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As it turned out, I didn't have time to post in this thread.  Labor took just under 5 hours!!!  Baby Girl arrived 10 days early on Sunday AM.  love.gif

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Congrats Kate!!  Glad everyone is doing well.

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My EDD was May 1.  So at least I didn't have to worry about going longer than 40 weeks and being induced...such a relief!


Elodie Sloane

7 lb 11 oz (exactly what the ultrasound estimated a week prior)

20 inches

Whole lot of cuteness!


We're doing great.  The good thing about delivering at 5:44 AM is that they had no problem discharging us after only one night.  It is so much nicer to be at home.  joy.gif


I will post more in the Birth Stories thread....

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Congrats Kate! Welcome to the world Elodie!

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Congratulations Kate and welcome Elodie! I've been wondering who would be next!!
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Congratulations Kate!! Beautiful name smile.gif can't wait to hear your quick birth story!
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Congrats Kate!!
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5 days ago
Congrats Phils and Pace, that's great! I still think I am in shock that I will also be holding my own soon... I keep telling DH we are in D-E-N-I-A-L

Us too.....mayyyyyyj denial. We are still crossing off things from our to do list which is still quite lengthy and just tonight we washed and folded onesies together and were both in shock at how small!
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Oops....iPhone typos :P
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And congrats to you new mamas!!!!
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Congrats Kate!  What a fast labor!  Cute name too smile.gif

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congrats Kate!

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Congrats Kate!
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I puked this morning and my stool was loose.  I started to get excited that maybe my body was getting ready, a little early.  Then I remembered that DH had an upset stomach and yucky stools yesterday.  Oh these last weeks.  Silly me.  No signs of anything which is best.  I find myself oscillating between not feeling ready and "Oh my gosh, get this thing out of me."  My brain is still not grasping that it's an actual BABY in there.

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Same here! Have been having very powerful bh, some so much that I had to lay over the couch and do some tilts today. Baby feels very uncomfortably wedged against bladder and bowel. Had three loose stools today and a dull radiating backache pretty much all day and even now that I'm in bed.

Part of my problem was I never felt a contraction last time until I was hooked to the pitocin drip! I don't really know what the early ones feel like? I haven't told my sister to drive down yet.
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i keep false labouring  (like contractions 3-5 minutes apart.. back pain all sorts..) then stopping again..still having mucous plug coming out and sometimes bits of blood.. but seems ok for now.. altho seeing ob on mon to potentally talk about induction (im due may 9th)  congrats kate, philsbabymama and paceman so happy you all have healthy beautiful babys :) xxx

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times - so good to get an update from you! SO exciting!

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How exciting you mammas!  BHs here, but not as frequent as some as you.  I know also not strong enough to be anything real.  Sigh, patience N, patience.

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Oooh, jealous of you mama's due sooner than me. Baby is loooooowwwww in my pelvis and I'm starting to feel really "pregnant" for the first time this nine months ... waddling, exhausted, sore belly. I'm really hoping she comes "early"- anytime after 37 weeks is fine by me. Getting everything done in the next week or so (I'm 35 weeks now) and keeping my fingers crossed .... will keep walking a ton, cramming down pineapple, and hoping for the best. Unfortunately will probably have to start having sex soon   :/

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