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half day or whole day kindergarten/preschool?

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Just wondering what are your thoughts on this?  My 2 year old will start at the kindergarten when he turns 3 and I am trying to decide whether he would benefit more from coming home at lunch time, or staying till early afternoon. (so 4 hours vs 7 hours)


I really don't want to give him up full days yet.. but worried I will be holding him back if I don't send him full days.  I am a childminder and take care of kids under 3 at home... when he turns 3 he will start at the kindergarten where he will be with kids age 3-6 and most of them stay the whole day. 


I should mention that there is a lot of free play at the kindergarten as well as activities which are supposed to develop them.  But not sitting at desks.  So I am not worried about him spending too much time studying.. just wondering where he ought to have lunch and play in the afternoon--at home with mommy and the 2-3 toddlers I take care of, where he has spent the first 3 years of life, or with his friends. I would love to hear what you would decide.

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I thought kindergarten didn't start until 5 or 6?

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I'd go part time. He's so very young yet and it would be a nice intro to being away from you without going full tilt. There is plenty of time for him to do FT kindie. Just what I'd do smile.gif
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I would do part time as well. Three is so young to be away from home so long.
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At least start part-time and if he seems to really love it then switch to longer days.

Entering preschool is a major transition for a small child and going from none at all to all day is too much for lots of kids. So again, at the very least start with half-days and then see where you're at.

Good luck!

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Sounds like a montessori program which groups kids in age ranges, not grades, and they do start at 3.  I'm looking at one here for DD (she's 17mos now) and I think we'd have the option of half or full day until she's like 5 or 6.  I'd def start with half and go from there, really depends on your kiddo.

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Going straight to full day (3 days a week, 9-3, which is a bit shorter than some full day programs) worked really well for our 18 month old. We eased him in with partial days over the course of a week of two. He is very social and had a blast. I think two things that helped the transition were that he was with older kids (up to 3.5) and that he knew one of them already (so he had a built-in friend).
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