hope your hips give you a break.  That's one of the most uncomfortable parts of pregnancy for me too! hug2.gif


Well the bathroom saga continues.  I talked to DH it this morning (and by that I mean I asked if we could call the tile installer and then started crying, way to go hormones!).  He still feels like we will get it done in plenty of time.  He said once the shower walls (which in theory will be this weekend) go up everything else will go fast.  I'm still not convinced and I'm pretty irritated.  I am at the point where I want it done yesterday and I don't feel like it's ok to ask people that are helping us and doing it for free to hurry up.  I am going to try to give it one more week and then see but I am not a happy pregnant lady.


I tried my best to take my frustration in  a productive direction today and got a lot done!  I washed all the newborn/3 month clothes and cleared out drawers in his dresser.  I got some other things organized in baby's room.  I pulled aside maternity clothes that no longer fit me to give away and got out clothes for the in between postpartum phase.  Packed a little more the the hospital bag.   Not bad progress!  I am hoping to get some sewing done tomorrow to finish some things up but we'll see how my energy is.  The car seat came today so I will try to get that installed next week.  It's very compact for a convertible just as we had hoped. 

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Well, the babies are growing great, but my bp was high and i had protein in my utine, so getting monitored right now more in the hospital. If i do have pre-e they will prob take out babies today.
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Katie, Praying everything goes well either way!

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Katie, how exciting that you will meet your babies today!  I hope that you are ok and that everything goes well.  I'm glad that you've had good care and it sounds like you are in good hands.


Co, I would be really frustrated if I were you, too.  Things being cluttered or out of order drives me mad.  I hope that your DH is right and that once the shower walls go up the rest goes quickly, and I really hope you have it all done before baby boy arrives.


Jac, I'm glad that your friends are safe and accounted for.  I'm sorry your energy is so low. Hopefully having DD back at school next week will help.  Can you recruit someone to get the baby materess and sheets for you?  Or order online so it can come right to your place?  A big 'ol amazon order might be just the thing for you right now!  I hope you get the meals figured out too.  Is there a GF store near where you live?  Or a food store with a good selection of GF options?  I've been surprised recently by how much is out there now in the freezer department that is GF (like frozen meal type stuff from pizza to "meals").  There is even a place at the farmers market that does GF meat pies and meals along with their regular options.  Made from scratch type stuff.  Finding some options like that sounds like it would take a lot of pressure off of you and your DH. 


Tomorrow is my last day of work, thank goodness!  I am starting to be really uncomfortable and finding it difficult to walk by the end of the work day.  I suspected baby dropped Monday after lunch, and my chiro confirmed this at my appointment Monday after work.  She said baby's head is right down now, though not fully "engaged" as there is still a bit of wiggle room. As a result my pubic bone and ligaments under my belly are killing me.  As my dad so kindly pointed out with a chuckle last night, I look "ready to pop".  I haven't passed any mucus plug or anything yet, and am still just having the usual BHs contractions occassionally, and although I keep getting rather painful twinges in my cervix I am hopeful baby will stay put for another week and a half.  I just want some time to myself after finishing work.  And, if this babe arrives on the same sched. as DS, I still have 3 weeks to go!!  Now, that does sound like a LONG time!


DH has offered to host a group of friends on Saturday night as his best buddy is visiting from overseas and they want to get the gang together.  On the plus side, this will force me to clean my house from top to bottom one last time.  On the down side, the thought of it is exhausting!  He's already made it clear that I might go to bed before the party is over, but I know me and probably won't because I'll feel rude.  Also now have to think about feeding the gang, although my friend (the one who is also preggo that we double dated with last night) has kindly offered to bring a few snacks over as well.


MW appointment today!  Going to get re-swabbed for GBS and have my fingers crossed that the results are negative this time after 2 weeks on my "regime".  Also debating whether or not to get checked.  I'm curious but also know that, especially with a 2nd pregnancy, I could walk around dialated for 3 more weeks or go from not dialated to in labor very quickly.  It's almost better not to know.  Plus I absolutely DO NOT want to get my membranes swept today as I am really counting on a week off to myself!!

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Originally Posted by Quinalla View Post

Well, the babies are growing great, but my bp was high and i had protein in my utine, so getting monitored right now more in the hospital. If i do have pre-e they will prob take out babies today.


I'm thinking of you!!

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NS, You are so brave to have people over but I know the motivation is good!  Hopefully you can just do some easy things for food and others will help!


I am with you on feeling torn on being checked.  On the one hand I am curious but I know it means nothing.  For me, since I am having the c-section, I actually want to have some labor first I actually sort of want to have my membranes swept.  The laboring first is good for the baby but since my hospital doesn't allow vbacs I don't know if my doc would even sweep if I asked.  I think I might get brave and ask my doc next time but we'll see. I hate to try to mess with things early but i do want to labor first if at all possible (and yeah, I'm so over being pregnant).

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Katie, I hope it isn't pre-e, but if it is, at least you are at term for twins. Looking fwd to hearing if they arrive today or not!


N, how wonderful to be done with work! Hope the GBS swab goes well. I get mine next week, I have to get on my regimen by Friday to hopefully ensure a neg!


Becky, so sorry about the reno stress! 


jaq, I hope dd is ok, these things are so hard to process as an adult, much less a 7yo. 


AFM, bunches more snow today! School got cancelled and it just keeps coming down, got about 8" so far today. I think Mother Nature forgot to drop this off earlier in the season. But its actually really good as we are in desperate need of snowpack and moisture. I live just a few miles from the biggest wildfire in the state that burned last year and the results of it are wreaking havoc on our water supply and the threat of more fires has been looming, we already had one on March! It is just weird tho, I am used to warm weather and flowers this time of year!


Hips are still being bitches at night, but I find comfort in lying on my back with the body pillow under one side of my body. Things are definitely getting a little less comfy all around.

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Bah just lost a post, anway it is mild pre e for now, but some decels made them want to monitor me 24hrsmore at the hospital. So i am all hooked up, iv in, no food/drink just in case /sigh. They are taking a 24post hr urine sample as well and will reevaluate tom. Hopefully tonight will be quiet. Glad iv in is in finally as i was starting to get mildly dehydrated which always gets the bhs going, the even did a ve cause they had to make surei wasnt in labor. Anyway, dh went to pick up dd atve 3pm, mom starterted heading here, well see!

It is possible but unlikely i could e discharged tom. Probably not. Girl is breech so it will be a csection if needed unless she turns.
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I did ssneak some water i nthe bathroom though cause way too thirsty! They did let me have ice chips earlier. Also took 4pics sticks for the iv, bleh.
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