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 I live in a pretty progressive part of coastal Maine so though I don't know of any specific co-op houses we do have an Eco-village in the neighborhood and a number of small eco-village type groups of people who bought communal land but still have individual small plots and houses.  DH and I briefly considered buying into one but when it comes down to it I think I'm too much of a private person.  I love close knit community but I don't want to have to discuss plans for my land with more than just DH.


danielle- DH has a onesie, or a union suit as we call it, and I'm always so jealous in the winter.  I need to find one for myself.  It is pretty lovely living out in the country with a little one. Now that the weather is better he just let's himself in and out all day long (sometimes whether we like it or not).  He's still too young for me to let him be out all alone (our house is right on the road and all our property is out back) but soon enough he will be and he's old enough now that I can go work in the garden and let him play in the woods, dirt, sandbox...without worrying too much because I can always see that he's not near the road.


15 wks yesterday!

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Happileigh - i kept a very detailed dairy with dates etc when I was pregnant with my youngest son so I know I had felt more movement than I am now, and dh felt baby at 16+1 which is 3.5days from now. I highly doubt this time that will happen again. I am only feeling baby 1-2 times a day at the moment. And only when in bed being very quiet.

It's funny...now I've felt movement! I was tucking my DD into bed last night and leaned over with my belly on the bed and evidently squeezed the poor little thing, so it started flinging around all pissed off redface.gif and I was like "oh, there you are!" lol.gif

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16 weeks today! Yay! And the first day of my eldest son's two week school break. With the weeks rushing by, I am starting on the massive task which is decluttering my house. Hoping to clean the house today and then get onto a list and pile of things to be sold/donated.

Hope you ladies are all doing well! :-)
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I'm here . . . in the whirlwind of feeling good and trying to get things done!  Our DD will offically be Kindy age in the fall, so I've been trying to get all our K curriculum planned for home school.  Trying to get my bedroom painted . . . which may take the next 6 months at the rate I'm going!  Actually my goal is in the next two weeks before our BIG ULTRASOUND!  I have lists a mile long but can't do anything until I know if baby is a girl or boy.  I'm super excited! 


17 weeks on Tuesday . . . time sure is moving right along!

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I woke up yesterday and it took me a little while to realize I am 15 weeks already.  Week 13 and 14 literally flew by!  Only 3 more weeks until my big u/s and 4 more weeks until I am back in Hawaii!

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I am 13 weeks today and feeling rather good. We found out super early this time around so it seems as though the weeks have crept by. I am rather busy with three kids and today is the first day of their  April vacation and I am thrilled to just be at home with them all! We had our first midwife appt. the other day which went well and we are planning a homebirth. The baby's heartbeat was very strong and he/she was very active. 


All in all I am doing fabulous!

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