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Here are some photos from our personal collection. It's fun looking back at how *horrible* my first ring sling was!
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Originally Posted by Amywillo
Great photos, Melanie! He looks so cozy in both the KK and the hotsling. You look pretty comfy yourself. Do you like both of them?
Yes, I like them both. I really liked the KKAFP when DS was under 6 months. We do still use it in the winter though. And, I love my hotslings! They are so light and portable; I use one of them almost daily (and my cat is currently sleeping on the other one, : :LOL -he is attracted to anything black!)
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Well my website is down right now (unplugged server sitting on the floor as we do a new desk), but right now my photo is on the babywearing main page!
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Great pics! Here's two close ups of me and my DD last November.

She's grown hair since then!
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Here's one of dh with ds.

Dh has to learn to take more pics of me with the kids!!! :

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i posted the other night right when the boards went down, so i guess it didnt go thru! lol
here are a few:
my oldest ds with my homemade ringsling...after we snapped the pic, we corrected the wearing of it...it was just a shock that ds took the initiative to do ANYTHING with his baby brother much less put on the sling! declyn was ASLEEP in this position! lol
http://www.sweettaters.net/fpdb/images/bryansling.jpg sorry the pic is really tiny for some reason!

this one is me with my homemade pouch...i love this sling, its my favorite!
http://www.sweettaters.net/fpdb/imag...ndec030304.jpg sorry, it was a bad hair day so i lobbed off my head

a nursing pic...more the baby than the sling. declyn was 11 days old

a final one with my dd wearing my homemade ringsling...i have since resewn this one as i hate that shoulder foldover dealie like mayas and much prefer my way...infinitely more comfortable! lol
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Originally Posted by Amywillo
Flitters, that is so funny that your dh used the dog's monster. I think I tried my first sling with a doll, and it didn't work very well so I hoped it would work better with a real baby. Turns out it took some getting used to with the real baby too, but I finally got the hang of it. Looks like you are ahead of the game already. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
thanks!!! we are so excited and dh was so cute with the sling! i really like seeing all the pictures with the real babies though, especially from mama's like you who have a bunch of different slings and all the babies look so happy all tucked in close!
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Melanie I never saw that part of your site... I LOVE those pictures! You have quite the variety of slings, you are my idol!! lol
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hi, i am new. here is a few pics.
have a nice day.
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Originally Posted by Kristine3Kids
Melanie I never saw that part of your site... I LOVE those pictures! You have quite the variety of slings, you are my idol!! lol
Thanks Kristine! :LOL

I actually have more that I need to get pictures of. Maybe this weekend we'll take a run to the park and try to get my husband to get some shots of us. Of course, trying to get Fallon to model in the park when there's other fun to be had may be quite the chore!
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These are awesome! I feel like I learned a ton about other slings in just a few minutes. I never realized what hotslings looked like (and now I know why they get raves!) I've never liked ring slings that much, but now I will have to consider them.

I have no good pics (a couple in the Bjorn, one with an OTSBH I subsequently sold, none with the MnM pouch I borrowed or the Rev Jan ringsling a friend gave me) but I think I have FINALLY chosen a fabric for my Kozy (to go with black canvas):


so tell me what you think!
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Okay - hope this link works. Going through these pics makes me kind of sad. I don't sling ds so much anymore (I'm about 8 months pregnant and he runs all over these days anyway.) I did sling him last month in the Solarveil, on my back, as I hiked on the beach in Florida. He slept the whole hike and I felt like Super Woman. Baby in my belly; baby on my back. Wish I would have gotten a picture of that.....

Anyway, here's the pics:

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Wemoon you can't carry that little lug couse you are such a cute little thing!! :LOL
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