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Do you have a routine?

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Today is my last day of work before starting a year of maternity leave!  I am really excited to have a whole year at home with DS and with the new babe who is due May 1.


I am looking for advice from you SAH mommies.  Do you have a "routine" for your toddler?  What does it look like?  My DS will be 3 in July and still has a nap most days at around 2pm.  Other than a play group on Friday mornings that will end in June, we don't have anything scheduled.


That being said, I do think a rough "routine" might be good for both of us from the perspective of creating rythm to our days.  This is also what DS is used to from his dayhome (I work(ed) full time) since they have a general "routine" around circle time, craft time, meal times, etc.  And, I realized last weekend when DS was in his PJs until after his afternoon nap, that *I* probably need the routine or we will never leave the house!


Any advice or thoughts for a new SAHM?

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I wonder if you should post this in the SAH parenting forum for a greater response?


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he nurses at 2 am every night and the rest is up to him. I tired it all he is just not a routine baby. I think it all depends on the kid.

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My 3 year old and I have a morning routine with a picture chart that she can follow. Sometimes we go through all the steps quickly and get out the door, sometimes it takes us a few leisurely hours to get through it all, but I find it immensely helpful. By the end we're dressed, laundry is started, kitchen cleaned up a bit, bathroom wiped, beds made.... If I get nothing else done all day, we're still in good shape smile.gif. After morning routine, we have some open time that's different each day, then down time before a late lunch. Open afternoons, then cooking, supper, and cue bedtime routine. I love having most of the day on autopilot, and I think it's good for my DD, too. She struggles on weekends when things are more willy-nilly.
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