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Congratulations PBM! Malcom is simply adorable and your story is touching. It sounds like he was ready to enter the world on his on schedule while daddy was around! Thank you for sharing.

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Not much time for a birth story right now, but Connor was born April 22 at 9:48am weighing 5lbs 6oz and 19.5 inches long. Another PPROM, and labour from the time my water broke was just shy of 2 hours.


He's currently still in the NICU because they want to make sure he's breastfeeding enough, and we're still not sure when he'll be coming home.

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Congratulations Miss Ess! Sending all good thoughts to Connor, you, and the rest of the family. Hope you can get going nice and strong on bf and bring him home soon.

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Congrats! Hope Connor gets to come home soon.
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After a few nights of prodromal labor, I was woken last night when my water broke at 10:35ish, followed immediately by strong, fast contractions. By 10:55ish I was feeling pushy, and Arwen Skye was born in our tub at 11:03pm. She weighs 8 lbs 10 oz, and is 21 inches long. Our birth photographer (also a former midwife) was the only one to make it to the birth, as she lives super close to us! Midwife arrived approx 10 minutes after birth. We are all doing great :)

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Oh my gosh, berrymama! That is crazy, and oh so great!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Glad to hear you're doing well! Did you have some tearing because labor was so fast?
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Congrats!! Hardly any of our may mamas are making it into may! smile.gif. And so many very fast labors. Hope I can be next.
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Berry - WOW! Amazing, mama! Welcome to your little bundle!

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Originally Posted by TwilightJoy View Post

Oh my gosh, berrymama! That is crazy, and oh so great!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Glad to hear you're doing well! Did you have some tearing because labor was so fast?

No tearing.... Once I felt her head crowning, I tried really hard to not push, then waited for the next contraction to birth her body. She is a bit bruised in the face and her eyelids are swollen. We are anxious to see her eyes, as she hasn't opened them yet smile.gif


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berry, she is absolutely precious!!!

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Congratulations Berry!!! She is so precious! And what a great birth!
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Oh gracious she is just so precious!  What an amazing story!  (As someone who has had longer labor and long pushing stages my mind can't quite wrap around it but it's amazing!)

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Wow, berrymama! That's amazing! and what a beautiful baby! Congrats!
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Thank you everyone! Going to try to post a photo our lovely photographer captured a few minutes after Arwen was born.
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berrymama- I'm just in awe about your birth and that picture. Amazing!
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Our baby girl arrived May 2nd after an extremely short labour.  I started to feel some contractions around 2:30am but wasn't sure it was labour until 3:30am.  It was still mild, then a stronger contraction around 4:45am. At 5am I said to call the midwife, but at 5:02, I was pushing.  We called again. And she arrived within 10minutes.  I was holding her in trying to wait until the midwife arrived, which she did.  As soon as she arrived, I stopped pressing her in with my hand, and she came out. I did a lot of work with hypnobabies in advance and there are a lot of messages around easy and fast birthing.  I am not sure what effect it had, but I wouldn't want it any quicker! It was 11 minutes from when we spoke with the midwife on the phone and when she was born.  

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Wow sp!! Congrats. Soooo many stories of extremely short labors in our ddc so far. Kinda crazy.
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Sander’s Birth Story


I was just drifting back to sleep after having gotten up to take DS to the washroom at about 1:30am when I felt a warm gush of fluid between my legs.  I knew my water must have broken.  I woke DH up, and told him to grab a towel, which he tucked under me before getting back into bed himself.  I asked him the time: it was 1:50am.


I was not having contractions yet, so I told DH the plan was just to stay in bed until the morning and hope that labor didn’t start before then.  DH fell back to sleep fairly quickly, but I lay awake, of course, thinking about the fact that soon I would be holding my baby, about whether or not I was ready, about what preparations had and had not been made, about our baby names, and about so many other things about the upcoming hours, days, weeks and months.  I was also feeling nervous and excited about getting things going but new I had to be patient and wait until morning, and hope to fall asleep eventually.  Baby was moving frequently and well, so I felt all was fine there.  I had the odd contraction and a few more small gushes of fluid, but didn’t feel that I was in labor.  By about 4am contractions were about 12 minutes apart, but not strong or uncomfortable.  I was able to fall asleep at around 4:30am and woke up at 7am when DS came into our room.  FINALLY, it was morning and I could get out of bed!!


DS crawled into bed with me, and had his “mamma moot”.  I was nursing him for the last time as an only child.  Soon he would have to share.  It was bitter-sweet.


Then, we got up and I called my mom.  DH got DS ready to go while I started preparations around the house.  DH called our doula to give her the heads up that my water had broken and that labor was starting.  I felt very strongly that things would go quickly once I got going and wanted to give her the heads up.


My parents picked DS up at 8am.  As soon as they left, the contractions immedietly started to get strong, and were 5 minutes apart.  I think I just needed to know DS was taken care of for labor to really get going.  The house was quick to prepare with DH's help, but I had to stop and moan through my contractions.  I wanted to hang onto Kristin’s neck and shoulders with each wave.


At 8am, DH called our midwives to give them the heads up that my water had broken and I was in labor.  They said to call back when contractions had been steady and 3-5 mins apart for an hour. At 8:30 DH called our doula again, and she could hear me going through a contraction in the background and said she would be right over.   I think she was surprised to hear from us so soon!  I wasn’t surprised to be calling though! 


At this point, Kristin ran a bath and I crawled in.  The water was so relaxing between contractions that I would almost drift off to sleep.  But I couldn’t get comfortable going through a contraction in the water, and climbed out of the bath after only 3-4 contractions.  At 9am, Kristin called our midwives again.  Contractions were now about 3-5 minutes apart, and getting very strong.  I would feel nauseaus with each rush, as well as terrible back pain.  So this is what back labor is…not fun.   Since I had planned to use water to deal with the pain, I didn’t really know what to do and just wandered around the house between contractions and leaned on Kristin and moaned low and loud with each wave.  Our doula had told him to remind me to breath in through my nose and out through my mouth.  I tried to remember. Just shortly after I got out of the tub, our doula arrived.  I was so hot, and so ill she thought I was already going through transition.


When the midwives arrived at 9:30, and then at 10am or so I asked to be checked.  I was 9cm.  I started to labor in our bedroom, on the bed.  I would lay on my side between contractions and then go on all fours and moan through the contractions.  Our doula and Kristin applied counter-pressure to my back to try to help with the back labor, and it did help, but by now my back was sore between contractions as well.  Eventually, my doula piled pillows under me so I could lay on them between contractions.  After about 30 or 45 minutes I started feeling like I had to bear down during contractions.  There was still a lip of cervix, but I felt like I had to push against it and get down into my contractions, if that makes sense.  My midwife reminded me to just listen to my body, and said that maybe my head was too low while I was contracting to be really effective.  So Kristin went on all fours to replace the pillows, and I would lay on him between contractions and use him as my squat bar during them so that I could rise up and kneel down during contractions.  I also squeezed the heck out of our doula’s hand!  Suddenly, my water really broke, soaking the bed and I didn’t know what had happened and it really freaked me out! 


Finally, just before 11 I started really pushing, still kneeling to push, but was having a hard time getting Sander passed my pubic bone.  My midwife suggested that I lay on my back and grab onto my legs, making a “C” shape.  I felt his head come down, and thought I was tearing because he came fast.  I was assured I wasn’t.   I felt the ring of fire, and it was painful but it didn’t burn as much as it had with Duncan.  Finally, as someone held a mirror so I could watch, his head was born.  I didn’t wait for a contraction, but asking my midwife with each little push “can I push again?” (I didn’t want to tear!) pushed out his shoulders with about 3 or 4 gentle pushes, stopping myself a few times from pushing as directed.  It was 11:12am, and I had pushed for 16 minutes.


And there he was, delivered to my stomach (because his cord was too short to reach my chest!) my perfect, beautiful son!  He had been turning while he was born because he was posterior, but he came facedown, but his shoulders were born straight across.  After the cord stopped pulsing, the midwife cut it and I could finally get a good look at my son.  He nursed well after 40 minutes, and when he was done nursing, was weighed and measured.  He weighed 8lbs40z and measured 21.5” in length.  That’s a whole pound bigger than is brother, and 2 inches longer!  I had no tears and was up and in the shower shortly after. 


I am so thankful to have delivered Sander at home!

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Great story NStewart!! Glad you had a wonderful home birth!! Hope you and baby are doing well! Thanks for sharing your story!!
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