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Congratulations Katapolis!


Aidenn -- yay for all the good news.


VC -- I hope you guys get the house.  I'm amused at the end of taxes with an ex-husband because I did a joint tax return for the first time this year.  I disliked it, since I'd rather not give up control of my taxes.  It's weird to depend on someone else for something official like this.


Bexsd -- 30 hours a week sounds awesome.


We've had several days of spring weather here.  It's lovely

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Originally Posted by dakipode View Post

No maternity wear for me and I'm really hoping I'll be able to get by without. My jeans don't button anymore, found that out this weekend, but since I only wear jeans on the weekend that's ok. Gymwear for work so that's pretty flexible.


I usually wear jeans to work and I'm still getting by with a hair elastic on my usual jeans + the baggy pair I generally wouldn't wear to work but do now.  The one thing I've concluded is that I don't really like the belly band.  Maybe I'm just not the right shape for it yet? 

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Beautiful picture, Katalopolis...you look so in love <3  Congratulations!!

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Sounds like a lot of us are having exciting things going on. That's so cool about the board position for the birth network!


DH re injured his back over the weekend and my week has been consumed with helping him and taking care of the house and 2 kids. I'm beat, but he's turned a corner and is doing much better today. He's a pastor and couldn't preach Sunday morning or evening. He loves going to midwife appointments and was bummed to miss it today, but our ultrasound is Friday and we're relieved we won't need to reschedule it.


I am really looking forward to finding out this time as the first two were fun surprises. I hope the baby will cooperate. I would love to do some consignment shopping because the seasons for our boy and girl clothes are a little off and I think I'm lacking some warm little clothes for the fall and winter. It'll be fun to buy some stuff.


I'm starting to think about options for the GD test, so I might start a separate thread about that to get some different ideas. I declined the test last time but am considering an alternative test this time.


We have been working on building and setting up two raised beds (6'x3') and they are finally done and ready for plants! Here's what we did:

1. DH built and secured them in the ground

2. While he was laid up I layered lining, cardboard, grass cuttings, dirt, laid an irrigation system I found on pinterest, then finished with more dirt. It was transferring all those bags of dirt from the dirt place last weekend that wrecked his back again. :(

3. now I just need to plant - I have some veggies and herbs ready to go, and I think they will grow wonderfully there


Lastly, we're driving to Kansas from Seattle in about 10 days! DH's family is there who we last saw over the summer last year.  It'll be a fun trip but I hope the wild snow in CO will go away before we drive through.  Anyone taking trips this summer? I'll be mostly home after that, for the rest of the summer.

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Originally Posted by nettlesoup View Post

Wow, you're only just on them now? I had to give in and wear maternity trousers at 8 weeks!

I lost 40 lbs a couple of years ago, but saved a box of select "big" clothes, mostly pants, just in case. So I was making do with those orngbiggrin.gif But it got to the point were the really big stuff is just too big, and the ones that fit are too uncomfortable when sitting down. I'd also bought a few elastic skirts (which I love), but the weather's not really warm enough yet.

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Awesome posts here so far! I always seem to post last on the weekly thread lol. I think I'm just going to stick to cosleeping with everyone! I really would love a little kiddo desk in the second room to go with mine-- what a great idea. I think we will keep a twin in there and maybe get a queen next to our queen. Not sure if DH will go for that. He thinks everyone needs a room but then realizes how impractical that is later. I don't want to wait to figure that out later!

Livingsky-- how the heck are you gonna fit all those beds in one room? Ha!

Bexs-- I think you should keep your yoga room and go with a cosleeper or even a twin next to your bed. It'll be annoying for intimacy reasons but very convenient for sleep. And as I say to DH and anyone else who dares to ask--- you can have much more fun discovering new sneaky ways to DTD in other places in your living space. Just in the bed is boring if you ask me. Though much more comfortable lol. wink1.gif

To all the mamas moving or trying to sell-- I think it's so funny how many pregnant women I've talked to that move or have moved while knocked up! I thought I was the only crazy person to do this twice now. But I'll be right there with you in a few weeks. Hope DH gets an offer already. The suspense is killing us! A little private joke we've been sharing is going out to Red Lobster for dinner to celebrate (for those outside of the US, it's a mediocre seafood restaurant) until they finally give him an offer with salary and all that. Not a minute sooner. And I just want to go there because of their amazing cheddar biscuits. Haha. So I keep saying "I want Red Lobster! Can they just freaking call you already!!!" This is far from the most important thing about DH getting this job. Like, you know, paying rent might be just a *smidge* more important. wink1.gif
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Originally Posted by tillymonster View Post
  And I just want to go there because of their amazing cheddar biscuits. Haha.  

They really are amazing. nod.gif Man, I wish there were Red Lobsters around here, I'm getting homesick.heartbeat.gif  In 1999 when I was just a teenager I decided to get a recipe and learn how to make them at home.  They weren't as good. shake.gif

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Just posting to sub. I'm on my phone so will post more later. Congratulations aidenn and katapolis(lovely photo)!
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Congratulations aidenn! That's all great news.  katalopolis, may your marriage be as peaceful and loving as you guys look in the photo; congratulations! CookAMH, hope your hubby is all healed soon.  Hugs to those of you dealing with XHs and moving and such...that's gotta be stressful whilst pregnant!  nettlesoup, the wedding looked lovely.  I ADORE her red dress, and you look beautiful. Congrats on your wee boy! :) 
AFM, the maple syrup continues ad nauseum.  Seriously, this is such a heavily-flowing season that we're considering just pulling the taps rather than making more syrup (more DH than I, because I like to hoard things like maple syrup, home canned produce, etc).  DS has had a cold, but is on the mend.  We're going to a friends cabin on Saturday to spend the day playing in the muck and snow, eating, singing and visiting to celebrate his birthday.  Then, in the evening, we'll head to a friend's roller derby bout.  The roller derby team from our area is relatively new, but there are a few teams in our region, so we're excited to cheer our team and check it out.  I'm into my maternity clothes more heavily now, although I don't really feel comfortable in anything.  I'm in that in-between stage where nothing fits effortlessly...my belly isn't big enough to really fill out the full panels, the under bump elastic stuff is not comfortable, and my regular pants just plain don't button. Princess and the pea over here! 
I have a MW appointment on Monday (about a 5 hour round trip for us in the car).  I've been re-considering plans for home birth. Suffice it to say that I have concerns about the midwife in terms of distance, lack of assistant or backup and some recent judgement calls she has made with other local clients (one of which peripherally involved me...another long story).  I am less than confident in her care, and feel that it might impact my stress levels and confidence heading into birthing time.  My intuition is creeped out right now, and I'm trying to balance my intuition with my intellect.  I've heard no negative things from clients about my midwife, but she recently transferred a client to hospital after pushing for an inappropriately long amount of time.  I saw the client for lactation care and she shared her story with me, so I know it's not just hearsay. She was very happy with her care and glad that she'd hired the midwife and stayed home as long as she had before ending up with a cesarean birth.  But I feel that I look at everything through a pretty critical eye because of my professional experience...which sort of hamstrings me sometimes, because I try to just think as my own pregnant mama-self about my pregnancy and birthing, and not as my nurse self.  It's just not always that I succeed in this!
While I have no wish to have a hospital birth, there are no other midwifery options in our region that I'm comfortable with (the other two MWs are not CPMs and do not have good reputations for safe decision-making, IMO).  I could travel to my old midwifery team about 8 hours away, staying with my ILs until birthing, but that would exclude DH because he couldn't take weeks off of work,  and would be tremendously difficult to travel home with a newborn and a sore bottom.  So, my other option is to birth in the hospital that I work in; I'm going to discuss this with my midwife and the OB I've been using for tandem care (who is, as yet, unaware that I'm planning a home birth).  I'm hopeful that if I decide to birth in hospital, the OB will be able to work with what I have a strong preference for (minimal monitoring, as low-intervention as possible, early discharge, etc).  Since I work there, I'm hoping that if I decide to birth there, I can have a bit of carte blanche in terms of my care plan, of course within the bounds of what's safe and sane.  I have a few co-workers that I know I wouldn't fit well with, but in the grand scheme of things, it would probably be fine because I'll have support with me who can guard my birthing space (both physical and mental).   I have an OB appointment on the 29th, and plan to discuss it with her then, although I feel a little anxious to disclose home birth plans knowing that it will likely be an issue at every subsequent appointment unless I declare that I'm birthing in the hospital. 
Ok, sorry for the novel, just have had that on my mind a lot the past week or so, so it's just spilling out.  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  Please cross all fingers that we don't get any more snow around here...it's in the forecast and I am SO beyond done with winter weather. 
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This has not been my best week ever. My 5 y/o daughter has had asthma for about 3 years. She's on daily meds and has been hospitalized for asthma at least half a dozen times. Monday we took her to see a pulmonologist, really just more to see if there was anything change ups to the meds our family doc has given her that could be made, since she'd never been to a specialist.

The pulmonologist thinks she has cystic fibrosis.

We spend half of yesterday at the hospital doing two seperate sweat tests to check for it, but she doesn't sweat. Now we're waiting to here from the pulmo to see if we're going to another hospital to try the sweat test again, or if they'll do a blood draw to test.

She was screened as a newborn, but the dr said there are thousands of mutations they don't test for, so it doesn't really matter.

So basically, I freaking out. I was up last night googling, and of course that's never a good idea. Not knowing is just so much harder than having a definitive answer. Of course until we have a definitive answer, there's still the chance she doesn't have it.
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Originally Posted by tillymonster View Post

Bexs-- I think you should keep your yoga room and go with a cosleeper or even a twin next to your bed. It'll be annoying for intimacy reasons but very convenient for sleep. And as I say to DH and anyone else who dares to ask--- you can have much more fun discovering new sneaky ways to DTD in other places in your living space. Just in the bed is boring if you ask me. Though much more comfortable lol. wink1.gif


That does sound fun! haha. And yeah, I think, practically, that is what is going to happen. For a while at least. We are planning to keep the baby in our room at first anyway, so I will likely be using the other room for my yoga. Still going to move my craft supplies and stuff into the other office. We actually have a lot of unused space right now-- a "rec room" with a fooseball table we never use, for example. I think we just need to reevaluate and rearrange. Thanks!


freckledmama: so sorry you are dealing with this. hoping for you that things turn out well. 

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thefreckledmama - I'm very sorry that you are going through this uncertainty and I hope the pulmonologist turns out to be wrong!

tillymonster - Haha, our bedroom is very long, so it kind of works. It was a wierd setup when we bought the house - there was technically 3 bedrooms, but to get to the third bedroom you had to go in to the second bedroom then through a door in there to get to the third. So we took the wall out and made that in to one big bedroom. So we plan to have one set of beds up against the northwest corner of the room, and the other bed against the southwest corner of the room, which still leaves a pretty big area open between the two beds. The ceiling in that room is also slanted in towards the center of the house, so both corners where we put the beds have very low ceilings - nothing else would fit there anyways, so the beds make use of the space. Then our dressers go up against the one full height wall smile.gif

It's a wierd setup but should work for us for a few years.. I hope!

In other news - I have a new nephew today!! I'm so excited as my brother and SIL have gone through a lot of heartache to have children. Apparently the labour was quick and straight forward and everyone is doing great! joy.gif
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thefreckledmama, I hope you get some answers soon. The uncertainty is always the hardest. Hopefully it's a false alarm but if it does turn out to be a serious condition then you can start being involved in the decision process after the diagnosis.


haurelia, sounds like you're having a hard time deciding. I can't imagine living that far away from MW appointments. Hopefully your OB will be open to your input, given that you do have a medical background, and you'll be able to have a hospital birth the way you want.


Re: Red Lobster, can you go and just buy the biscuits? They need to make them frozen so you can take them home and have just one.

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thefreckledmama - That sounds so terrifying, I've got my fingers crossed for you.

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thefreckledmama-- I'm praying for your family, that sounds so frightening.  I hope for positive news for your daughter.

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thefreckledmama - You're in my thoughts - no parent has an easy time with the waiting and seeing.  :/


CookAMH - If you decide to start an alt discussion about GD tests, I'd be happy to chime in!  My MW does a 50 gram carb breakfast made with -gasp- real food instead of that syrup junk.  I don't have a problem with GD tests though - I tested 1 hour after my big breakfast the other day and my sugar was 69.  I used that to justify a thing of applesauce!

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Thefreckledmama; that must be very scary for you, I hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about.

Livingsky; congratulations on your new nephew!

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I've been feeling a little bit of fluttering something for the past week or so and I'm pretty sure it's the baby so I'm going with that. It's mostly at the top of my uterus or along the right side and it's definitely not gas. Because we were all together for the wedding last week, a lot of people have asked if I could feel it yet and I lied to them and said no. Partly because at that point I just wanted to concentrate on the last minute plans for getting married and partly because even though everyone has been VERY wonderful, I'm already feeling a tiny bit of the "pregnancy makes you public property" thing so this is one thing we've kept between my husband and I. I think part of it is that my sister in law is also pregnant but much further along, due in May, and we're very different people. She's outgoing and loves attention and I'm much more introverted and prefer not to be the focus. So everyone is reacting to me in the same way they reacted to her out of habit.


I'll mention it once baby can be felt from the outside.

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freckledmama: thinking about you & wondering if you have any news? 

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Thank you, ladies.  The pulmo's office called yesterday and said we could go ahead and do the blood draw for the test instead of trying the sweat test again; but it will take time to get the pre-authorization.  Seeing as how it's already 1pm on Friday, and I haven't heard from them again, I'm going to guess it won't be until at least Monday, and then however long for the results to come back, probably the better part of a week. It's just frustrating because the doctor's office acts like it's no big deal, but I'm sorry, the possibility of my child having an illness that will likely cut her life by 1/2 to 2/3 is a big deal to me. I'm just trying not to think about it, and keep reminding myself that worrying won't change anything.  But again, it's just so hard not knowing


As for the baby front, I think we may have settled on a name. I had made a up a sample baby announcement with the name to show Eric along with our names and the kids' names.  He emailed it to his 23 year old daughter without telling me.  When I looked at it again, I realized when I did the siblings' names, I had only done my kids and had forgotten her name.  I felt like such an ass.  Especially since we've been telling her all along how we want her to be involved. I realize she honestly may not care much, but it still bothers me I was so thoughtless. 

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