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How exciting! I'm so nervous because I haven't heard the heartbeat yet and have had only one appointment and ill be 11+3 at my next appointment! We're getting an ultrasound at that appointment though its just SCARY since its my first! Is this normalish timing? I know I should feel ok about it because its a little less invasive than some OBs can sometimes be, but I'm just worried that all of this throwing up and lack of good, healthy food is adversely effecting things :/
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Weeks Along: 12w 1d
Symptoms: I'm feeling pretty decent but still somewhat fatigued. Ready to get my energy back for sure.
Feelings: I'm feeling good and relatively happy despite some stress at home. Right before I got pregnant I got laid off so I've been looking for a job. As I get more pregnant the more challenging this will be. DH is our stay at home parent but if I don't get a job here soon he will likely need to go back instead. I get severance pay through November 15th - 10 days after my edd. This, along with other things, is making home life a bit tense at times. It's about half very fun, half very unfun. I feel stuck.... I try to just be happy though with the baby and my two awesome little boys.
Next Appointment: We had an appointment yesterday. Heard the heartbeat again so that was cool. Next appt is in 4 weeks.

I love reading all your posts! I would love to reply to so many things but posting from my phone is preventing that. :-(
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AUGH I feel so awful!  :(  I've been doing better since I started avoiding dairy, but I had some pizza on Monday, and it really messed me up.  I expected to be over it by now, but the last two evenings I'm back to being quite nauseous.  :(  Maybe I can't handle hummus either, that's what I had both times.  *sigh*

We've started telling our families.  My mom complained that we hadn't told her sooner, and then immediately started telling me I had to tell everyone else in the family.  She didn't seem to see any contradictions there.  eyesroll.gif   Anyway, we've been telling my siblings and in-laws.  I got several "another?!" responses, which I thought was funny for just three, especially since my sister said that, and she's a third child herself.  Very odd.  *shrug*

Other than that, I'm just wishing I felt human more often.  At least I can hope for it to go away within seven more weeks or so... 


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So my ultrasound is on Monday and I'm freaking out! This is my first pregnancy and my first ever ultrasound and we don't have a Doppler so I haven't heard the heartbeat. I know that the odds are that everything is fine, but I'm still worried. And I'm feeling even worse about it because DH insisted that we tell our families at 7 weeks (he wanted to do it way before that actually!) because "we live abroad, so they need to know to make travel arrangements." Obviously no one has made any travel arrangements yet. irked.gif


It's amazing what weeks of severe nausea will do for one's perspective. I'm feeling totally fabulous now that my nausea is down to only moderate!


hapersmion, if you are craving dairy, would vegan substitutes help? Daiya cheese is delicious! I hope you feel better soon, in any case. hug2.gif

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I might have to try some vegan cheese, could be good.  I didn't have any dairy or hummus today, and I'm feeling only moderately icky instead of "I'm probably going to die in the next five minutes."  So I guess it was the hummus.  Bah.

Try not to worry!  I bet everything will be just fine.  :)

I'm feeling bad for a friend of mine, she's more mainstream (though I did lend her my whole library of natural birth books).  She had an ultrasound today, and they told her a bunch of stuff - the baby is measuring small (only by a week, but please freak out), your amniotic fluid is low (so panic!), she needs to rest on her left side anytime she's not at work (but keep working, that's fine), and the baby is breech (because that's so unusual at 34 weeks), do you want to schedule your c-section now?  *sigh*  I gave her some breech turning links and such, but I'm afraid the doctors are just gearing up and getting ready to sabotage her birth, for no reason.  I get mad at doctors... :(

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Hapersmion, hope all works out for your friend.  I have a family member who is very do what the dr says and they are ttc.  I can just see her ending up with everything that would seem invasive, every test, probably an induction and ending up with a cesarean and probably not even trying to bf.  

  Oh, hummus doesn't seem to be agreeing with me much since pregnancy.  Not sure why, maybe the garlic.


Jonsiesgirl-let us know how it goes


jjh5351-they say sick is good, unless severe :)  Not that I agree with it when I'm throwing up.  We haven't heard hb yet either. My first appt isn't until May when I'll be 12wks.  But I'm asking her to use a fetascope, so they prob won't hear anything yet.


I'm sure I'm missing lots-hello everyone, hope you're all well.  


Afm-doing better each day.  Not much throwing up at all, just nausea most of the day and I feel like I'm eating constantly to keep it away.  Still very tired.  But feeling well enough to start applying for some pet sitting jobs.  I figure it's flexible enough and certainly in demand where I am, especially with summer coming up.  I feel guilty not working any longer and really would like to have a little extra money I earned myself for things, plus we'd like to go on vacation this summer.  Starting to get cravings and a lot more hungry.  Not showing yet.  10+3 and it amazes me that in just 2 -3 wks I'll start not fitting my regular clothes.  At least going by last time.  Very happy to be in week 10 :)  I never thought of pregnancy in quarters, even though I count down on my calendar.  I'm looking forward very much to another 10 weeks going by to say half way there.  

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Well, I'll update on my friend, just in case anyone was interested.  Poor thing!  Her water broke suddenly in the middle of the night Wednesday.  Since the baby was breech and premature, she had an immediate c-section.  They didn't get to do the lung-maturity shots or anything.  The baby is not super small for 35 weeks, 5.5 pounds or so, but she's having trouble breathing, and so she's all intubated and covered with wires, and her parents aren't even allowed to pick her up.  :(  Her mom at least got to come home from the hospital yesterday, and even felt well enough to come to her baby shower today (it was scheduled a little too late!), but it's pretty horrible for them.  Plus, her grandmother just went into hospice care, and they've just bought a new house.  They were going to finish renovations and move in before the baby was born, and now they're in the middle of everything.  I feel so bad for them, but I'm hoping the baby will get better and get out of the hospital soon - but they're saying probably 2-3 weeks.  :(

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Oh no that's awful greensad.gif ill be praying for them!
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Sorry to hear what your friends are going through, Nicu sucks! Wishing their baby a very speedy nicu journey and so can be home very soon x

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Yeah, it sounds pretty horrible.  But the baby is no longer intubated, breathing on her own with just the little oxygen tubes in front of her nose, AND they can hold her now!  So it seems like she's improving quickly!

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Oh, goodness. So glad baby is doing better. They are lucky to have you!
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Thats great to hear x

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Oh, I haven't been on, but she came home a few weeks ago, and is doing well!  :)

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