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Moms Groups near Milwaukee?

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I have a new baby and am looking to meet some like minded moms in my area (Milwaukee) and possibly join a play group? Any ideas?

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My job keeps me from these sorts of things, but there is a Holisitic Moms Network chapter in Milwaukee that would be a good start!




The place where they meet (Well-Rounded Maternity) has its own classes and groups as well.

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Hi there! I've got DS, Salamander, who is 2 yrs 7 mo and DD Maddy (Maddy Lu) who is 7 mo.  We're new to MKE.  I joined Mothering in this area to help my search for daycare today, but am always on the lookout for community and mamas and friends! Did you ever find a play group?

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hi mamas, 

 we're new to milwaukee as well and i am looking for some cool, crunchy, reading,  crafty, gardening, breastfeeding, baby wearing mamas to hang out with and knit and have tea while our babies play in the dirt and build pillow forts. i seem to be having a little trouble connecting with families with similar interests. been here since about august and i still haven't found all the cool kid-friendly places that i know the city is hiding. i have two littles. milo is four and homer is nine months. we're in shorewood but very mobile. i am an artist and toymaker. hubs is a clinical psychologist getting his phd at UWM. hope we can all be friends. a rich, connected community of wise mothers makes life so much more fun!!



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Hi Katie!  There is life out there, yo ho! I have been making slow progress in finding community with moms and tots in MKE, with our first potential outing to meet potential new pals this Thursday at a toddler play date I found on meetup.com's

http://www.meetup.com/MilwaukeeMamas-MeetUp/ group.  It's a very big group which probably encompasses the whole city and close lying towns which makes it seem somewhat impersonal, but all chock full of options and opportunities.  The toddler play group is supposed to be held in Elm Grove near 124th and Watertown Plank Rd.  Howevs, I seem to be the only person who RSVPed to that particular event so far, thus all the "potentials" in my previous sentences.  All this is to say, we could maybe start a movement of two families and gather no moss and we roll along meeting more and growing exponentially? There is quite a difference between 4 and not quite 3 I know, but we have the 9 mo in common.  Let's hang and watch our kids dig in the dirt and drool, ya? Were about 2 miles N. of Tosa and also very mobile.  I work part-time at a cafe, seemingly 3 opening shifts a week right now.  Are you looking primarily to fill week day hours? Best, Shana

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sounds lovely!! my oldest is in afternoon school at the nature center monday- fridays. so my fridays and weekends are open as well as my weekday mornings. i would love to meet you and your littles at any cool playground or kid friendly hangout you know about. let me know about a date that will work for your family and i'll make it happen and i'll check out the link you posted as well. thank you so much for the reply. i'm quite the curiosity in my hood a new friend would be so wonderful.

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Hey Katie :-)  I'm all about last minute band wagons.  Are you free tomorrow morning? We could meet at the park on the lake at Capitol, there's a play ground and about a thousand stairs leading down to the beach/lake.  It's not far from Shorewood and a straight shot east for us. If so, we're able to be there 10ish to noonish.  If not, we'll try something else, I just get my work schedule really late in the week, so that's a bit of a pain for planning. Best, Shana

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see you tenish. our house is just about a block from there. look forward to meeting you and your babies!!! goodness how exciting... feels like the night before the first day of school.


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Yes! See you then & there
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Hi Shana, we met at Waldorf Playgroup this summer, I remember your kids' names :) - This is Julie, Hunter and Clarissa's mom.


Are you guys planning on doing any more meet-ups? I would love to do some playgroup/knitting or hanging out time if you (or anyone else local is up for it. I'm a little further out, in Waukesha co., but I don't mind a little bit of a drive.

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JULIE! HI! I'm so glad you found me here! This is exciting.  Before I go into chitlins let me ask, is your user name from the Neko Case lyrics? 


The above member, Katie, and I have met up and are casually planning play dates just with our two families.  We've clicked nicely, and I'm betting, from my little experience with you and yours, that you two would find some common language also.  Mayhaps we can attempt a larger group on one of these few nice fall days we have left.  Better get on it!  How about you email me directly and we can see what we can work out.  It'd be great to see you and the littles again.



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