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Too much B6 in pregnancy is toxic so please watch your doses! 

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So, I'm trying the Unisom and B6. I took it the first time yesterday, and within half an hour I felt much worse and threw up. I don't know if it just didn't have enough time to work, or maybe it's because I took too much B6? The article y'all linked said to take 12.5mg of B6, but the only pills I could find were 100mg, and too small to even cut in half really. So today I'm trying just the Unisom without the B6. Here's hoping!


I had 100 mg capsules that I split to 50 and then split again to 25.  You can buy 50mg caps on Amazon, just ordered some because I'm almost out.

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Last pregnancy, smells sent me over the edge. Nearly everything! So, in desperation one day, while washing dishes, I spotted my Basil plant in the window nearby. I grabbed a leaf, ripped in half- and brace yourselves- shoved it up each nostril. It looked rediuculous, but worked well. For going out in public, I filled a tiny amber jar with some crushed basil and sniffed it when I felt ill.

Sea Bands worked well for general Nausea, but I literally had to be near the bathroom when I took them off.
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I am super sensitive to smell this time. I remember last time I thought everything smelled like cat pee (we don't have a cat) but this time...everything turns my stomach. Even the smell of my kids and husband. I can't stand to be inside anywhere, dinner cooking is repulsive. It's really quite annoying yet interesting!
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So, I'm taking just the Unisom, and that seems to be working. Don't feel sick all the time, and only throw up once a day. BTW, does anybody have any tips for throwing up and NOT getting it in your nose? Ew.
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Maybe adjust your puking position? LOL!

I was sick for the second time today. One of those "get out of my way I am going to throw up!" situations. 7 weeks tomorrow...I guess it's about time I start puking my face off! Wish me luck keeping it on the down low for the next 2 weeks.
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