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3 kiddos

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Hello. My name is Nicole.im 27. Im the mother of 3 kids. My oldest is 8 (son), i have a 6 yr old daughter & a 10 week old baby girl. My youngest was born with a condition called PPHN. its where the heart and lungs dont transition to baby (still act as they are inside the womb). & developed SVT, fast heart rate. She was in the NICU for a month.she s doing much better now.
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Welcome to Mothering!!

I'm moving this from the Testing forum to Pleased to Meet You so more people can see it.

I'm so glad your daughter is doing well!

Please check out our forums and join in the fun. smile.gif
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Hiya im new to this...

Im 9 dpo and i have been getting bad headaches, feeling sick most days, really bad backache, light pms cramps even tho my period is not due til tuesday, my boobs hurt at the side near my armpit, and i get mood swings. Anyone had the same experience
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