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symptoms 4 days after ovulation: is this possible?

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hi everyone. I think I might be pregnant But it seems impossible to be having breast tenderness so soon. I'm aware that this could just be PMS, I have never tenderness this bad, and it feels just like it did when I was pregnant three and a half years ago. It is incredibly distracting and I need to wear a sports bra for comfort.

I am expecting my period sometime between the next three and six days, and the wait is killing me.what I am wondering is if any of you have experienced something similar and received a positive pregnancy test?

I don't ever want to get my period again if this breast tenderness is going to keep happening. Its like constantly nursing, which I loved, but at times I get "touched out". Feels a little like that right now.

Truth is I would love to be pregnant but my dh wouldn't. I am one mixed up bag of chips. Any wisdom and insight would be wonderful.
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Also I'm aware that implantation does not occur until at least 6 days after conception, so I am wondering then how so many women claim to have breast tenderness before then? Does the body even know its pregnant? Are any hormonal messages being sent out?
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FWIW, I had a similar experience when I was pregnant with my son. I threw up the day he implanted and immediately started to feel crappy. I wasn't getting my period yet because I was nursing my daughter so I had no idea how long to wait to test. I tested because I was sure I was pregnant and got a negative- because I tested too soon! After a few weeks when I was still feeling crappy I tested again and sure enough you never saw a stick change to positive faster. My first words to my husband were "told you". Trust your body and good luck!


PS. If you are pregnant, give your husband some time. The advantage of pregnancy being 9 months is that gives everyone a nice long time to get used to the idea.

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I think that whole "implantation happens at 6 DPO" thing has to be an average, which would mean some women experience it sooner, and some later. And there's always the possibility that your body actually ovulated a little earlier than you think it did. Some people thought I was imagining things when I said I was nauseous already at 6DPO, because nausea doesn't usually start until at least a few days after implantation supposedly, but I was pregnant after all so what did they know. Could be preggo, could be the worst PMS of your life. Hopping for the former. Good luck!
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I have had a very rough weekend. 14 days past ovulation I woke up feeling a lot better. As in, not very pregnant anymore. I began cramping, then spotting pinks and browns I don't normally see, then I sat on the toilet and something the diameter of a golf ball fell out of me and sunk to the bottom of the toilet. It was devastating. Since that moment I have had medium flow. It's been about 36 hours since the worst part happened. 


Today I am feeling very frustrated because my pregnancy symptoms are still here. Still have painfully tender breasts, red areolas, still have restless legs (which is how I knew I was pregnant with my daughter 3 years ago and not just PMSing, same as this time), fatigue/grogginess, and an overall feeling of yuckiness.


I never had a positive pregnancy test and was going to let myself wait a few days after my missed period to take a test. It's a very frustrating feeling to not have had it confirmed. 


I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. 


I don't really know what I am looking for. If I really was pregnant (it's hard to say "if" because I know I was) I was only 4 weeks along. It seems like such an early miscarriage that I am boggled why I am still feeling pregnancy symptoms. It has me hanging on to some false hope that maybe I miscarried a twin and there's still a baby growing in there. I wouldn't feel that way if my daughter hadn't kept insisting there were two babies in my belly. I just want it all to go away. 

At 4 weeks pregnant with a miscarriage, when can I expect these symptoms to go away?

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