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Nausea already?

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Who else is experiencing nausea already? I keep wondering if it's all in my head or not, lol! I have 3 kids and the nausea hit early with the last two as well.

Bring out the peppermint tea and small hand fulls of almonds wink1.gif
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I've been having nausea on and off for most of the day for maybe a week now. I'm finding it really confusing because it's unlike my previous experiences. With my five to-term pregnancies, I felt extreme nausea all day long, and threw up at least once a day (often more) for the whole first trimester. Often I felt so sick I would throw up on purpose just to feel better. With my miscarriages, I felt a little sick at the beginning, and then it completely went away. This feels in between those, so I can't help but question what that means. :/
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The first trimester is full of "but what does it mean!?" LOL smile.gif
Can we fastforward to second trimester, please?
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LOL, sign me up for that! smile.gif
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Oh, I also ordered a hazelwood necklace. Anything to help! With DS1 I had mild morning sickness, with DS2 I had HG (violent vomitting several times a day the entire 9 months) & with DS3 morning sickness was so bad I wanted to die..thankfully it stopped at 16 weeks!
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I'm not feeling anything yet, really, but, on the one hand I'd welcome some nausea to let me know everything is doing what it should, on the other, I'd love not to be incapacitated for three months like I was the last time- I have tons to do!! And I have to do it while keeping this mum from my work and school people, which would be easier not sick...

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Originally Posted by owlhowl View Post

The first trimester is full of "but what does it mean!?" LOL smile.gif
Can we fastforward to second trimester, please?


Seriously. Can we just skip to the "well-established pregnancy" stage?

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I'm only halfway through my sixth week and in the last couple days the nausea has hit me pretty hard.  I haven't actually thrown up, but I've been feeling quite ill. I hope it doesn't get worse than this.  I've also had some pretty significant aversions, which I recognize by how much the offensive item in question intensifies the sickness.  I've pretty much consigned April and May to "get nothing done" status; I hope to make up nutrition and preparation for this baby over the summer.  Right now I'm calling it a success if I manage to take a walk and choke down something green in the course of a day.

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Yep. It pretty much started yesterday, right at 6 weeks. Fun. 

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yep. mine started right before 6 wks... Blargh!

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Mine started about a week ago (I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow).  It's mostly at night, and I've actually thrown up this time around, which is rare.  With my first I was nauseated a lot, but never threw up, with #2 it was intense 'cause he was a twin, but I never threw up.  This one is at night and I throw up, but there are other reasons.  (I had WLS a year ago, so things are changed.)

I just try to stay still and stay hydrated.  Today was a little different though, I was nauseated in the morning.  I'm a little scared to move around right now 'cause I don't want to make it worse.

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I had very bad nausea with my daughter, started around 4ish weeks and hit hard at  6 weeks and never slowed down.... I am a little over 5 weeks now 5w3d... and I have nausea already... fun. Mostly in the morning and night. I'm sure I'll be in for another tough ride. Hang in there!

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Ah I agree.... pregnancy is soo concerning! So full of "what ifs" and wondering what's normal... I'm already ready for December, please!

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Noooo! So I only have another week or so to finish a manuscript, revise an article, and submit a million forms and requests...not mention pack in as many runs, yoga sessions, prenatal vitamins, and green things as I can before it all begins in earnest...oh boy! 

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right now I'm feelnig just fine, and you can bet your cojones that I got up for 8 am yoga and have been in the library 2 hours so far ROTFLMAO.gif

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I feel not quite right all day and it has been going on like this since week 5. I am in week 6 now, I hope it is not fixin to get worse!

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I have nausea on and off all day. I'm just now 7 weeks and it started a week ago I guess- maybe longer. It certainly feels longer. wink1.gif with my first 2 the nausea hit around 6 weeks and with my 3rd it was from the second I found out at about 4 1/2 weeks. It can get pretty intense if I let myself get hungry so I have to make sure I eat a little bit frequently to keep something in my stomach at all times. It comes in waves though regardless of eating or not but it is really intense if I get hungry. In the scheme of things it's a blip of time and totally worth the outcome but its no picnic. I can remember saying when I was so very nauseous constantly with dd3 that it was enough to make me never want to get pregnant again and yet after it was said and done I forgot how miserable I was. Kind of like knowing labor was painful but not remembering the pain.
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I've had low level nausea on and off a couple times so far but mostly I'm just exhausted. I went to bed at 8:30 last night - as soon as I got Annabelle to sleep - and usually I am all over sucking every second out of 'alone time' when she goes to bed. I even had a two hour nap yesterday! I've never been so tired!
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I've had nausea since about 4 weeks. It's actually better now at 7 weeks. My B complex supplement is helping a lot.
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I have decided B complex vitamins are my favourite smile.gif
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