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Waldorf Homeschoolers in Philly Area?

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Our family may be relocating from NC to the Philly area and I am just trying to get a feel for the "community" up there.  Are there any waldorf inspired playgroups/homeschooling co-ops up that way?



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There is a Waldorf private school in the Chestnut Hill area so I know there is a lot of interest in Waldorf. There is also a homeschooling co-op in the Mt. Airy area and I'm sure you will be able to find some Waldorf-inspired families there too (I live in Mt. Airy--- PM with any questions about the area). I was friends with someone here who homeschools her three children Waldorf style, but she moved to Portland recently. If you're interested, I can PM her and ask her if she can provide me with more information. My LO is 3 years old so I know the preschool scene pretty well around here but not the older-kids-homeschooling scene :)

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I started getting involved with the Waldorf school here recently. Me and my 15 month old do the parent tot program and love it. We will be celebrating May Day this weekend there as well. I love the community. They have fairs and fundraisers and the families are so nice. We haven't decided what we are doing for schooling yet. I live in Chestnut Hill. What part of Philly are you moving to?

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