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Congrats, Brooke! A lot of exciting things are happening for you! I hope she settles down and gets comfortable and hangs out a few more weeks for you. Silly babies just have their own schedule right from the start! It's an amazing adventure to be sure.
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Hello :)


I am Stef and have an 8yo DS and bellybaby is due at Hogmanay! So far, I don't have complications and last pregnancy was uneventful. Unfortunately I will have to have a section and am not sure if I will be able to BF. 


We are very excited.

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Congratulation Brooke and Stef, and welcome! 


Stef, I like your screen name :D

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Originally Posted by LilyKay View Post

Congratulation Brooke and Stef, and welcome! 


Stef, I like your screen name :D


Thank you :) 

It means "a mummy" in East German!

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hahah I know :)  Are you also there? 

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Originally Posted by LilyKay View Post

hahah I know :)  Are you also there? 

Not anymore. Moved to bonnie Scotland last year. Are you in the East?

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Hi there, I'm a first time mom and heard about this site from my sister (mother of 2).  She suggested I might like it/find it more relevant than babycenter.com which I've been on for most of my pregnancy.  And from the intro's and browsing around I've done, I'm pretty sure she's correct.  


I'm at 34 weeks now, due Dec 6th, but who know's when our little bean will decide to show up.  We are waiting to find out boy/girl.


I'm 32 and live in Sonoma County with my husband (he'll be 32 at the end of Nov)  We are both from NH originally and have lived in MA, CO, CA, UT, and TN collectively.  We are what I like to call "reasonable vegans" rather than the militant type.  Food is a personal journey that everyone is on, and I don't believe that everyone should be vegan, but that everyone should make responsible, thoughtful food choices.  We try and teach by example.  But if you ask me questions, I do tend to get up on my soap box as being vegan for 7 years you end up knowing a bit about nutrition in general.  Whole food, plant based. :-)  We try and make environmentally and socially responsible choices about the things we purchase, and companies we choose to buy from, and try to use as few "chemically" products as possible.   We believe that you "vote" with your dollars.  Spiritually, we used to attend UU services when we were in SLC, UT (2007-2009) and LOVED our minister and community there, but haven't really found a community of UU's here that we feel comfortable/at home with.  We are very environmentally conscious and LOVE the outdoors.  We sea kayak, climb, hike, camp, bike, etc.


We moved to the west coast a little over a year ago for my husband's job and have had some difficulty finding "our people".  Though we are loving the area, all of our family is back east, so it's been hard to be expecting our first baby so far from family, though my mom is on standby to come out and help right after the baby is born, my BIL may come down for x-mas, my in-laws will be here in January, and my sister will come out after them.  We also plan to head back east towards the end of my maternity leave to visit, or just after my maternity leave, so that's made it a bit easier, but still...


I'd like to have as natural a birth as possible.  I'm delivering at Kaiser and have seen all CNMW's through this pregnancy, and as we head into the birthing classes I'm really liking the Kaiser philosophy more and more.  Historically, my mom became disabled after major complications when my younger sister was born (they both almost died) and my lil sis is developmentally and physically disabled too (pretty high functioning).  My older sister had an emergency c-section with her first (was a planned home birth) and then had planned a HBAC for her second, but when they did an ultrasound to check her incision they found she had fluid between her lung and lung sac (forget what it's called) and then there were other complications that happened, and she ended up with another c-section.  So, given that, I feel pretty comfortable giving birth at a hospital as a "just in case" measure, but am hoping for an all natural birth.


We're thinking of hiring a Doula, but haven't decided quite yet.


We plan to cloth diaper, try out co-sleeping, and breastfeed.  I'm interested in attachment parenting, but we'll see what works for our kiddo.


Also, I'm an actor.  I've done many films (mostly small independent shorts, but a few feature length films too) and loads of theatre.  I haven't been doing too much since becoming pregnant, but plan to get back to it as soon as I feel ready.

Hoping to meet some like-minded people. :-)

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Welcome Pixiebeach!


We are an acting family, too. FIL is an actor, his wife works in an acting school, DH was a child actor and our big kids are studying movie making and acting and performing. "Voting with your dollar" (well, pound here) is so correct. Mind you, not too difficult in Scotland, as the closest shops here are a local veggie shop with local veggies and the butcher next door. I like meat, but it has to be "happy meat". Free range, grass-fed and all that.


A member of my family recently went to the US and told me quite some horror stories about the US-American food. Her bread didn't go stale, even though she had forgotten to close it. Her burger, left on a windowsill after a party didn't change texture, colour or smell. 


Good food was more expensive than junk, etc. 


It must be quite hard to feed your family whole, nutritious food when it is not only pricier, but also not as easily available. Kudos to everyone over there who is doing it!

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Welcome Booke, Stef, and PixieBeach!!

Eine, that is hilarious about the burger on the windowsill... and completely true! I live in California and even with the abundance of the land here it is still much more expensive to eat real food than "junk", and all the food marketing makes it hard to decipher the difference sometimes. Plus there is such a stigma attached to making good food choices as well. On the one side you have people who are very self-righteous about making good food choices who look down on those who do not or who can't afford it, and on the other side you have those who think all people who eat organic are rich and snobbish. It's all very silly, but boy are people passionate about it!
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Originally Posted by EineMutti View Post

Not anymore. Moved to bonnie Scotland last year. Are you in the East?


We're actually living in the most west point of Germany close to the Dutch border. I'm always wishing I can give birth in the Netherlands where homebirths are very normal (somewhere around 30% of all births!!!). 


Pixie - Welcome!


I have to say, I was in the states for 3 weeks visiting family and friends, and I had both horrible and amazing food. The absolute worst was KFC in NYC which DP convinced me to eat, OMG, the chicken tasted exactly like the fries.. I was so grossed out, I couldn't finish it even though I was starving! But we also had some seriously delicious food there but as in everywhere else, you need to live there to know where to go. 

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