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Progesterone supplements + luteal phase?

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I'm 15 DPO - my temp is still up, but I have 4 negative pregnancy tests...  My usual luteal phase is 13 days, but I'm pretty sure that it varies more that it should anyway (I have a few 15 +16 day phases in my chart..)   For those of you on progesterone (suppositories, I'm allergic to sesame and peanuts..)  how much did it change for you?


I'm also headed to a cousin's baby shower in Cambridge today.. the silver lining to a negative test is that I don't have to try to hide my elation - some of the people there know we were doing an IUI and some don't - I can still say that I don't know.. 


Thank you...

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Progesterone did not change my luteal phase dramatically, but I know for some people it does.  Can you get a blood test?  Good luck!

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Well, my temp went down a little on Sunday, and I was on that edge of spotting/AF - today I called the office, and they said that if my HPT showed up negative, then yeah, it was just the progesterone supplements + I might as well stop them. They're not exactly big on testing anything. So, a 15 day LF instead of my usual 12-13.  


Then I called the insurance coordinator about the cost of IVF, and, honestly, I haven't stopped crying since.  

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I'm so sorry.  This is so tough.  hug2.gif  Are you going to an RE or just an OB/GYN?  I don't know what you have tried already in your journey, but I've seen miracles happen among the other women in these forums so I know they do happen.

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Progesterone supplements did add a few days to my luteal phase.  After several negative tests, I was directed to discontinue the progesterone.  My period followed 3 days later.  From what I've read, this is pretty normal.


We've also just really dug into what IVF is going to cost us.  I'm crying right along with you :(  So sorry.

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@ PokeyAC - Thanks - I'm seeing a doctor at a center for reproductive medicine - honestly, I've felt like they were trying to railroad us in to IVF since we started there, but I don't feel like I have a lot of choice in care providers.   This was our third IUI attempt - our second with this practice. 


@ Dandelion (I love dandelions!) - hug2.gif to you, too. 

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