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Registering Your Kid with the Government

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I have recently read some very disconcerting things about birth certificates, dna databanks, ssn's ect.  I imagine that most of the people on this board are the asking questions sort, otherwise you wouldn't have thought to ask if you can do childbirth differently!  Anyway, I've been sifting though old threads on here and none of them seem to come to any specific conclusion (not that there is a right or wrong answer that will work for everyone).  But, I'd really like to develop a list of positive and negative consequences for choosing to register or not register a child with various agencies, including testing facilities. 


Birth Certificate - Can it be applied for later?

                        -Passport issues, can I leave the country?

                        -What if I die and so does my guy, how does baby get one later if                                            he/she must? I really doubt getting registered is the problem. lol

                        -Ownership? (if this means nothing to you, just ignore it)


Social Security Number-As above and anything else anyone can think of

PKU test - Is private testing really private?

             - How much does it cost?


What are the implications of registering my child with the government?  I kind of feel like it's going to be one very rare kid that big brother doesn't already have a file on at birth.  

And what 'rights' do I forfeit if I don't register the little one? Like maybe tax breaks or medicaid or anything like that...


Thanks for your help in advance!

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First things that come to mind, is they can't get a passport because you wouldn't have proof of citizenship. I would imagine that it could be difficult to get a job without that as well. And how about a driver's license? I just think it would be too much trouble to not get the birth certificate and SSN. They are too necessary to our current culture. Maybe someone has more insight, but that's why I do get my kids registered and stuff.

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I have read most of the threads as well and DO NOT want to start an argument.  It is totally up to an individual parent but....


without State Issued ID AND a SS card or passport you cannot get a "regular job".  Not demeaning other forms of work.


without birth certificate and ssc you can't get state issued ID - so no drivers license or "ID card"


without birth certificate and ssc you can't open a bank account (although if you have neither you may not want one) or get a passport - so no leaving the country by regular means


withought proof that you are a citizen birth certificate/state issued ID/SScard you can't get medicaid/financial aid for higher education/ and form of aid from a government agency ie - even parks and rec scholarships


I think I had to show a birth certificate to get my kids enrolled in public school - but if you home school no biggie on that one and I'm paying cash for my dd to go to community college so they didn't care.  I just had to prove she lived in the state for at least a year to get the state discount.


There have been a couple high profile cases of tax evasion which involved jail time lately.  If you owe they care but if they owe you they don't really care if you file.  The forms are another place you would need a ss # - for you as the adult if you file, for them as your dependants if you file and claim them and for them as adults if they file


And this was brought up somewhere recently but my kid plays a highly competetive sport.  His birth certificate has to not only be on file with the governing body but the team manager must have a copy on them at all games/tournaments.  Almost 17 years ago I never would have thought that sport would have been in our lives... 


Lots of food for thought...

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As much as I think living off the grid and being self-sufficient would be amazing I would still want to keep my car so would need a license and DP fantasizes about traveling abroad so passports are a must. So even if we lived in the boonies, and homeschool and UC there are still plenty of things in life that necessitate having the govt documentation... and from what I hear it's much more challenging to get them later in life.

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Thanks ladies for the input!  Are there any positives for not registering or delaying registration until necessary, if ever?  Passport is the only concern I really have about the above, as I feel baby can get these other docs later things later.  I've also heard it can be damn near impossible if you wait too long or live in the wrong state.  I don't want to bar my kid from entering society, I just can't get behind the government databases.  I know that there are ways into and out of THIS country w/o docs (I know a lot of ALIENS!LOL)...but what about the rest of the world?  I'm going to post a link as soon as I find it, to kind of explain what my concerns are...namely the bank of england and spying/tracking citizens in uncertain times.  Not even sure I want my kid to be a citizen here at this point.


And I can't imagine how anyone would think you are trying to start an argument, Love.  I did ask for cons as well as pros! <3

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I can't really think of any positives. If they got into any trouble - got into a fight and got arrested or who knows what, they could end up in court and without proof of citizenship, they don't have the same rights as citizens. I don't like whats going on with the current system either, I just don't see any way to avoid it without undue trouble. 

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This isn't the link I was looking for, but it has the same info.  http://www.viewzone.com/collateralx.html


Would anyone have a look and tell me what you think?


And ty ladies, again, for humoring my somewhat oddball questions!

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That is pretty messed up and I wouldn't doubt that it could be true, but I still don't see any way around things. Unless you go live in a jungle or cave somewhere very remote where you're not noticed and completely self-sufficient. Maybe a slight exaggeration? But, yeah.

I do think that many citizens are beginning to wake up to the system and becoming more prepared to defend themselves.

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I'm coming at this as a citizen of a different country so some of this may not apply. We (UK) have about the strictest laws on immigration in the world (I'm personally very opposed to this, but that's by the by).


Here, you need a birth certificate in order to access a whole raft of things. Medical care is one, opening a bank account another. Without a birth certificate you cannot get a National Insurance number which means, in turn, the potential of being unable to legally obtain work here. Its the little, long term things that would worry me, tbh. It might well be possible to get in and out of the country without a birth certificate and hence passport...but you are not going to get into the UK or Northern Europe without one, in any kind of a straightforward way, or Australia/New Zealand-and I would not want my kids not to have the option of travel. If my kids wanted to become doctors or engineers or whatever and simply work abroad, that would not be doable without a passport. Without a birth certificate you would also struggle in the UK to get assistance/loans for university fees, such as they are. I guess most of these things could be worked through, its just a case of whether you want to pass on this to your child, and I'm not sure I would. TBH its the reason I actually chose quite dull names for my kids, because while I feel comfortable making a lot of choices that take me and the kids way outside the mainstream in the here and now, to stop my kid from ever being able to easily join mainstream society I think would risk just breeding resentment. Its easier for them if they can pass, and make a conscious decision, IMO. Thats what my parents did for me and my brother and I'm grateful.


What I'm trying to decide is whether, with hassle, these things actually could be worked out. I don't actually think that a kid who was born and raised in the UK and who had adults who could vouch for them (outside the family), photos and other records of a childhood in the UK, would ultimately be treated as a non-citizen. I actually think these are things that could be resolved but, and its a big but, you do legally have to register your child's birth here and so there is the possibility that if you don't, you might have to foot the bill. In the UK I suspect that you might have criminal charges brought against you to recover some of the bill.

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Just had to chime in.. YES you can get a passport with a birth certificate OR ssn.. gotta get a the record of no record and requires a birth affidavit..



Birth certificate & SSN can be gotten at a later date...


With the passport they can vote.. most states you cant get a drivers license without the SSN. You cant claim them on your tax return without the SSN.. health insurance is hard to get.

Since the "Patriot Act" you cant get a bank account with a SSN, utility companies try to require it, but they generally cant, theres usually a loop hole someone isnt tell you about. lol.

Can't get a "regular job", that depends on the company, but i would imagine the type of lifestyle this choice promotes is for them to work for themselves outside the corporate world.


If you dig, it appears legally the birth certificate and the SSN is what empowers the state to be able to CPS your children and subject you to family courts with basically no legal rights. Although one of the only cases I've seen where they tried to stop CPS because of a lack jurisdiction over a lack of birth certificate/ ssn it was over ridden because of ACTUAL abuse. Uh.. so not much precedence on that point.


BUT, not getting the SSN initially is the only way to opt out of the "voluntary" social security (ponzi) scheme... since you can never rescind the number once its created.

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