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Math U See Vs. Rightstart

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how much teacher involvement is needed for Math U See Vs. Rightstart. I have been using Rightstart for three years and me and my child (first boy) both like it a lot. However my six year old (second boy) will be starting school this fall and I have a very active non-sleeping baby. I need a math curriculum for both of my students that will require less work than Rightstart. It looks like with MUS I watch a DVD for each lesson and then explain it to my child. OK, but then what? Each lesson has six worksheets. Do I do every worksheet with them or do they work on their own until they master the lesson? I really do love Rightstart but if I were to teach individual lessons for each boy it would be about an hour and a half total everyday. I don't want to spend that much time on one subject. Is it even realistic to expect children this young to work on math on their own?

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I have never used either, so I have nothing to share there.  I did, however, want to mention that my newly 7 year old has been doing Singapore math 1 all on his own.  At the beginning he needed me to show him how the whole process worked but he caught on pretty fast.  Now he reads, looks at the examples, and completes the workbook assignments all on his own.  My role is limited to looking over what he has done and point out errors if there are any.  


How is your boys' reading level? Have you checked out Singapore? It has loads of pictures, is very intuitive and geared towards the learner.  My son is essentially teaching himself math.  

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I have used MUS with 4 children, up to Zeta.  I LOVE it.  I can't say enough good about it.  With the lower levels (up to about Delta), I simply sit with them and explain the lesson.  We spend perhaps 20-30 minutes per day on math, a little more if they need it, or less if they catch on right away.  The older children watch their dvd lesson, then do the work on their own.  If they don't quite get it, I will sit with them, watch the DVD again with them, and then work problems together with them until it clicks (this isn't an every lesson thing, fwiw).  They mostly do the work on their own.  I usually have them do every worksheet, because I want them to have the review that is included in the last 3 sheets.  However, they may not do every problem on every sheet, and they may do two or three sheets in a day.  It depends very much on how that child is processing the information, if you know what I mean.  I've had them breeze through a lesson in two days, or spend a week and a half on it.  What I really like about MUS is that it is mastery based, so they move on when they have nailed the concept.  

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RightStart is Montessori based, which has a long history of success.

I had a bad experience with MUS and I know many online and IRL here who ended up deeply disappointed with MUS. I like their Primer, but my kids ended up 4 grade levels behind. A friend here just graduated her oldest and said she'd never use it again (her dd used it Kindy-12th). Test scores were low and her daughter feels like she got a poor math education. I switched and now my kids not only understand math, but *like* it. It may work for some people, but many others are expressing their disappointment. It is mastery. You can not just switch between curricula. It does not teach the same things by grade level as all other myths out there, so your child will be behind until they graduate, and even then, it may leave huge gaps, like many on the WTM board recently discussed.

I have used both and MUS is not less teacher-intensive than RightStart. For age 6, I would recommend a Singapore textbook or workbook and the RightStart games if you need to cut back on time.
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We use RS and supplement with Dreambox (online subscription). Is that an option? I too, love RS but find it parent intensive. I've not used MUS so I can't compare.

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I've used both and found rightstart to be significantly more time consuming but that might depend on the child. My experience has been that if you child can work independently then math u see can be done on their own. If they can work independently with rightstart you still have to sit and do all the work with them. If you child isn't working independently yet then it probably doesn't matter as you'll be helping anyway.

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Thank you so much for responses, everyone. Still giving this a lot of thought.

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