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I've been craving salads and fresh veggies. My usual likes are gone, most notably I have totally lost my taste for soda, which is good!

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I have been drinking iced tea and lemonade constantly (from the cheap sugary powder mixes) because I can't stomach plain water, pickles, and now french fries and ketchup.  


I'm making DH pick up dinner for us tonight.  I am getting a 'turkey sloppy joe'  it's not like the saucy stuff on hamburger buns called 'sloppy joes' most other places.  It's a sandwich with deli turkey, swiss, coleslaw, and 1000 island dressing on rye.  I normally try to avoid coldcuts during pregnancy and don't eat many anyway but I really really need to eat this sandwich.  Like now.  lol.

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OMG, I am desperately craving gas station burritos. Not the kind you microwave, but the deep fried ones. I bought the last one at the corner store today, and I figured that would be fine since lately I take two bites of anything and I'm full. Well, I got home and ate it, and now all I can think about is getting another one! But I don't know anywhere else that sells them, and this place won't have more until tomorrow! Ack! greensad.gif

And my husband is laughing at me because I can barely choke down any of the yummy, healthy food we have around the house, but gas station burritos hit the spot, LOL!
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Hmmm, the cravings seem to have hit this weekend:
-goat's cheese on pizza, and pasta;
-peanut butter on arrowroot cookies;

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I'm not so much having cravings right now as I am just infinitely suggestible.  I now want at least half the things mentioned on this thread!


But I subscribe to a bunch of blog and Facebook cooking stuff, and I can't abide food pictures.  Facebook has become rather fraught!

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... At first, before the positive, it was ICE CREAM! Then that continued for a few weeks... Now I don't even want to LOOK at ice cream!


As Missbrea says - I am VERY suggestible.  So, what's standing out, is usually what I want.  Except at the grocery store.  There -- urgh. I usually want NOTHING.


Past week or so it's been egg sandwiches. With LOTS of BACON. 

Usually, I won't bother making them. Not too crazy about 'em. For sure not enough to go through all the steps and different "layers."

Now -- when I get that first bite.... WORTH IT.. the frying pan(s), the toaster, the mayo knife... Mmmmmmm!!!!!




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The other day I was desperately craving kolaches. I couldn't even go to sleep Sunday night because I wanted them so badly. It went away, but now this thread's got me wanting them again! greensad.gif
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DH made the dinner of my dreams last night- cheeseburgers and lemonade!
I really just want to eat pizza, cheeseburgers, TACO BEL. Ohhh what I would give for a cheesy gordita crunch...but the closest Taco Bell is over an hour away. High fat, high sodium, MEAT!!

This is hillarious because before I was pregnant I ate 80% raw/vegan and was considering making the leap to 100%. Now spinach makes me gag. I can tollerate fruit but anything green is gross.

I want a huge steak.
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Taco Bell. Yes. Fries supreme. Also, poutine.
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And today I want toasted tomato sandwiches with cheese and mayo. Maybe bacon. Which is funny, because I am pretty much paleo plus raw dairy, and don't eat a lot of pork. Mmm mayo.
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Mmmmm BLT!!
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Sonic drinks and Taco Bell.

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I'm happy to report that I've lost my usual sweet tooth.  Eating really well so like someone else said, I don't have cravings like I will when I'm not able to eat so well.

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I've totally lost my taste for coffee!!!!! Which is nutso to anyone who knows me, because I pretty much exist on coffee...oh well, I'd already cut my dose of caffeine down to 1/3 caffeinated to 2/3 decaf before I got pregnant.
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I always lose my taste for coffee too the 1st trimester.  It's really sad to me.  lol.  I want a big Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with cream and real sugar.  In about a month I'll treat myself to one.  I did have some coffee ice cream last night (Starbucks Java Chip to be exact) and it was really good so maybe the coffee will return sooner than I think.


I am also craving eggs which I don't normally like.  Just gobbled down the last few bites of my preschoolers egg bagel sandwich and then had to make myself one.  Weird.


I may need to get Taco Bell for lunch today.  And we're having pizza at a friends for dinner.  I'm getting a calzone.  Been craving one from this specific place for years since we moved.  Healthy day.  As long as I'm not gaining weight yet I don't care at this point.  Vegetables look gross still.  But I did make zucchini noodles for dinner last night (search amazon for paderno spiral slicer - coolest thing ever) topped with homemade vodka sauce and I was able to eat a big plate of zucchini that way.

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My midwife tolde to go high protein- meat and veggies only, maybe 1-2 fruits per day.
The OB I saw (and loved) said paleo all the way. I have pcos and had pre-e the first kid, and GD with my second. Personally, I think the perfect health seams most reasonable.
I've read it all and I'm swimming. I can't figure out what to follow and esp when. I worry about restricting much in the first trimester. I'm hungry all the time! Decisions decisions!

So, I am craving Ramen Noodles. I always crave them. I know they are awful, but I do have a bowl a few times a year. I won't indulge, though! I am also craving pickles.
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Every morning I crave a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. Today I could barely think straight at work, dreaming of this magical biscuit...unfortunately, I can't get away from work to go buy one.

However, someone brought in homemade cookies, so a couple of those have pacified me for now. And I am having a half-cup of coffee. Usually with nausea both sweets and coffee sounds distasteful, but this morning they are hitting the spot.


EDIT: I could only drink a quarter-cup of coffee, before it started tasting nasty to me. (I am so thankful that the repulsion is coming naturally, because I am usual a complete coffee fiend. I tried cutting back while TTC and it was basically impossible for me to cut it out all the way. Now I can go days without wanting it. Woo-hoo!

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I got my kolache this morning. DH is home sick from work, so I ran and got donuts and kolaches for breakfast. Now it's lunch time and I can't stand the thought of eating. I am not even slightly hungry. greensad.gif I'm going to try to at least have some water.
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Yeah, I'm happy about the coffee aversion too. With both kids I had a really hard time cutting down my coffee to safe levels (blush). My only issue now is that it is such a habit to start my day at work with a big coffee which I sip until lunchtime...I miss that, and I don't even get the compensation of not needing to pee all time! I'm soo NOT a tea person greensad.gif
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DH took me out for Mother's Day today. Had a great veggie egg omelet and some blueberry pancakes. They were so yummy. Eggs have really been hitting the spot.

Trying to eat something every 3 hours so keep my tummy happy.
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