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Looking for Chicken Pox

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A child who was vaccinated for chicken pox recently came down with it in my children's school.  My children are not vaccinated and are now being told they can't return to school for 2 weeks.


I figured I would write and see if anyone knows someone who has the chicken pox because I figured it would be nice to have a play date since they can't go to school anyway and maybe when they return they will have had and I can finally be done with this.


I'm in NEPA but willing to travel.

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How frustrating. Is there any way for you to find out who the other child is? Best of luck in your endeavor.
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I've casually asked, but they are not as excited as I am to try to get them CP.  People either share our views or think it's child abuse to want our children to contract it.  

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Wow! Two weeks out of school? My son us starting K this Fall in NYC Public. I can't believe it's 2 weeks. :-(. This is what I have to look forward to...
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Well, if you can get your child CP then you can titre test them and that might/should replace needing the vac.

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would love to join in for a play date if anyone has chicken pox!!   ...live in Cherry Hill, NJ near Philly, PA and am willing to travel

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