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Crunchymama - I love the book I Will Carry You by Angie Smith. She carried her baby to term and she lived just a couple of hours but it is a very good, encouraging book. Also In Faithfulness He Afflicted Me by Lynnette Kraft. She lost 3 children, one with anencephaly, one with a diaphragmatic hernia and the 3rd was her 6 yr old daughter with a 2-chambered heart. They are both written by Christian women and I found them very healing after my miscarriages and really helped increase my faith in God. I know just handing someone a  book might not seem like the most personal thing but I really appreciated both of them. Also just listening and being available to her is probably what she needs the most.

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QOTD; I am currently reading Ina Mays, Birth Matters. I've started Beautiful Creatures but can't find the motivation to keep going with it. My girlfriends and I got together on Sunday after church to cook dinner and eat. We watched a movie called "The Host". It was an alien movie, not too bad. (I don't do creepy, scary, demonic flicks). I'd love a good Romantic Comedy though. Brownies, brownies and more brownies with nuts!! Hmmmmm!!!!

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Crunchy-  I can't even imagine what she must be feeling.  When I had a late loss last summer, it was helpful to know that there were people who would listen, because just telling the story helped me.  And friends who brought over food or took DS for a little bit, to the park or library, so I had a chance to process.  Let her know that you are there, if she needs anything, and also just bring food (even just fruit or something simple).


GISDiva-  That sounds like a really cool idea!  I wonder if there are any stores around here that would go for that...



I just got on Facebook today and saw that Pretty Pushers is having an Earth Day sale on delivery gowns (and I think anything else that they sell), 20% off!  If anyone is interested the website is prettypushers.com.  There weren't many Earth Day celebrations around here this weekend, but DS decided he wanted to go swimming in a lake yesterday.  So, he donned trunks and off we went!  The water was freezing, but the day was pretty nice (only mild spring gusts and moderate threatening clouds)!  Hoping to spend some more time outside in the garden today, when rest-time is over.  Happy Earth Day everyone!

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Oh I am tired. Every few nights I am awake for hours. Nothing big, a little general anxiety (always comes with pregnancy, but about silly things, like is that racoons getting into the garbage) plus can't get comfortable, or sleep on my back, or need to pee, plus a little girl who wants to climb in etc. all adds up to not enough sleep.
And of course today the filling in the big chip on my front tooth popped out. Luckly I can get friends to watch the kids while I get it fixed (I really hope they can fix it pregnant).

I just want to go to bed, but husband is still at work and he is coming down with Bees cold and could really use a night off.


At least I made bread today. I made a medium loaf so it would not get stale. Then we ate 7/8s of it this afternoon. And it was good. So I guess I know what tomorrow holds. I am really loving the bread machine.

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At least I made bread today. I made a medium loaf so it would not get stale. Then we ate 7/8s of it this afternoon. And it was good. So I guess I know what tomorrow holds. I am really loving the bread machine.

YUMMY!  I'd love a bread machine, but my DH won't even let me get a used one because it would end up as another paper weight on the counter.


QOTD: If money was no issue, what one baby item would you buy today?

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I was unable to sleep last night, so I was pretty useless at work today. I managed to make a pretty decent dinner our of a nearly bare fridge. I've got an early morning dr appt that means we will get to sleep in half an hour. So I'm on the couch, nibbling bonbons (old fashioned cinnamon candies) and watching "call the midwife" while baby thrashes and cat on the lap seems oblivious.

Harmie: have you tried the no knead bread recipe from NYT? So easy & delicious!

QOTD: I would buy all the bonpoint clothes. Not very functional, but very satisfying to look at. Love that pink =/= girl; blue =/= boy. I did some eBay hunting for some and it is still exhorbitant.
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QOTD: I'd buy a fancy schmancy sit-n-stand stroller, something my DD would enjoy riding along on this summer. Realistically, it's probably unnecessary, as she will be 3.5 this summer and already likes to walk everywhere.
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QOTD: I think I'd buy all organic wool baby clothes - leggings, sweater, hat, blanket, etc. I love them but they are SO expensive that I just can't justify paying that much for something the baby will grow out of in a month or so. We have some beautiful leggings we got as a gift for DD but that's all.

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Thanks for the resources everyone. I will look into them and ask around at church what they think would help most (I don't know them very well at all). And yes, It does sound like anencephaly.


QDOT- Wooden and organic baby toys and clothes and a diaper service.

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Harmie: have you tried the no knead bread recipe from NYT? So easy & delicious!

I haven't!  I'll look it up now! thanks.  :)


QOTD: I think i'd get a big fancy stroller that I can take out walking/running.  

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QOTD:  Plane tickets to visit family that is too elderly to travel, or for them to visit here after the baby is born.  DH and my family are spread out all over the country and we just moved further away from all of them but my mother.  But if that doesn't count, I second the wool/organic clothes!  We have a couple of hand me downs, but I would love a couple more.  (It is nearly impossible to find cotton, much less organic baby socks that are at all affordable!)

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QOTD: The big things on my list are a stroller - I really want a purple City Mini! - and car seat (thinking Aton 2). We do have other strollers (an umbrella, a lightweight that will hold a car seat now that I found the attachment!, and a twin that I need to sell), but the lightweight/midsize one is too tippy and I think the City Mini would be better. Not entirely necessary but high on my list. smile.gif Though the big boys think I need to get the version that has a seat add-on to make it a compact double for the 2yo and baby! Lots more $$$ tho!

I hit 25 weeks today. Crazy! Still haven't had an anatomy scan. Was going to but DH wasn't going to make it so I cancelled. Not feeling a big rush now so we'll see. People seem to be leaning mostly girl now but I'm rather torn.

My 2yo has started telling baby to come out. So sweet. love.gif

I can't wait to get back to the chiro Wednesday. I've been hurting so much since Saturday! I wish my insurance actually paid for chiro before the high deductible... I can't budget to go more than twice a month but I'm going to need it more. greensad.gif
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QOTD:  I think I'd buy one of those fancy Euro-style high chairs, like this one:




Even though there's not really enough room for a high chair in our eating area and the clamp-on one that goes right on the table did just fine for my son.  But seriously, how cool does it look?


Either that, or I second and third a clothes shopping spree.  I am going to be getting a ton of clothes from friends and I am truly grateful, but I think I will still buy just a few special things that are more my taste and not someone else's.  If I could go nuts on Etsy for cute screen-printed onesies at $25 bucks a crack and buy all organic soft-as-a-cloud cotton stuff to go with it, I'd be in heaven.

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QOTD: I think I would get a Mountain Buggy Duet with all the accessories, so that Bee could sit and Iggy be in the bassinet. We have an UppaBaby Vista right now and I can do one or two seats, or the bassinet, with the rolly board in addition in all set ups. I really love using a bassinet on the stroller, but I don't know if Bee will be ready to stand. I do love my Vista though. 


So practically if I was spending my own money on a splurge, it would probably be muslin crib sheets.


Heather. I have a City Micro that I got at clearance at Target this spring ($50, to be my little stroller) and I love it. It is really really well designed. Look at the Britex double that is similar to it, side by side, but often on sale, particularly on Amazon which makes it close to the single City Mini. We have also had pretty good luck with the preschooler walking and the baby in a carrier when the big kid needed a stroller break.

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QOTD - maybe a twin nursing pillow, although I don't even know if they'll both nurse at the same time, they are expensive! Other than that, I think we're pretty set.

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QOTD: I think I would get another Tripp Trapp high chair for the baby, since my DD is very attached to hers. I do love how they grow with the child! Maybe I can watch Craigslist over the next 6 months or so to try and find another one...
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QOTD: Probably ridiculously expensive baby clothes. My clothing taste for myself and children is very simple (and cheap), but occasionally I think that a little girl would look adorable in something trimmed with lace and little rosebuds... but urgh, can't justify the price for something that would be outgrown quickly and so near staining situations.

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QOTD:  I would buy the Orbits Double Helix Stroller , even though I normally wear my babies.   Not sure how I am going to manage two. I'd probably get two mamaroos and two hushamoks.  And I would buy all the cute organic fabric I could find to make my twin's clothes.  Maybe a new house, does that count??? 

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Haven't been chatting much because I've been feeling so terrible- vertigo and nausea and just plain exhaustion. I really dislike so much about pregnancy, but I also feel like I should be savoring this time. :-/

Mama505, re: yesterday's QOTD, you can get a This American Life app for iPhone and Android if you have those and listen to any show any time. Sometimes when I can't sleep, I pick an old favorite and put it on with headphones. It's like a bedtime story. I think the app was $2.99 and I *love* it.

Cardigan, we are watching Call the Midwife, too. I love it! Some of the near misses scare me a bit though.

Thecoffeebean, I love our TrippTrapp too and am also hoping to find a second on Craigslist. Another of my expectant friends found a bright orange one, so maybe I can, too! I don't mind a wild color even- our current is cherry red!

HeatherB, we received a CityMini as a shower gift with our first and though we tried to use it early on, DS only ever wanted to be held in the Moby or Ergo. Now that he's nearly 3, we're finally putting some mileage on that thing and we love it. It's really nicely designed, durable, and I love how easily it folds up.

QOTD for me: I'd love to say I'm over my love affair with Goodmama diapers, but I'd love to be able to buy a girly newborn and one-size stash for this one. But I think our existing stash will just have to do.

Yesterday's QOTD: I am craving enchiladas something terrible, but I am having a hard time keeping much down the last few days, so not sure how that would go. Someone mentioned a chocolate milkshake: that sounds divine! I would like to watch Les Miserables with Anne Hathaway on demand, but DH and I can never find a time lately when DS is asleep, but I'm not!
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Crafty: Sorry you are still feeling so sick to your stomach. I hope its at least a little better than the first tri!


QOTD: I would buy a professional photo session package, belly, newborn and family shots at 1 year from this fantastic photog that i just met but probably can never afford.  I put at least one session in my amazon wishlist :)  I'll try to save my pennies.

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