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I was just thinking about this the other day. I have an appt with my OB tomorrow, and I figure it will come up and would likely be planned for the following appointment.

I'm going to decline-and hopefully it won't be an issue. My OB is pretty natural minded as far as OBs go, and has been pretty relaxed about things in general as this is my 5th pregnancy, so she appreciates that I do know a thing or two about pregnancy.

I am slightly on the heavier side, but have been the same weight for at least a decade. I've never had issues with GD in previous pregnancies, my babies are on the smallish side, and I don't have any other indications. Also, I don't eat sugar in general as it is, so when I do it makes me feel like crap, and I'm not subjecting myself to that when there's not really a need.
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My BMI was 21 (?  I think, whatever the number that's one more than being underweight) pre-pregnancy, and I've been very slim my whole life, and have never gotten the test and never had any issue with blood sugar, ever.  They did ask to confirm that I indeed didn't want it, and when I said I didn't feel it was necessary, they wholeheartedly agreed that due to my build and health history then it's most likely unnecessary.

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I'm gonna do the test. Our facility doesn't make you fast, they just tell you to "not carb out" and be sure to eat plenty of protein. Diabetes does run in my family and while I was fine with my DD and I'm PRETTY SURE I'm okay this time, I still would be more comfortable having the test. I did start this pregnancy on the heavier side. I did talk to my midwife about what it would mean for me in terms my labour wishes in GD did happen and she said nothing really. She would ask that I go on a diabetic diet (which I'm okay with), attend a diabetes education class and I think she mentioned something else..I don't remember though. I'm okay with taking the test, although I do think the way some places are making you do it make NO SENSE. Fasting? Really? A pregnant woman should FAST?! You can't tell me there is a better route for women to take. 

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I've been concerned about this, but didn't realize there were so many options. TY for mentioning them specifically.


My OB will usually kowtow if a) I am at least as informed as he is on the issue, even if our studies disagree, b) it won't adversely affect his precious outcomes/ numbers, and c) I insist to the point of being a pain or seeking a transfer if we can't collaborate on something. (Thus he is still my OB, lol) An example is he agreed to a saline lock instead of his always-given-no-exceptions IV for me, etc.


I feel I have a starting point for research and discussion now, ty again!


BTW, re monitors-- you can get one with a pack of strips at w-I-hate-them-al-mart for $5-$10. (ok, I don't actually -hate- them, I just really really resent my continuing dependence!)


I've been feeling a bit faint, so I've been testing & I'm @85ish in am after fasting overnight & quickly return to 80s-100ish after a meal, so I may get by w home monitoring...?

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Mama Ana - typically the 1 hour test is non fasting, and if the numbers on that are poor or iffy, you have to do the two or three hour fasting test.

I had my doctor visit last Friday and we discussed this pretty extensively. I eventually agreed to do the 1 hour test. We've decided not to argue about it any further because WHEN this one comes back with my numbers being fine, it won't be an issue (may as well think positively!)
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as a first-timer, i don't know anything about the GD test, and even had to look up what GD meant. 


when is this test done? is this only recommended for people at risk of gestational diabetes or should everyone do it?


so far i've had all test results come back negative, so i'm not sure if this applies to me? 

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As I mentioned previously on this thread, I was convinced by my OB practice to do an early GD screening because of the "high risk" category of twin pregnancy.  I took the 1-hour test (which is actually a screening, not a diagnostic test), failed it and took the 3-hour test. I passed the 3-hour test (none of my levels were elevated at all), as do 85% of the people who take it.


My new OB/Midwife practice was a little miffed that I had been through the screening too early, since they don't consider twins to be high risk for GD and the early test was not useful. So basically I have to do the 1-hour again now that I am actually approaching the third trimester. I am OK with doing the 1-hour screening, which doesn't involve fasting and is less sugar. Our new OB said her main concern with GD would be babies that are too big, and since I'm having twins, there's virtually no chance they will have the opportunity to get too big, so she didn't really seem concerned. It was a complete 180 from my previous care provider, who seemed anxious to hurry up and diagnose me with GD since I have twins and I'm overweight -- although GD does not necessarily correlate with those risk factors. So, whatever. Your Mileage May Vary wildly depending on your provider. 


I already told the midwife that if I fail the 1-hour, I would rather just be diagnosed with GD than take the 3-hour test. She actually laughed! I was serious, though. That test was so shitty. She said to cut back on soda, cereal, white bread and refined flour - but I already don't eat any of that. She also said I should exercise every day, which, well, yeah, I should do that. I need to work on that.

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vc - usually it is done around 28-30 weeks, early in the third trimester. the first (1-hour) test is just a screening. it is rare to be diagnosed based on that. you don't fast for the 1-hour test. you just drink a small, sugary beverage and let them take blood an hour later. i don't know what other tests you would have had done to this point that would make this test not applicable, unless you are already doing some kind of blood sugar monitoring? 


as for whether or not everyone takes it, it kind of depends on your provider. generally speaking, most providers will want to screen for it regardless of your risk factors. people without risk factors get GD every day, and having undiagnosed GD can cause problems for the baby after birth that they generally would rather not deal with (and issues you probably don't want to deal with in your newborn either). Not everyone takes the screening test, though - if you have a relaxed provider, low risk factors, no family history of diabetes, history of previous pregnancy without issues, and a litany of reasons why you really don't want to take it, you can probably talk through not taking it with your provider.


a lot of people fail the 1-hour and pass the 3-hour. since some people would rather not do the 3-hour definitive test, they often work out a deal with their provider to do blood sugar monitoring daily at home, eat a diabetic diet, and just generally behave as though they were diagnosed without actually taking the test. 

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thank you for explaining, mrsandmrs. i've started reading this forum at work so apologies if i overlooked any previous info! 


i'll be 22 weeks tomorrow, so maybe that's why i haven't heard anything of it from my OB so far. but i'll put it on my mental list of things i may have to think about in the coming weeks!

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I'm taking the test. It's not mandatory, but my midwife pointed out that due to my age and being "not my ideal body weight" (she was trying so hard to be diplomatic! hee!), that I have a couple of risk factors for GD. I was a little worried about it in my first pregnancy, actually, as my urine sugars were almost always high. But I was fine, and figured out in pregnancy #2 that they seemed to measure consistently higher when testing in the morning compared to the afternoon for some reason. It's not really a big deal to me, though I remember feeling queasy last time from the drink (not in my first pregnancy, though). I'd love the option to eat a Snickers or something instead. LOL!

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Just wanted to report that yesterday's visit was surprisingly non-confrontational. I told the OB I didn't want to do the GTT and that I wanted to do home checks on fasting levels and some post meal levels instead. She was shocked that someone would rather do multiple finger sticks than one blood draw but was happy to compromise. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to argue or push.
ETA: I'm 23 weeks now and we agreed that I'd do testing prior to my 27 week visit.
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I got my meter today as I decided to monitor at home for a few days. I'm almost 26w. I emailed my midwife about testing and what numbers to look for. What range are you using to compared to your results? Seems like what I found online was generally having a fasting level of 60-90, and 1 hr after a meal being less than 120.


I tested an hour after dinner (from the start of dinner, right?) and it was 127. I decided to retest since I'm new to it, about 2 min later and it was 109.  Around 4 today, well after lunch, it was 100.  I'd had a very small snack the hour before.

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I did the one hour test and passed with no problems. I was at the doctors for a stye in my eye and needed to get blood drawn for antibodies since I'm A negative blood, so I did the glucola too. It wasn't bad. The baby didn't get hyper, I felt fine.
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Hi Cook, 

My guidelines were goal of fasting below 90 and post meal below 130 (yes, measured one hour from start of meal).  I monitored from week 10-14 (long story), and now for week 26 (in 2 weeks), I plan to do daily fastings for a week, and test breakfast for 2 days, lunch for 2 days, dinner for 2 days.  I've had a similar experience to you with having vastly different numbers within minutes of each other (20-30 points).  I don't think the blips are anything to stress about as long as the pattern is reassuring overall.  In general most "gestational diabetes" is well-controlled with diet and exercise, so keep being mindful of healthy habits to prevent issues.  I found that a high protein snack at bedtime made my fastings lower, in the high 70s.  If I didn't snack, or had just a carb-y snack like popcorn, they were closer to high 80s.  HTH!

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Those are the general guidelines I am familiar with, CookAHM. Except that I've always heard to start timing at the end of the meal, like they do with the glucola-- I mean they start timing when you're finished drinking it & some techs get impatient for you to finish, LOL. (it makes sense, too, since you're still adding sugars thru the meal...) IDK, I ought to ask my ob, but that's in a week & a half from now.


So far, I haven't done a series of regular checks, but my spot check numbers were good, so I am optimistic.

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I took my 1 hour GD test this morning. BLECH, that orange drink is as bad as I remember it being. Almost threw it up and I have a pretty strong stomach! Here's hoping the results come back clean, as I don't intend to do the 3 hour test and I'd rather avoid a fight with my doc smile.gif
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Thanks. I sent my numbers to my midwife and she said they sounded fine. My fasting was a little over the min of 95 I was given - 98-100, but my meal numbers were great (average of 111). I might test again for a couple days around week 30 and makes sure they're still the same.

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Just did mine (at 27w2d) and thankfully passed. I was really nervous, b/c I tend to eat a lot of sweets (I know, I know) and have gained PLENTY of weight. It was a one hour test with grape juice, which seems to b good b/c I've been hearing a lot about some nasty orange juice so I'm glad my midwives use Publix grape juice. Also tested iron and protein levels and they were all good too.
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I haven't been posting on this thread because I wanted to wait until I knew what my care providers would ask and from there what I was willing to do. And it looks like I'm not bothering to test at all! They'll hand out the labwork requisitions to any of us who asked and would advise it for some who had a history of sugar-related issues or were part of populations with risk factors, but it's entirely our choice. I talked a little with my husband and we've decided that since I am not at risk, we're going to skip the testing and use this as a reminder to be more careful with diet in general

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I'm doing the test next Monday. But I'll be doing the 1h with a normal breakfast; and should that come back too high, then I'll be doing home monitoring.

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