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Moving to Boca Raton....

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Hi there! We're relocating from Atlanta to Boca Raton next month and I was hoping to find some cool people in the area for play dates, etc. I have a five year old and a 6 mo old and we're waldorf-inspired. smile.gif
Also, if anyone could recommend a great school for my 5yr old, I would really appreciate it!
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Hi welcome! I am in Boynton Beach very close to Boca. My 5 yr old goes to Children's house Montessori. Sea star initiative is a Waldorf school in Delray. Also Sunflower Creative Arts in Boca has the most amazing programs for all ages. Morikami is a good public school, next year you can apply for choice schools which are free. There is a FB group you can join for the area called Like minded moms what's on your mind? We get together often. Feel free to PM me. I have 2 girls the same ages. You'll love it, Boca is beautiful!
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Wow, thank you so much! We're looking at Sea Star- just went on a trip to FL to find a house and took a tour there; so excited to find a Waldorf community!
We'll be moving around the end of May..maybe we could meet you and your girls at the park some time smile.gif
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