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Hamden play group?

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I just moved to CT from kansas and do not know anyone here! Are there any play groups close to Hamden? Also any preschool recommendations?
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Hello!  I work in Hamden, live in Bethany.  As far as preschools go, Alphabet Academy is in Hamden and is a great choice (though pricey) and you can get a great sense of what type of place it is based on their Facebook page, their philosophy is close to Reggio Emilia, my favorite!  We send our daughter to Redwing Pond House preschool in Ansonia, which is a nature based preschool.  There is a great emphasis on science and exploring the natural world.  It is a half-day program.  Let me know if you are interested in more info! Hamden has a few playgroups, but I have never attended any of them.  Kidhaven.com is a great resource for info on what to do with the kids, with a full list of local story hours and playgroups.  They also post weekend highlights, which is usually an extensive list of "goings on"  around the New Haven area.  I know and work with lots of great women who have young children.  How old is/are yours?

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Thank you so much for your response! I am a stay at home mom, so I am looking to meet people so I don't go crazy!! I have two daughters, one just turned 3 last week and the other will turn 1 in a few weeks. I will look into the schools you recommended and let you know if I have other questions!
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Would you like to correspond through email/private message?  Where in Hamden are you?  I have a coworker who just bought a house in the Spring Glen area.  Brooksvale Park is a wonderful place to take the kids, it is on the Hamden/Cheshire line, they have animals there which is always a hit for my daughter.  My daughter turned three in March, we are expecting number 2 in September!

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Hi there, just found your thread while searching for info - we are moving from Kansas City to New Haven! Would love to hear what you've found out about places to live, schools, playgroups, etc!

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I've been on the W. Coast my whole adult life but grew up in Hamden.  I second the suggestion of hiking at Brooksvale.  We always bring the kids there when we visit my parents.  Sleeping Giant is also great for hiking.  I always stop in at Hindinger Farm to get some produce. They have a couple farm animals and little play structures (full disclosure: I worked there in high school so also love saying hello to the family).  


It may be silly for me to be posting here because it's been so long but I went to Betsy Ross Nursery School which I think is a co-op and have fond memories :)  It's in North Haven.


I hope you are happy there.  It's a nice place to raise a family.  

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Sorry I haven't logged on in awhile. We are all moved in. I actually signed up daughter up at St.. Rita's catholic school for preschool next year. I think she will be happy there.

Love soup, where in Kansas City are you moving from. We lived in Olathe.

I would love to try to set up a play date sometime if anyone is interested!
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I am always up for play dates, hope you are settling in well! 

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Oops, I was expecting an email notification so didn't realize you had replied. We live in the Waldo/Brookside area, just a bit south of the Plaza.


If you see this, let me know where you decided to settle down in New Haven. We are still scouting neighborhoods and trying to get a sense of things from afar. I think we will be moving in late July or early August.

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Let me know if you need to know about any of the areas you search, I work all around Greater New Haven, best and worst neighborhoods, so I can definitely give you a local's perspective!  

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Welcome to CT!
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Hi Moms!


I live in Meriden, CT and expecting our first (baby boy) in September.  I would love to get together with mom's in the area or set up play dates for our little ones.  Please PM me if you are interested:)




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PMing you Sinthy,
From Wallingford smile.gif
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