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I dont know how many of these are "weird" so i'm just going to include whatever i can think of:

We only have one cell phone.

We dont own a car, instead we walk or ride the bus.

I use empty yogurt cups for food storage.

I used to buy organic but i dont anymore and i've found that, most of the time, the quality of the food doesnt taste or feel that different at all.

Bought our mattresses off of craiglist and simply disinfected them before use.

We use craigslist and freecycle for odds and ends, like clothing, appliances, toys, etc.

Also, if micah mae is still reading this thread then i hope you've reported your friend's husband by now. I dont know how you can rationalize it or how your friend can because taking lewd pictures of a little girl is beyond despicable. Even if he hasnt touched anyone, that is certainly bad enough. He knew he could get away with it so he did it. Just imagine if there comes a time when he gets away with something similar again or worse. The man clearly is disturbed, a lot of people here have pleaded with you to make the call, i am another one. You dont have to give your name and it doesnt necessarily mean he'll get arrested. It simply means there will be an investigation and if they find him to be a threat to children then they will help keep kids safe.
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