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I don't drink it really. I might buy a single can 2 or 3 times a year and pass most of if off to be shared among the kids or take a sip of my husbands every once in a while. He on the other hand has quite the Dr. P habit.


In our home the kids get water, milk, and tea. Occasionally a soda from dad or grandma. When we eat out or go to the movies I let them have it. Or from the gas station sometimes. My son has it a lot more often because he works with my husband and they go to the gas station pretty much everyday whsn they are working. 

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I had the reputation of "the mom who buys Lucky Charms and eats them for dessert, yet makes her kids eat eggs or oatmeal for breakfast" at the last place we lived. I really had people come and ask me if I was "that woman". Yup, we all eat healthy breakfasts and two or three times a year I buy a box of my special cereal to eat as a dessert.ROTFLMAO.gifAt least I am not eating sugar, or fueling my kids with it first thing in the morning! For the record, the Lucky Charms we get now are always stale--so I've given them up entirely


I think they put something addictive in Lucky Charms.  I don't like cereal and never bought it so DS was not exposed to cereal aside from Cherios, Kix and other generic so-called healthy cereals at daycare. 


When DS was 4yo, we went on vacation.  From the kitchen, I hear his uncle say "I am making DS breakfast" and didn't think to question it as his Uncle is a health nut, just about the last person in the world I would think would eat sugary cereal.     


He served DS a bowl of Lucky Charms and it was like the heavens openned and the angels sang, DS had never been so delighted with a food in his life.  He literally had groans and squeals of pleasure as he shovelled it into his mouth.  He has begged for Lucky Charms ever since.

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I can't remember the last time I had it in the house.

They have it at their dad's regularly. He buys the kind with cane sugar mostly. Not really my hill to die on, though I've commented if they're drinking something with caffeine when I pick them up later in the evening.

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It's not allowed at my house, and nobody has a taste for it. We just drink milk, juice, or water; adults drink coffee, tea, or alcohol.

I didn't know drinking soft drink when you're sick was a thing! We just have juice or whatever.
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They drink water 99% of the time. I don't worry about the other 1%, as long as it's legal.

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My boys are 28 months and they have never had soda. I don't buy it for the house unless I am having a party, hosting a holiday or have guests that drink it. I buy organic apple juice and they get a small splash in their full sippy of water on occasion but its normally water and milk. We (DH & I) don't drink soda unless we go out and sometimes even then it's lemonade (which I prefer watered down with some sparkling water or seltzer) unsweetened icead tea, sparkling water or just plain water.
I don't plan on letting them have soda for quite some time yet, especially since they have no idea what it is yet and wouldn't even ask for it. One day they will figure it out and we will have to allow the occasional indulgence. I think if healthy habits can be formed early maybe they will make healthy decisions for themselves most of the time. @ least that's what I'm hoping for!
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It's not allowed at my house, and nobody has a taste for it. We just drink milk, juice, or water; adults drink coffee, tea, or alcohol.

I didn't know drinking soft drink when you're sick was a thing! We just have juice or whatever.

I had a hard time getting one of mine to drink anything when she was sick. She'd start to get dehydrated and would still refuse to drink anything. So my husband said he would run out and get some Sprite and no doubt she'd drink that, and she of course did. It was such a treat that she'd drink as much as he'd give her. She got enough to keep her from getting dehydrated anyway.
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We don't keep coke (from the south so all soda and pop are coke) at home, but occasionally at a party there will be some and we will share a glass. I do like sparkling apple juice for holidays and my kids (4 & 2) will have a glass. Same goes for juice. We keep apple juice in fridge for smoothies and my husband uses it to mix his calcium magnesium powder with, but the kids never ask for it, so it's never given as a drink. Same for milk. We use almond milk for cereal but not drinking. Pretty much water only here. When we visit my family in Texas, there is definitely more juice drinking for them and coke drinking for me. But, I have a when in Rome policy about what we eat and drink. I grew up eating fast food and coke for breakfast lunch and dinner, but never do now. Ok, well. I do enjoy the occasional in and out trip.
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I never spend a penny on the stuff. Sometimes it comes free with a lunch. I always opt for bottled water. I only soda is available, i just refuse. I see  no reason for myself or my children to drink the stuff.  

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Originally Posted by MichelleZB View Post

I didn't know drinking soft drink when you're sick was a thing! We just have juice or whatever.


I'm not familiar with drinking it for colds and the like, but I've heard of people drinking it when they're nauseous -- mostly ginger ale or 7up. I don't know if it's just an old wives tale or an actual remedy (I know ginger is supposed to help, but I doubt there's enough actual ginger in ginger ale to be medically applicable?), but last summer my DS was feeling carsick so I pulled into a gas station and bought him a 7up and told him to take tiny sips every few minutes, and he felt better.


I don't know if it was just the coldness, or having a little something in his stomach (I made him eat a few saltines also), or the fact that we stopped the car and got out at the gas station so he got a break from the motion, or what, but he felt better, and I'm okay with him having a soda a couple of times a year during a road trip. 

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I don't like soda at all. And I used to be strict about the kids never having it. Hubby said I should relax about it and we do what his parents did: you can have one soda a week.  I bought real sugar soda (Hansen's) and stock up when it's on sale.  After I did that they hardly ever asked for it!  But it did probably decrease the forbidden fascination aspect of it.  They know they can have it if they really want it.  And if we're at a party or celebration, they'll ask for their "soda of the week" and I say OK, even though I hate that it's corn syrup.  Everything in moderation.

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We don't keep regular soda in the house, but we do keep club soda - not for drinks, but for fizzy lemonade. My husband grew up on it and he loves it, not surprising that our 3-year-old has recently developed a taste for it. I don't say no because I know what is going in it since it's all homemade (except for the club soda) and I can control the salt.


I can see my family guzzling a lot of fizzy lemonade this summer! It's very refreshing!


Oh, and answering the first question, no, I don't let my kid drink soda. He hasn't had any yet. I don't think I'm going to be extremely strict with that, but I would avoid it if I could. Everything in moderation - like someone said earlier.

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I have a sick soda obsession.  I'm completely addicted to diet root beer.  


Having said that, my kids don't drink soda, except for maybe 2 - 3 times a year when we go out to eat and they are allowed either root beer or sprite.  Most of the time they opt for milk.  And it's milk 99% of the time at home, the other 1% is water.


I don't forbid soda, (I refuse to be a hypocrite) but I certainly don't encourage it.


And it's soda, not pop!  Lol.  Pet peeve.  lol.gif

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DD gets sparkling water and Komboucha (which she LOVES).  When she's sick I'll give her "natural" ginger ale.  Around Christmas she has sparkling cidar.  That's about it.  We call Komboucha "healthy soda" so I think I'm going to try and push that when soda is an option since she likes it just as much (honestly, it's hard for me to tell the difference between flavored Komboucha and soda anyway).

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No, never. At almost 6 and 3 they are still ahem, kind of suckers about stuff. Watered down juice is a rare, party-only treat. And if the host actually serves full strength juice I still water it down in cups before I give it to them. My 6 year son just sucks it down. My three year old will say, why isn't mine in a box and then excitedly suck it down.


I am comfortable with sweets but they have to be quality sweets. We don't ever give them junk both because it is junk/void of nutrition/filled with nasties but also because I like food, actually love food, and want to teach them what good food tastes like.

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I have a soda habit outside of the house, but on the rare occasions we've had root beer or those carbonated juice bottles in the house, the most he's had is a sip, which has been enough to persuade him it's not for him! I think the carbonation is ouchy for him and its too sweet. He has sipped on heavily watered down apple juice but it's not his thing so far. Water, cows milk, and above all else nursies are his beverages of choice!
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I drink soda water but we don't have soda - she loves my bubbly water, though! DH and I have talked about it and decided that if she's at a birthday party and there's soda or they go to McDonald's, it's ok, no big deal. I dont want her to think it's apocalyptic. But we don't drink it at home (there's obv potential for real ginger ale when she's sick, but she's still too little). I could see if she requested it for a bday party getting it, but I'm hoping she'll think the soda we make at home with simple syrup and lavender is special enough. smile.gif
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I'll get my DD one of those Izzy sodas for treats now and again, but I don't think she knows about real soda yet. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, I guess, but I don't intend to buy it. It's just not something we do.
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Originally Posted by Matt's Mom in MT View Post

Having said that, my kids don't drink soda, except for maybe 2 - 3 times a year when we go out to eat and they are allowed either root beer or sprite.

Those are the two soda options I was allowed as a child too, I think because back in the day they were the ones without caffeine. I love root beer and try to limit my caffeine intake, so it bugs me that most restaurants nowadays serve Barq's root beer (which has caffeine -- well, the non-diet type does anyway, I think the diet is caffeine-free) instead of A&W or Mug (which don't).
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I let my DD choose soda or juice on very special occassions like a birthday or celebration. When she is sick I give her whatever she will eat or drink becausw she will just not eat and it makes her scary sick.
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