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My Son Has Taught Me Patience

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And not in the way I would have thought. He is so patient with me. Many times today I saw him wait quietly. How when he was done waiting he would try to get my attention. Then start to say things like "Apple" and even still when I was not getting itt he would walk up to me and head butt me. Not too hard just enough to be like.


"Hey lady I need something and I don't want to cry about it."


If he is hungry he will say apple. Tired he rolls around me or rests his head on my knee. So much patience in a little 16 month old. Tonight while doing the dishes he just watched me. He got a little whiny and I told him 10 more minutes. Finally after five he came up and pulled on his diaper.


"Mom see this thing? It's bugging me. I tried to wait, but I need help." He of course pooped and it was irritating him.


So I took him to the bath and let him soak. I decided to jump in with him and wash my hair and brush it. Again so patient. His 15 minute bath turned into a 40 minute ordeal and he just sat there. Yawning and playing quietly until I was done.


He let me suck out his boogers from his cold. When we finally laid down to nurse he looked so content. So sweet. I tried to pull him off after about 10 minutes because i still have things to do before I can go to bed. When I saw his little head searching for the comfort still I realized. He has been so patient with me all day, I need to take a minute and return the favor. I let him nurse for 45 minutes until he was done.


His lips and cheeks pink from nursing. So happy and full.


How did I get so blessed?  Like any kid he has his moments and as an infant was rather difficult. But even now I look back at videos and so on and even then he has little cues I just didn't know about yet. At one point in a video of him at 4 months he is sucking on his arm. I am talking and cooing at him and he keeps putting his arm in his mouth. Finally he sighs like a literal (She is not getting the hint sigh) and shoves his arm in his mouth. Finally after a few more minutes of this he starts to cry. I feel so silly now at the obviousness that he is hungry in the video. It makes me wonder what else I am missing. I saw him playing with his shoe yesterday, does that mean he wants to go outside?


I need to spend less time online, and worried about work school and house and spend more time getting to know this amazing little person who has so much patience for me.

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This was so beautiful to read.


I have friends who have seen old videos of themselves with their infants and noticed things that they missed at the time. Most of us know so little about infants when we have them, it seems, and most of what our culture teaches us is inaccurate.


I love how communicative they are when they are that little and how unfiltered their expressions. They eat with their entire bodies. Excitement looks like excitement. I can sit and play with someone else's baby and feel that we've communicated more clearly than I did with the adults, who are often a mix of who they want to seem to be and who they think they are expected to be. (That's not meant as criticism -- we all do it.) Yet we're taught that they are self-centered lumps.

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Awesome post!

It teaches us about patience in its purest form. Not only should we pay more attention to our kids but to everybody else and ourselves and our own bodies. Even nature.

Thank you!

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Beautiful post!  Made me want to cry.  You sound very in tune with your babe and I bet he picks up that vibe....

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Great post post, thank you. And your boy sounds so sweet. It's amazing what we can learn from our children if we open up to them.
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