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Mama's of many....any feel like they're ready to pop already???

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This is baby #4 and pregnancy #7 for me


I feel like I'm near full term already. Tons of lower back ache/pressure/braxton hicks. I'm so large and in charge it's redic! I get the more you have blah blah blah. But really this is unbelieveable. 12plus more weeks of this shit? gloomy.gif

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I know how you feel! 

This is #4 and between that and being older, I already feel 900 months along. It is hard to wrap my head around the fact that I still have 2 1/2 months to go.

It is hard to breathe, hard to bend over, I get full in 3 bites, I am exhausted all the time, I pee evry 30 minutes, and I feel like a beached whale. 

No fun!

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I'm pretty big - measuring ahead like 3.5 wks as of last appointment. But, I feel OK. Been doing some exercise for endurance and strength and I think that's helped. But, I would love to hit the fast forward button and get this pregnancy thing over with. I hate being pregnant, LOL. I am peeing pretty often as well. It might help that I'm still fairly young - 27.

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i am feeling large--and can't believe there are 3 more months left...but i know i've got so much more to grow! it's a really weird feeling to know i am feeling big, but not nearly as big as i'll be. :(  i have a feeling this babe will come on time/early--i sure hope this is right! :) 


for the moment the babe is mostly laying horizontal--and i know that's going to shift a lot of what i feel when the babe turns. i know it should be in the next few weeks. and it's actually been nice that it's mostly horizontal because i feel like it's cut down on my heartburn...i hope my heartburn doesn't go crazy with the shift...fingers crossed.

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I'm soooo hoping to pop right at 36ish weeks. I *shouldnt* have a hb until 37w but I deliver so quickly that once real labor starts I really have no choice in the matter. I've only had one kid at the hospital and that was my last b-c she was a strep b baby with possible complications and had to be induced.


I hate being pregnant in general but chasing after 3 kids and being pregnant is just about the worst thing EVER!!!!!! OMG! I've told them if for any reason this ends in a c-section to fix me while in there. I'm done!!!!!!! I feel bad for this baby I feel like I've made it like "Yup you were the reason I decided not to have anymore kids" but really its more like my body has decided. After all the complications with my last pregnancy I'm shocked this one is still going. I'm not gambling anymore.

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must say after i wrote this yesterday i went to a chiropractor appointment i'd been overly ready for since over a month--i walked out feeling like a new woman! i know i didn't loose weight--but i feel like it. i'm not waddling like i'm 9 months pregnant anymore! at least i don't feel like it--my husband imitated my walk tonight and i thought he was imitating a chimpanzee! :)


anyways--feeling much better!

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I am also feeling that my belly is so big already... it is as though I don't remember my belly really being bigger than it is now and I am around 25 weeks.    I have also had to reduce meal size and increase the number of meals that I eat.

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I know how you feel. I'm measuring normal but feel really uncomfortable already. This is my first so I have nothing to compare to except thinking how hard it must be for moms with kiddos already! 

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Yes! I have five of my own kids and I'm 28 weeks with twins! 


Just this last week I've started feeling like I do the last two weeks before I give birth. I'm hoping for a very minimum of 8 more weeks, preferably 10 and I'm starting to be concerned about how that will feel in my body. It seems like there is seriously about 6 pounds of baby in here already, and that should *at least* double going full term - yikes! 

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#4 for me and I'm feeling ok. Just one complaint, really.

The hip pain is incredible. I hobble around like an old woman! Trying to roll over in bed puts me in tears. I take baths daily just for a few minutes of relief!!
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This week, all of a sudden, my uterus gets sore more easily. If I try to go around and do stuff around the house, I'm tuckered out in no time. I'm kinda mad at myself for not having gotten more done when I was feeling better. Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do I guess. LOL But, ow. Also baby is getting stronger. She definitely causes me pain with some of her movements now. I can't believe I'm 29 weeks. Seems like things are going pretty fast this time around. Maybe being busy with 3 other kids helps? :P But, the faster it seems, the better.


One horribly annoying thing is my allergies are acting up and I'm getting stuffed up and it's very uncomfortable. Sleeping with that is the worst part. Definitely looking forward to being done with pregnancy since it definitely makes it worse with the increased mucous.

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