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My husband says definitely girl.  I think he is basing that on some guess of timing, but given that we aren't even sure when LMP was, I think he is kind of pulling that out of his butt.  My 3 year old insists she needs to have a sister, because she already has a brother (solid logic), but she reluctently agreed that it would be OK if it were a boy.  I sort of think boy, maybe just because I am having more managable morning sickness and it reminds me more of my sons pregnancy?  But I don't think there is really any science there.  Still undecided about whether we will find out before the birth.  

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Dh thinks boy based on my cravings.  I'm feeling boy a little, but I feel a little off.  DD says girl.  Ha!  I have one of each so I have no desire for either, although a boy would be a little better then my 2 youngest would be boys.  We'll see.  Incidentally I am pregnant enough this coming weekend to do the early blood test gender reveal.  Which is amusing to me, I'd like a surprise, but DH wants to know, so why not go the way of science, how awesome to find out 10 weeks early?

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I think girl, personally, based on some very early vision-dream type experiences.


My friend said salty cravings meant a girl and sweet cravings meant a boy, and I can't abide even the sight of sweet things lately, so I guess that is evidence of a sort.


Timing is no help, as we didn't miss a single day of my entire fertile period (nor the 5 or so days after....) so I guess that part is pretty balanced.


My husband wouldn't believe me without, as he said, "statistics" so I went and found this study: http://web.arizona.edu/~vas/intuit.htm, which says that maternal intuition was correct 70% of the time. However, it was much less accurate if the mother also had a preference. Since I do prefer a girl (mildly) my husband still doesn't believe me.  Guess I wait another 13 weeks and we have a look.  Since my belief is pretty strong, I definitely do want to find out because I want the time to adjust if it is going to be a boy.

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With DD I was sure she was a girl, sure sure sure.  Then we had an ultrasound at 16 weeks and I was told she was a boy and I argued with the technician saying I was sure she was a girl.  Anyhow she printed me the photo showing a penis.  Yay a boy!  So we went home, bought some boy things and got used to the idea that we were having a boy.  Then we went for the 20 week ultrasound (I get a lot 'cause DH has a genetic heart issue that we watch out for) and the same technician points out that we're having a girl.  I remind her that she already told me boy and argued with me about it.  She says that she would never argue with a Mama since they are almost always right when they are sure.  Anyhow, she was so bothered by it that she went into my file to find her notes about it and sure enough, she said boy.  Even the perinatologist spent a lot of time looking for the elusive penis.  I was pregnant with a girl, the penis was the umbilical cord wrapped around under her.  

So yes, mothers are right.  

I was right with my boy too. 

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Dea, I love how sure you were. People though I was crazy but with DD I was also so dead sure that it's a girl! I just knew it! With this one I'm thinking girl with every passing day!

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So after my ultrasound, here are my guesses: Baby A is a boy since he was 2.8 mm long and Baby B is a girl since she was 2.3 mm long.  Baby A is vertical in my uterus and Baby B is horizontal. It will be a long time before I know for sure (and I do plan to find out when I finally can around Aug. some time).

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The only time I had a strong feeling about gender was with my oldest. I was sure he was a boy, despite that going against all of my pre-pregnancy expectations. In my family, there is only one girl per generation. She is both the oldest grandchild, and the first child of the girl from the previous generation. So all my life I expected my first baby to be a girl -- but then I was CONVINCED I was having a boy! My mom kept insisting I had to have a girl, but I was right! smile.gif

I proved them all wrong anyway. I have THREE girls now. wink1.gif And, like I said, I'm REALLY hoping this one is a girl. I really want four and four!
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I thought 3 out of my 4 boys were girls, so I'm a terrible guesser!  We had (great) sex on day 12, and I think I ovulated a few days later.  With our last boy we had sex on Halloween and I ovulated five days later (temp charting).  So I don't put too much thought into that whole idea of timing.

I'm sure hoping girl!!!!!!  I want another girl so badly!  But I adore my boys too, obviously.  We just have a little gender imbalance going on around here- the testosterone can be a bit much for me sometimes.  

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Oh the testosterone! I was thinking a girl might help balance things out around here, lol! However, I have solidly moved into thinking BOY!
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I have one of each, but I've got a strong feeling this is a girl. Everyone around me says boy. We will see in December....
And lilacvioletiris congrats on twins! One of each would be so lovely.
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I didn't try guessing the first time around, but I was certainly amazed when I found out it was going to be a boy. My first thought was "Really?!? I can make one of those?!?" But then I guess that is where DH comes in, right?


This time around I am thinking energy.gifgirl. I have had a couple baby girl dreams. But my skin is not looking any prettier! In fact, I am breaking out worse. So maybe I got me another boy...either way-->luxlove.gif 

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I "felt" strongly with both of my girls that they were boys. So this one, I feel like it's a girl. Just because I seem to make girls. So it will probably be a boy. :)

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Today my son proclaimed "I have 3 brothers! One of them just isn't born yet!" soooo I think his guess is boy? We haven't even told him I am pregnant yet.
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