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How do you pick fabric?

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Here's a question that has been hanging over my head for awhile. Do you pick fabrics for your carriers for YOU or you DC? For example, if you will be carrying a baby boy do you pick "boy" or gender neutral colours?

The reason I ask is that I don't think I'll be finding out the gender of my new babe this time and it bugs me when it comes to picking colours for carrieres. I love the sari print at hotslings but I wonder if it is "wrong" to carry a boy in that kind of print. Will everyone assume I have a girl? Of course I know I can pick what ever the heck I like but I can't help but wonder what other people do in this situation.
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well personally i dont pick sling fabrics based on the gender of my babe...*i* am the one wearing it...the baby is only riding in it! the whole gender/color thing has always bugged me! lol i mean boys arent 'supposed' to wear pink, but girls can wear blue/ who made this stuff up anyway??
boys can wear pink and purple etc and it looks just as nice on them. but with slings, i think the fabric should be something the mom likes and will be happy wearing!
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I try to pick fabric I like. I try to keep gender in mind, but I also know it doesn't really matter after having my youngest is all pink and her still being mistaken for a boy.
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Well seeing as how I would never wear a pink sling, it makes it alot easier for me! My slings have all just been very neutral, one was hunter green, one khaki, one purple...and actually Leif rode in the purple one, didn't ever think that he *shouldn't be*. I think you should get a sling that you want and will like wearing everyday.
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I wear the Sari fabric from Hotslings and I have a boy. I pick my fabrics according to my outfits, not my baby's gender.
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It never even crossed my mind to pick a fabric according the gender of the baby. *shrug*. I always pick colors that I like.
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