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NO poo for 2 days

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Hello all, my son who will be 3months on saturday hasn't had a poopy diaper in two days.  My sister in law said yesterday he had the equivalent of a 'skid mark' in his diaper but no real poop.  He is breastfed when I'm around but while I'm away to work he either has pumped milk or Dr.'s Best formula.  He doesn't appear to be in any pain or fussy...he's definitely gassy and has no problems passing it.  

I'm just curious to know if this is normal or not?  I'm a first time mom and haven't started freakin' out yet but ready to call the dr. and see what they say...thought I'd get your guys' opinions first though.



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Both of my kids did this during a growth spurt.  I would consider it normal.

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Two days? You're fine. Especially if he's acting perfectly happy, since that means it's unlikely there's a block.

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Probably what will happen is when you go out in public somewhere, like the grocery store or the post office, he will then have a giant poo that goes up his back and on your shirt. When my oldest was a baby, there was one time that he hadn't pooped for a couple of days and we went to the grocery store. I went to get him out of his car seat and there was poo between his back and the seat. Needless to say, we drove back home.

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Totally normal. As long as he is peeing plenty he should be fine. Sometimes they can go up to a week or so without pooping. And then as phathui5 said, it will be everywhere.

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Just wanted to add that taking a rectal temp always seems to work within 2 hours, I guess it's the stimulation...
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