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My first BABY!!!!

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Okay so this is my first baby... Yes im excited and im only 7 weeks and 3 days....

But i wanted too know when should i start showing?

And when is this morning sickness gonna go away!!!!!

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Congratulations on your pregnancy!  Everyone starts showing at different times.  It really depends on your body type.  I started showing more around 4 months, but someone who is tall and thin may not show much until 5 months or so.  Morning sickness is also different.  Mine started getting better around 9 weeks, and it was even better by 11 weeks and then it gradually went away.  The gag reflex took longer to calm down unfortunately.  There was a thread a little while back on here on dealing with morning sickness that has lots of good suggestions.  Good luck!

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I started getting a pooch at 10 weeks. People who know me and regularly see me can really tell. I'm 12 weeks now and I feel big enough to be further along lol. Everybody is different though. I'm "fat skinny" so I didn't have a stomach, but I also am not toned at all, so it sticks out.

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My morning sickness went away around 10 weeks.  I've randomly vomited a couple times since, but no more daily nausea and vomiting.  I started getting thicker around 11-12 weeks, but no real baby bump to speak of.  Around 15 weeks the bump all of a sudden showed up and now by 17 weeks it can no longer be hidden.

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I'm a little bit fat, so I actually started showing before I got pregnant LOL.

My morning sickness also subsided around 10 weeks. But everyone is different!

Congrats to you. :-)
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Congratulations!!! The first is so incredibly exciting. I started bulging out a little at about 12 weeks. To the public I probably just looked a little pudgy. The first time the public noticed my pregnancy was when I was about 18 weeks pregnant. From there on out, my belly got huge. I was gigantic when I delivered my daughter. 


My morning sickness, unfortunately, never went away. It got a little better at about 21 weeks until 30ish weeks, but never really went away. I pray you don't have to go through that! I was in the hospital several times throughout my pregnancy for severe nausea and vomiting and in return I was getting severely dehydrated. It was awful. I've heard it usually subsides around 12 weeks or so, that seems to be average. Unfortunately, every mom is different. Best of luck to you and baby, happy and healthy nine months!

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Weee!!!! I'm a first time mom too. Isn't it exciting!!? Pregnancy is a paradox though: for everything WONDERFUL there is something to worry about. I wish I had known that before my Fertility Goddess bubble was so rudely burst by my own troubles.


We should celebrate that the worst is quickly forgotten when good news follows. I was miserable with morning sickness until week 10 or so, but now, at 27wks it's all a distant memory and I could care less. 


And "showing" is all over the map. I could see a difference by 7 wks from bloating and quickly needed maternity pants because my hips exploded outward immediately (see hip width thread...) I had a mini bump at 14wks, but I just looked fat to other people. I didn't look PREGNANT until maybe 20wks. 

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