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Oh, I'll bet that was tough, Roisin!  My grandmother said they never used to tell anyone that they were pregnant, that they just started to show and people would ask/assume...I thought that was funny.  Not even her best girlfriends, people were so much more private then.


Tonight we celebrated my daughter's 12th birthday.  She said, "Isn't it funny that all the times before when we had a kid in the family Devon's age (he's 2 1/2), we also had a baby?"  And I didn't say anything, just smiled and nodded...oh boy, I think the kids are going to be really surprised.  


A couple of days ago we were looking at baby clothes for a friend due soon (and I was looking for me too!!), and she said, "I hope we don't have any more babies.  Five kids is enough.  Don't you think?"  I said, "We'll see."


I feel so very deceitful every time I talk to my mother on the phone!!!  It's going to shock her socks off...I wish I could break it to her slowly.  

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My hubby knows and yesterday I told my sister and closest friend, oh and my chiropractor knows she's a good friend, too.  Otherwise, still a secret.  My kids don't even know but THAT is getting hard.  They keep asking when they'll get another sibling.  Ah!!!!!  I just want to see or at least hear the baby before we make a general announcement.  I especially don't want to tell the kids and then have something go wrong.  That would break their hearts.

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I'm sitting at work, progressing through work at a turtle's rate because of fatigue/nausea, and worse still I'm literally bursting out of my pants.


Last time I didn't tell until 12-13 weeks. I don't think I'll last this long this time around because I usually have a flat-ish tummy and small waist and now I just look really really bloated. I really just want to let my stomach hang out like a pot belly and not care.


I told my brother and sisters, my SiL and my best friend. I still want to tell Dad and DP's parents. Then I can start slowly telling the rest...


For those of you who are employed, when are you telling your employers? I'm thinking of week 10 or 11. In any case if something does happen, they'll have to know anyway why I'm taking time off.  With DD when I told my boss I have to talk to him in private, the color ran out of his face. When I said I'm pregnant, he started laughing and said "Thank God! I though you wanted to quit!" I'm hoping for a similar reaction this time around...

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I have told my mom and 3 close friends and my livejournal. I have a very obvious bump (6 weeks, 4th baby) so I assume my MIL & SIL know (we live on the same property and share the kitchen) and I am grateful they have not asked yet.

I really like the "don't tell them ever" plan and see how long it takes for someone to say something, lol! I was also thinking if I do end up with a dating u/s, just adding the picture to the fridge.
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My DH, my sister, 2 friends (one of which is a co-worker), and a cousin knows.  I am confident in their ability to keep the secret. I am afraid my sister-in-law is going to be hurt that I didn't tell her sooner, but DH and I agreed to not tell others until after my first appt....which hopefully, will be in early June (somewhere between 14 and 16wks).


I imagine I will tell my boss and other co-workers after that first appt., too.  If they haven't already figure it out by my constant eating and growing belly. 


If I get offered the new job, I feel that I should tell my new boss and talk to her about it before I accept the job...but I will wait until after salary negotiations are finalized.  A big issue will be whether my sick-leave will be able to transfer to the new agency.  If it doesn't transfer, I will only have only 2 weeks accrued before this baby comes.  YIKES! That might be a deal breaker.

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